(started oct. 24th 2010)
Hi everybody…you know, i do what i do with great pleasure, also NIGHTOWL and WHATEVER …..for the music, but we would appreciate more comments on the works we post here for you.
I see on my Files-Manager that some posts are downloaded several hundreds of times ….but i read, here and there, only 1-2 maybe 3 comments on some posts (less than 4-5%)…and i think: maybe you are too busy with downloading and listening and you haven’t time to write some words??? It’s too much stuff every day? (Rach)

(edited feb. 3rd 2013)
I’m seriously considering to leave this blog…it’s frustrating for me to have so much work on an opera and to see many times DLed but no one comment, for example Beethoven’s Violin Concerto with Zuckerman from the last days…but also other posts from the past…Mefistofele, Lucia di Lammermoor and many other rare and beautiful gems, people would kill to get them on vinyl.
What a shame! (Rach)

(edited feb. 5th 2013)
Friends, thank you for understanding me. I don’t want you to make long discussions about the work or music in general with me, understand me rightly. I want to be sure, that you really enjoy what I’m posting here.
First of all I do it for me personally…so I do it anyway and if I don’t read any feedback I think to stop wasting my time for creating rar archives and uploading them on a server.
To upload a rip of 1 GB (3 archives) my computer is busy for three hours. I share my music from my heart, but don’t give me the feeling, I am only filling begging hands…give me the feeling that my invited friends come and sit with me at my table. (Rach)

(edit may 15th 2013)
We are +21,000 users !!!!!
Am I drunk or what????
Only 2-3-15 comments per record?????
How can be this possible?

I espect to read minimum 1000 comments per record/CD that Whatever and me are posting here…OK, maybe “only” some hundreds…
Okay Okay Okay…can we agree on only 50? No? 2-3 dozens per post?
How would you feel, if you were in my skin? (Rach)

(edit nov 13th 2013)
I’ve already spent several years uploading, downloading, searching, reuploading.
It can’t take a half of your life just to write “thanks”
Every thank is like a ‘like’ on facebook or ‘thumb up’ in real life (Whatever)

238 thoughts on “COMMENTS ?”

  1. Ciao, spero che il tuo lavoro per la comunità dei musicofili e audiofili sia sempre più apprezzato. Temo che non tutti la fuori si rendano conto del valore del tuo impianto, dal front end analogico, alla sezione di amplificazione, alle casse: veramente high end, beato te…

    1. 😉 Tieni sempre a mente però, che il discorso vale anche per Whatever (meno, poichè offre solo CDs) e TheNightOwl. E che loro non capiscono l’italiano.

  2. Hi Rach!
    You’re doing a most valuable & superb job for the continued appreciation of classical music and opera!
    You more than deserve our grateful THANKS Rach!
    Hope you continue your great work here!

  3. Whatever and Rach, you are great. The good work you do to this world by uploading REAL music and allowing people who don’t know it to listen and enjoy the way we do.

    I don’t know how is musical taste in Europe, I guess it’s better than in my homeland, Brazil. But I think that everywhere in the world, musical taste is decreasing and people do not know or listen to or even care about the true artists that, thank god, came to this world. It’s inadmissible that there’s people out there that doesn’t know Bach or Mozart. Those long gone true geniuses of mankind, should be praised and loved by everyone, or at least people everywhere should have a chance to listen to god’s true art, which is music.

    And that’s where your role in this planet is, and for that you are true angels here, my friends from boxset.

    God bless you and I thank you very much!

  4. Hello Rachmaninov, it’s true, I am too busy downloading not only for write a reply, but also for hear the music! I think that I never will hear the complete Bach or Chopin in my life. Our very thanks is the download itself.

      1. I don’t know of too many websites, if any, where 100% of the visitors comment even once during a visit to the site.

        I had a blog several years ago, and I think it was something like .000001% of my unique visitors who would leave a comment. I had about 50,000 page views a day from about 15,000 unique visitors–not bad, for a small political blog, but if I got more than ten of those visitors to comment on my entire site per day, the sky must have been falling.

        It’s just the nature of the beast that most people visit a site, but don’t comment. I poured a lot of work into my writing of the posts, and the research that went into them. Yet, even though so many people looked at what I wrote, they didn’t comment, not even to say, “I agree”, or “Thanks for all you do” or even, “You’re a moron.”

        It’s just the nature of the beast for most people NOT to comment, and there isn’t anything you can do to change that.

  5. If you know your website coding, you could set up a format where users only get to see the download link after clicking a box that says “Thanks, I’d like the link please”, or something to that affect.

    It won’t do anything about people sending the link to other people through email or by posting it somewhere else, but it would at least get the people who are downloading files directly from here.

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