Bernstein: Debussy – Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (FLAC)

Bernstein: Debussy - Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (FLAC)

Bernstein: Debussy – Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (FLAC)

Composer: Claude Debussy
Performer: Fritz Weaver, Felicia Montealegre, Adele Addison, Marlena Kleinman, Virgina Babikian, Joanna Simon, Choral Art Society
Orchestra: New York Philharmonic
Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Sony Classical
ASIN: B000009CYJ
Size: 346 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no
Server: datafile


01. Prologue: ‘Gentle people, we bid you silence…’
02. First Window – 1. ‘First Window, The court of Lilies’
03. First Window – 2. ‘Glory! Glory to Christ the King’
04. First Window – 3. Ecstatic Dance of Sebastian on the Live Coals
05. Second Window – 1. ‘Second Window, The Magic Chamber… Within a vast ellipti…
06. Second Window – 2. Song of the Virgin Erigone. ‘Je fauchais l’epi de froment’
07. Second Window – 3. ‘And suddenly a new voice sings from beyond the magic door’
08. Thrid Window – 1. Third Window, The Council of False Gods
09. Thrid Window – 2. ‘Suddenly, the Emperor speaks!’
10. Thrid Window – 3. ‘Intone your hymn!’
11. Thrid Window – 4. ‘Caesar, I refuse your lyre…’
12. Thrid Window – 5. ‘Who is this young man so white…’
13. Thrid Window – 6. ‘Sing! Exult!’
14. Thrid Window – 7. ‘He dies, the Archer of Lebanon’
15. Fourth Window – 1. ‘Fourth Window, The Wounded Laurel’
16. Fourth Window – 2. ‘I feel in the palm of my hand the stigmata burn…’
17. Fourth Window – 3. ‘From the depths, Archers, I call upon your love!’
18. Fifth Window – 1. ‘A pearly radiance spreads in the sky… The Fith Window, P…
19. Fifth Window – 2. Chorus of Martyrs. ‘Gloire!’

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