Check it out – upgrades for TheNightOwl across the board!

I’ve got big news for all of you. As most of you already know, I recently upgraded to a new cartridge – the Ortofon Quintet Black S.

What most of you don’t know is that, last month, my wonderful wife bought me a new PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter (preamp/ADC) for my birthday! This is going to mean upgrades across the board.

The SimAudio preamp I’ve been using on the mono rig is being replaced by the AVID Pellar that I’ve been using on the stereo rig. The NPC will take the place of the Pellar on the stereo rig.

The first rip with the new rig was just posted at black circles. The first classical rip will be appearing here shortly.

I’m VERY happy with the sound of everything now. Hope you will be too!

  1. Dear Thenightowl
    I am immensely glad for this good news
    A hug from South America

  2. What is black circles? I would love to hear a rip with the new gear!

  3. Congratulations THENIGHTOWL!!!!

    You got a fine pice of technology… Can’t wait to hear the results in my own equipement.

    beautiful news for all lovers!

  4. Wow exciting times for Boxset members!!
    Congratulations on your upgrades Steve.
    Excited to see what will come down the line to enjoy 😀

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