Advice: EDIZIONE VIVALDI PHILIPS on 49 LPs {Original Dutch Pressing} 24 bit/96 kHz



Just to inform you, my friends… I finally started to rip this stunning COMPLETE Vivaldi Edition and the 1st of the 10 volumes will come soon (in a few days). This is a project I wanted to realize for my life and I started to buy the box-sets from all over the world. It took me around 3 years, because I wanted only Mint or NearMint box-sets. So 3 of them are Mint and never played, all the other are NM. The whole collection costed me almost 600 EUR…if you feel, you want to contribute to this Herakles-work, so you are welcome. Go to one of my posts, no matter what, for the donation button.

If you get this edition, you will never need other Vivaldi renditions or artists, are these recordings among the best in technically and artistically meaning. Recordings are from 1959 (greetings from the Mercury technicians) to 1978.

I hope to complete ripping them all until Xmas!

EDIT June 22 2014:
Many many thanks to all of you, who has generously donated and all other, who still will do!

7 thoughts on “Advice: EDIZIONE VIVALDI PHILIPS on 49 LPs {Original Dutch Pressing} 24 bit/96 kHz”

  1. My sincere congratulations and admiration for the excellent work

    Noting the technical details in publications every day we learn about the methods and dedication required to make them.

    Greetings from Medellín, Colombia, South America

  2. Indeed, your efforts can only be praised (and rewarded). This is truly an amazing collection, and the fact that you are willing to share is mind-boggling. Thank you so much!

  3. I agree with aljojamo and PoltryLove; and I just want to add that your love for Great Music is highly contagious. Thanks to you and TheNightOwl my sense of hearing is much more intense, capable of more distinctions. I’m enjoying more of Life. And isn’t that all that matters?

    thank you

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