Brutal Hi-End HD-Vinyl 24/192 (Telarc) Maurice Ravel – Bolero/Daphnis & Chloe/Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte (Slatkin)

The eternal question: Why does a digital recording sound much better, when played from vinyl, compared to the CD? Indeed, this is fact on almost all recordings. But in this case, Telarc used the full benefits of the master tapes (“only” 16 bit & 50 kHz its time), that were played in the full range, not beeing reduced to 44.1 kHz for the CD-norm. The HiFi-sound becomes a Hi-End-sound and you remain speechless and want to hear it again and again. Enjoy!

You are warned: take care of your amp and (more) of your speakers. Don’t play it too loud, until you know, how loud you can get it. Telarc’s timpani and bass drum are terrific!

Composer: Maurice Ravel

Orchestra: Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Leonard Slatkin

Vinyl 1980
Number of Discs: 1

Format: Flac

DR-Analysis: DR 17
Size: 1.38 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FF

To some a brilliant tour de force of orchestration and to others an overplayed warhorse of little musical merit, Boléro is Ravel’s most polarizing work. Yet it continues to appeal to listeners through its simple and direct plan — an insistently repeated melody over a hypnotic rhythm in triple meter all building in one sustained crescendo for 16 minutes — and for all of Ravel’s complaints about the piece’s inordinate popularity, it has endured as a dance and concert favorite.

Daphnis & Chloé, which Ravel regarded as his masterpiece, had a harder time establishing itself in the repertoire, but achieved wider fame in the two suites Ravel extracted from the ballet, of which the second is presented here. Prismatic orchestration, gorgeous harmonies, and passionate waves of melody combine to make this suite one of Ravel’s greatest scores.

The Pavane pour une infante défunte is an orchestrated version of an earlier piano piece, nostalgic and sweet in its simplicity yet without any of the gloominess the poetic title suggests. Leonard Slatkin’s performances with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra are meticulous and polished throughout, though their magnificent Daphnis & Chloé Suite is the album’s high point.

Telarc’s clear sound is due to the elimination of processing in the transfer to disc.



A1 Bolero 16:16
A2 Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte 6:33
B Daphnis Et Chloé – Suite No. 2 From The Ballet 15:50


Analyzed Folder: /192k Ravel – Bolero, Daphnis Et Chloe, Pavane… – Slatkin_dr.txt
DR Peak RMS Filename

DR19 -0.33 dB -25.83 dB A1 Bolero.flac
DR14 -10.82 dB -30.26 dB A2 Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte.flac
DR17 -0.21 dB -26.05 dB B Daphnis Et Chloe – Suite No. 2 From The Ballet.flac

Number of Files: 3
Official DR Value: DR17



A few words about the way i’ve been cleaning vinyl records and post-processing rips, since summer 2017: After washing and recording the vinyl, I use a kind of mixed cleaning of the rip, which consists of mostly manual rather than automatic de-clicking, (the latter only on unimportant passages, such as end of the groove, beginning and end of the songs, applause, speaking). I often leave the rips almost rough, de-clicking only the silences between the tracks. Never de-noising or/and EQ, as unfortunately some do. I prefer to hear a bit of quiet noises of the clean groove, that contain something of the music, rather than generate clinically clean files that may, eventually, sound a bit dead. If you do not agree, do not download my rips and buy instead digital files or CDs.

When I listen to music I “don’t hear” any noise: I enjoy the music 😀
I do not make rips for headphones!

  • Software: iZotope RX 5 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Very careful de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removed, never de-noising
  • DR-Analisys
  • Wave 32/192(32/384) —> Flac 24/96 & 24/192: Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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