Hi folk…
I’m sure, I can speak too in the name of other rippers…..
I wanted to thank all followers who kindly donate, since I landed here, about three years ago.

I would like to thank personally, but often there is on the Paypal advice form no way to identify the blogger that sends money – and I have the double problems, as receipient on two blogs.

So now, I use this platform to thank you all heartly !


7 thoughts on “DONATIONS & Co.

  1. il mio grazie va a voi, che fate un lavoro notevole di recupero di cose che altrimenti nessuno conoscerebbe.
    grazie Rach
    ma grazie anche a TNO e agli agli che collaborano.
    per faore estendi ai tuoi colleghi Mod un rigraziamento da parte mia

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