A dramatic improvement will occur !


Sorry friends, for waiting this long.
The Opera Consonance PM2 phono amp, although it sounded very good, is not my new phono stage.

After about 100 hours playing i realised that I missed very important aspects: body, soul, lower bass, intensity…all those things that bring you to say WOW !!! No matter which record i tried (classical, opera, rock, jazz) it sounded every time great, but clinically too clean and heartless.

So i went again in that shop and tried other two amps, and again the PM2. In the shop, the sound of the PM2 was incredible fantastic, with all attributes that I missed. I was near to get a heart attack. The not-too-great performance in my equipment is due to inconpatibility with my Denon DL 103 SA L.E.

OK, shit happens…but the other two amps were also very very good, so I took my choice and my new phono amp is now the big Pro-Ject RS, with variable adjustable impedance, RIIA curve and a Decca curve for old mono recordings. Also ajustable amp-factor. I only needed 2 minutes of testing to hear that…

music is back in my home !



This is now obsolete


I just wanted to inform you about a terrific improvement of my ripping machine: my phono stage (Pro-Ject Phonobox) has decided to ride to the hifi-heaven and I found a nice HiFi-Shop that has the phono stage Opera Consonance PM2, a demo item with only about 10 hours life, for half the original price (EUR 1500)

I have the item here in my house, waiting for the cable that connects the power supply with the phono amp. I think I can start ripping somewhen in the next week.

This is of course not a call for donations…I’m always happy if someone is able to help, but this time I don’t call it !

Wanted only to inform you.

(edit: on demand, I will re-rip the Brahms’ Violin Concerto with Szeryng and the Brahms’ Sonatas with Starker/Sebรถk, both in 24bit/192kHz)

edit 3/6th/2013: received the connect cable few hours ago.
The PM2 sound really great, WOW.
I start ripping again on this weekend or monday

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