Announcement: Complete Beethoven Edition, 12 Boxes, 75 records, 24 bit/96 kHz

Cum maximum gaudio, nuntio vobis… that I have now – finalmente – completed to collect the legendary bicentennial Beethoven Edition by DGG, from 1970, by buying yesterday the last and most difficult box to find (Box No. 7). This means, everything that Ludwig van Beethoven composed in his life is at my home, on 75 LPs, from VG+/EX (very few) to EX+/NM (almost all, one box was Mint)…..


I will start soon to rip them. I just found out, the boxes No. 1 and 2 are already made and posted here:

All Symphonies and The Concertos.

I found out, that the symphonies used for the edition, are the same I posted years ago, although my box has another shape. But box No. 2 is from the collection. Further I ripped the box No. 10 (Fidelio) some months ago, but not posted.

In the last two years I spent only for this Beethoven Edition around 500-550 EUR.

If you think and feel to want to contribute, any donation will be welcome.

Thank you!


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10 thoughts on “Announcement: Complete Beethoven Edition, 12 Boxes, 75 records, 24 bit/96 kHz

  1. Bravo Rach;
    I owned that entire set on DGG LPs, issued serially (a box a month or something like that) by TIME/LIFE Magazines here in USA.
    It was a heart break when I gave them up to move from Florida to Georgia 9 years ago. Man, I wish I had known of you back then!
    But this is even better to get them all in 24/96.
    You have become as much a treasure as the Albums you release! Mille grazie, compadre di musica!


  2. This collection is a very cool treat. I bought the symphonies and the first string quartet boxes not too long ago. I was taken aback by the quality of the sound and of the recordigs as well. I’m sure you must be enjoying it quite a bit.

    Thank you for your project of ripping them and making them available to us. Between that and the Vivaldi set, plus our other rips, I imagine you must be super busy. Kudos to you for facing such impressive undertakings!



  3. I could not withstand and had to share a little bit – no ways adequate to all your efforts. A huge thank you goes out to you!

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