By the way…I corrected the big error made by Michelangelo…


This is the truth !

Click on the pic for the XXL version
(4961 × 3508 px)

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  1. great! ahahah!

    p.s. this is my 666th comment here 😉

  2. :-)) quite ingenious joke!

  3. vaseesualii

    Well done! Creative work! Cheers!

  4. Mr. Rach, this is a pretty gosh-darn good jape! Thanks for the laughter!

  5. …The Creator’s sound system must be AWESOME….

  6. vaseesualii


  7. Ah: Sound Technicians; Musicians; Recording Appreciation Wise Men; and now Theologians. Very broad scope for a music blog site.

  8. Oh, yah, I forgot.

  9. Where was the turntable? Already in the Garden?

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