Davis / LSO – Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 39 and 40 (Dutch pressing)

# Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
# Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra
# Conductor: Colin Davis
# Vinyl (1962 / 1973)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Flac
# DR Analysis: DR 12
# Label: Philips ‎| 6500 559
# Size: 24-bit/192kHz (2.3GB), 24-bit/96kHz (1.16GB) and 16-bit/44.1kHz (317MB)
# Recovery: 5%
# Scan: yes
# Servers: File Factory / File Post

Thanks to wormwood for donating the album for this post!

Track listing

Side One
Symphony No. 40 In G Minor, K. 550
01 – I. Molto Allegro
02 – II. Andante
03 – III. Menuetto (Allegretto)
04 – IV. Allegro Assai

Side Two
Symphony No. 39 In E Flat, K. 543
05 – I. Adagio – Allegro
06 – II. Andante Con Moto
07 – III. Menuetto (Allegretto)
08 – IV. Finale (Allegro)

Note: There is 10 seconds of silence between tracks 4 & 5.

Additional information can be found here.

Ripping Info:

All vinyl is cleaned on a VPI 16.5

Technics SL1200-MK5 (modified)
– Rega RB300 arm with RB700 wiring
– Michell Tecnoweight
– SoundSupports armboard
– Trans-Fi Audio ResoMat
Audio Technica AT33PTG/II
AVID Pellar preamp
RME Hammerfall 9632 ADC

Processing: Sound Forge 10, ClickRepair (manual mode only), iZotope RX2

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Password is SteveMTNO.

23 thoughts on “Davis / LSO – Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 39 and 40 (Dutch pressing)

  1. Well, Long-time-no-see, Night Owl.
    Glad to see you again on this site: Did you have a good holiday? or none of my business: this last I’m sure.
    And to see you with a beautiful work and a good job by you!
    Thank you much!

    • Had to adjust the sound down a hair on #39 to keep it from shattering too much.
      But the opening id beautiful, Steve, and the whole recording well balanced. David and LSO were a fabulous team.
      Thanks again.

      • Glad you liked it, Bob. Aside from normalizing (which is always done on the complete side – never individual tracks), I don’t make any adjustments to the levels. What you hear is what’s on the vinyl.

    • I wish I could say it was due to a holiday. Just the opposite, tho. Working way too much. Free time has been pretty much non existent lately. Hopefully that will change soon and I can start ripping more…

  2. Thanks Steve.

    Along with J S Bach I rate W A Mozart above all other composers. With Sir Colin Davis being a fine Mozartian who lets the music speak for itself these recordings are self recommending..

  3. This is a fine piece of art from Sir Colin Davies’s priceless heritage. Thank to both Steve and wormwood for sharing it. It is a pleasure for me listening to such a fine rip revealing the tonal richness and intimate instruments timbre, two characteristics defining Steve’s hallmark. I know how much effort is behind this sound and I really appreciate his dedication to reveal the maximum one can get from a particular LP.

  4. Unfortunately the part 3 in 24-96 rip is no longer available. On Filepost the link is deleted, on FileFactory it says “This file is no longer available due to an unexpected server error. If you are the owner of this file, it will need to be re-uploaded.”
    May I ask to reup this file? Thanks in advance.

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