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It’s upgrade time for TheNightOwl… The fundraiser is now closed


Hello Friends,

Over the last couple years, several of you have made a donation to me in support of my vinyl rips. Some of you have been kind and generous enough to donate several times. I’d like to send a sincere thank you to each of you for your support – especially to those who have donated more than once. Hopefully, you’re all enjoying the rips.

Now, with your help, I’d like to take them to the next level…

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(started oct. 24th 2010)
Hi everybody…you know, i do what i do with great pleasure, also NIGHTOWL and WHATEVER …..for the music, but we would appreciate more comments on the works we post here for you.
I see on my Files-Manager that some posts are downloaded several hundreds of times ….but i read, here and there, only 1-2 maybe 3 comments on some posts (less than 4-5%)…and i think: maybe you are too busy with downloading and listening and you haven’t time to write some words??? It’s too much stuff every day? (Rach)

(edited feb. 3rd 2013)
I’m seriously considering to leave this blog…it’s frustrating for me to have so much work on an opera and to see many times DLed but no one comment, for example Beethoven’s Violin Concerto with Zuckerman from the last days…but also other posts from the past…Mefistofele, Lucia di Lammermoor and many other rare and beautiful gems, people would kill to get them on vinyl.
What a shame! (Rach)

(edited feb. 5th 2013)
Friends, thank you for understanding me. I don’t want you to make long discussions about the work or music in general with me, understand me rightly. I want to be sure, that you really enjoy what I’m posting here.
First of all I do it for me personally…so I do it anyway and if I don’t read any feedback I think to stop wasting my time for creating rar archives and uploading them on a server.
To upload a rip of 1 GB (3 archives) my computer is busy for three hours. I share my music from my heart, but don’t give me the feeling, I am only filling begging hands…give me the feeling that my invited friends come and sit with me at my table. (Rach)

(edit may 15th 2013)
We are +21,000 users !!!!!
Am I drunk or what????
Only 2-3-15 comments per record?????
How can be this possible?

I espect to read minimum 1000 comments per record/CD that Whatever and me are posting here…OK, maybe “only” some hundreds…
Okay Okay Okay…can we agree on only 50? No? 2-3 dozens per post?
How would you feel, if you were in my skin? (Rach)

(edit nov 13th 2013)
I’ve already spent several years uploading, downloading, searching, reuploading.
It can’t take a half of your life just to write “thanks”
Every thank is like a ‘like’ on facebook or ‘thumb up’ in real life (Whatever)