Please, rename the tracks of Mahler, Symphony No.6 I posted some days ago.

Pay attention:
I made an error on naming the tracks.
Please rename the tracks

A1    Allegro Energico, Ma Non Trappo. Heftig Aber Markig    23:09
A2    Scherzo. Wuchtig-Andante Moderato    30:35
B1    Finale. Allegro Moderato-Allegro Energigo    33:04
B2¬†¬† ¬†Nun Will Die Sonn’ So Hell Aufgeh’n¬†¬† ¬†5:57
B3¬†¬† ¬†Nun Seh’ Ich Wohl, Warum So Dunkle Flammen¬†¬† ¬†5:06
B4    Wenn Dein Muetterlein    5:59
B5¬†¬† ¬†Oft Denk’ Ich, Sie Sind Nur Ausgegangen¬†¬† ¬†3:25
B6    In Diesem Wetter    7:21
the way you see it here below


  Symphonie No. 6  
A Allegro Energico, Ma Non Trappo. Heftig Aber Markig 23:09
B Scherzo. Wuchtig-Andante Moderato 30:35
C Finale. Allegro Moderato-Allegro Energigo 33:04
D1 Nun Will Die Sonn’ So Hell Aufgeh’n 5:57
D2 Nun Seh’ Ich Wohl, Warum So Dunkle Flammen 5:06
D3 Wenn Dein Muetterlein 5:59
D4 Oft Denk’ Ich, Sie Sind Nur Ausgegangen 3:25
D5 In Diesem Wetter 7:21

I’m back !

Hi folk…togheter with the old mac, also my RME interface has died. Brought it this morning to be repaired, in 3-4 weeks I should get it again. For these weeks I work with a Steinberg ADC…the RME is another leaugue, but this substitute sounds fine.

From today on is again ripping-time! ūüôā

RIP(?) my Mac!

Only to inform you that my Mac probably is gone……Came back yesterday from a two days rest and couldn’t awake it to life.

Maybe the tour de force of the re-ups was too much? Maybe my mega work of +1800 rips?

Tomorrow I will know more.

My son’s laptop doesn’t recognize my HDs, where I have all the stuff for ripping and completed rips to continue to reupload.

Sorry folk, don’t know, when I can come back.


Pay attention, important! Complaints about non-working links!

Hi friends,

I’m tired of all the complaints about non-working links, in the last times. Mostly are due to maintenance of the servers hosting that file you want to DL and there is nothing I can do. Most of you, I know, are working with a JDL or a similar program and when a DL fails, you only get the advice, that the DL fails, but not the reason.

The reason is easily to read if you go direct to the FF page. So, all the time I did this for you and I wrote thousands of times always the same shit. Please, I’m tired of this, can you understand it?

Do it by yourself…go to FF and check, why a file is not available. From now on, I will delete all requests to check a link, if the reason is “Server maintenance”. What is difficult on reading “try later again”? Why reporting?

I hope this is clear to everyone here. I will (of course, I will) check further all requests and replace all failing files, renove all dead links, but you should make sure, that the reason is a real fail (files deleted). All other requests will be ignored and the msg deleted.

IMPORTANT!¬† Don’t report dead links in the comment area of the post you are visiting…Please, use the “requests”-post¬† (, otherwise your report will be deleted.

Thank you.

Rach needs your help !!!!!

EDIT 4-27-2015:
Many thanks to you all, from Israel, Australia, France, Switzerland, Canada, Ucraine, Romania, Germany, Taiwan, Italy, USA, Spain, NL, Hong Kong for your kind donations…you know, who you are ūüėÄ

Target is reached, but feel free to continue supporting me ūüėÄ

Dear friends, for some months I had temporarily problems coming from my amp unit, the Luxman 55A. Sometime I lost one channel (mostly right) for some seconds up to several minutes…sometime both channels are “sleeping”. In such cases, when I am ripping, of course I have to start the rip again, hoping that this doesn’t happen again. Normally it occurred only 2-3 times daily, but in the last time it comes too often, so that I cannot rip properly like you know it from me. In a word, it’s almost impossible to rip properly.


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FileFactory has changed the DL politic ???

Hi friends, I got reported from many of you, that they cannot DL anymore from FF and instead of DL they get the advice that the files owner (me) has restricted the DLs only to premium account owners.

This is the advice appears:

Premium Account Required

The owner of this file has restricted it to members with an active Premium Account. Please purchase an account to download this file.

Please contact support if you require further assistance.


This is what I wrote just now to the supporters of FF:

Hi Bill, some of my customers and friends reported me they are unable to DL some files and they get the advice that the files owners (me) has set the files to DL only for premium accounts owners. But this is double not true:
1 – I didn’t set the files that way….
2 – There is no restriction that I can see…all my files are without any option and free DLable for all (just checked it now). I didn’t anything. I tried to DL after I made logout and I get that advice.

What happens there?

If FF has decided to sell more premium accounts by doing this action, I can only say, this is more than deprecable and disgraceful, because you give the impression, that it was my intention and not yours.

Please reallocate all settings, so everything works like it was before.

Best regards.

I don’t know if this is a temporary error on FF’ side. Let’s wait some days, until they answer and then, let’s think about what to do.


EDIT 20 minutes later

Hi friends, with the help of some guy from my other blog I could resolve this mistery. However, something on FF side had caused this issue, setting in my “DL settings-window” on my account, that damned switch “ON” instead of “OFF”, like it was for the last two years, since I’m on FF.

OK, now it’s set again “OFF” and you all can DL like before.

Announcement: Complete Beethoven Edition, 12 Boxes, 75 records, 24 bit/96 kHz

Cum maximum gaudio, nuntio vobis… that I have now – finalmente – completed to collect the legendary bicentennial Beethoven Edition by DGG, from 1970, by buying yesterday the last and most difficult box to find (Box No. 7). This means, everything that Ludwig van Beethoven composed in his life is at my home, on 75 LPs, from VG+/EX (very few) to EX+/NM (almost all, one box was Mint)…..

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