HD-Vinyl 24/96 (DGG) Ludwig van Beethoven – 200 Years Edition, Box 12, Choral Music (7 LPs)

This is Box No. 12 of the Bicentennial Beethoven Collection, published by Deutsche Grammophon 1970, to celebrate Beethoven’s 200th birthday with all his works on 12 Box-Sets/75 LPs.
In the last years I spent only for this Beethoven Edition around 500-550 EUR. If you think and feel, you want to contribute, any donation will be welcome. Thank you!

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Performer: Wiener Singverein, Elizabeth Harwood, James King, Franz Crass, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Jörg Demus, Karl Engel, Andreas Röhn
Orchestra: Wiener Symphoniker
Conductor: Bernhard Klee, Ferdinand Leitner
Number of Discs: 7/75

Format: Flac
Label: Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft
DR-Analysis: DR 15
Size: 6.1 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FileFactory


Analyzed folder: /96k LvB – Choral Music
DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
DR18        -0.73 dB     -24.42 dB     A1 An Die Ferne Geliebte Op. 98.aif
DR14        -3.12 dB     -22.94 dB     A2 Schilderung Eines Maedchens WoO 107.aif
DR16        -1.05 dB     -22.59 dB     A3 Als Die Geliebte Sich Trennen Wollte WoO 132.aif
DR17        -3.43 dB     -26.12 dB     A4 Sehnsucht WoO 146.aif
DR16        -6.45 dB     -29.45 dB     A5 Ruf Vom Berge WoO 147.aif
DR16        -3.18 dB     -24.86 dB     A6 An Die Geliebte WoO 140.aif
DR17        -0.32 dB     -22.49 dB     B01 Adelaide Op. 46.aif
DR14        -2.40 dB     -23.70 dB     B02 Andenken WoO 136.aif
DR14        -4.96 dB     -24.04 dB     B03 Zaertliche Liebe WoO 123.aif
DR14        -2.81 dB     -22.94 dB     B04 Italienische Liebeslieder – Hoffnung Op. 82 Nr. 1.aif
DR15        -1.76 dB     -22.26 dB     B05 Italienische Liebeslieder – Liebes-Klage Op. 82 Nr. 2.aif
DR16        -2.30 dB     -22.77 dB     B06 Italienische Liebeslieder – L’Amante Impatiente Arietta Buffa Op. 82 Nr. 3.aif
DR16        -0.35 dB     -22.94 dB     B07 Italienische Liebeslieder – L’Amante Impatiente Arietta Assai Seriosa Op. 82 Nr. 4.aif
DR15        -3.17 dB     -22.40 dB     B08 Italienische Liebeslieder – Das Glueck Der Freundschaft Op. 88.aif
DR13        -1.91 dB     -23.67 dB     B09 Italienische Liebeslieder – La Partenza WoO 124.aif
DR16        -1.06 dB     -25.14 dB     B10 Italienische Liebeslieder – In Questa Tomba Oscura WoO 133.aif
DR15        -4.74 dB     -26.05 dB     C1 6 Lieder Von Gellert Op. 48 – Bitten.aif
DR13        -2.21 dB     -23.77 dB     C2 6 Lieder Von Gellert Op. 48 – Die Liebe Des Naechsten.aif
DR14        -5.15 dB     -26.95 dB     C3 6 Lieder Von Gellert Op. 48 – Vom Tode.aif
DR14        -0.39 dB     -19.68 dB     C4 6 Lieder Von Gellert Op. 48 – Die Ehre Gottes In Der Natur.aif
DR14        -2.09 dB     -19.93 dB     C5 6 Lieder Von Gellert Op. 48 – Gottes Macht Und Vorsehung.aif
DR15        -2.45 dB     -23.23 dB     C6 6 Lieder Von Gellert Op. 48 – Busslied.aif
DR15        -3.65 dB     -24.17 dB     C7 An Die Hoffnung Op. 32.aif
DR14        -8.82 dB     -28.44 dB     C8 Das Liedchen Von Der Ruhe.aif
DR15        -1.45 dB     -22.77 dB     D1 An Die Hoffnung Op. 94 2. Fass. 2.aif
DR14        -5.54 dB     -24.97 dB     D2 Ofperlied Op. 121b.aif
DR14        -1.31 dB     -21.16 dB     D3 Der Wachtelschlag WoO 129.aif
DR16        -9.84 dB     -30.49 dB     D4 Der Bardengeist WoO 142.aif
DR14        -7.19 dB     -25.51 dB     D5 Das Geheimnis WoO 145.aif
DR16        -1.64 dB     -24.51 dB     D6 Resignation WoO 149.aif
DR15        -0.68 dB     -23.22 dB     D7 Die Laute Klage WoO 135.aif
DR15        -1.96 dB     -21.23 dB     E01 Maigesang Op. 52 Nr. 4.aif
DR14        -3.69 dB     -21.64 dB     E02 Marmotte Op. 52 Nr. 7.aif
DR15        -2.38 dB     -22.39 dB     E03 Neue Liebe, Neues Leben, Op. 75 Nr. 2.aif
DR16        -0.28 dB     -21.34 dB     E04 Flohlied Op. 75 Nr. 3.aif
DR15        -3.72 dB     -26.50 dB     E05 Wonne Der Wehmut Op. 83 Nr. 1.aif
DR15        -3.99 dB     -24.13 dB     E06 Sehnsucht Op. 83 Nr. 2.aif
DR16        -1.32 dB     -23.57 dB     E07 Mit Einem Gemalten Bande Op. 83 Nr. 3.aif
DR17        -0.35 dB     -21.10 dB     E08 Urians Reise Um Die Welt Op. 52 Nr. 1.aif
DR15        -4.84 dB     -25.08 dB     E09 Die Liebe Op. 52 Nr. 6.aif
DR15        -8.48 dB     -28.16 dB     E10 Das Bluemchen Wunderhold Op. 52 Nr. 8.aif
DR14        -3.51 dB     -22.88 dB     F1 Der Zufriedene Op. 75 Nr. 6.aif
DR16        -0.96 dB     -22.41 dB     F2 Der Kuss Op. 128.aif
DR16        -1.35 dB     -23.06 dB     F3 Lied Aus Der Ferne WoO 137.aif
DR13        -2.84 dB     -24.86 dB     F4 Der Juengling In Der Fremde WoO 138.aif
DR16        -1.71 dB     -21.54 dB     F5 Der Liebende WoO 139.aif
DR16        -2.20 dB     -22.70 dB     F6 Seufzer Eines Ungeliebten Und Gegenliebe WoO 118.aif
DR15        -0.17 dB     -23.93 dB     F7 Abendlied Unterm Gestirnten Himmel WoO 150.aif
DR12        -0.55 dB     -17.78 dB     G1 Music, Love And Wine Op. 108.1.aif
DR13        -1.38 dB     -18.76 dB     G2 The Highland Watch Op. 108.22.aif
DR14        -5.29 dB     -24.19 dB     G3 Once More I Hail Thee WoO 152.3.aif
DR14        -0.80 dB     -19.40 dB     G4 Bonny Laddie, Highland Laddy Op. 108.7.aif
DR14        -2.50 dB     -20.70 dB     G5 Behold, My Love Op. 108.9.aif
DR14        -1.13 dB     -20.44 dB     G6 The Pulse Of An Irishman WoO 154.4.aif
DR13        -1.50 dB     -20.24 dB     G7 Constancy WoO 155.22.aif
DR14        -2.62 dB     -20.73 dB     G8 The Elfin Fairies WoO 154.1.aif
DR13        -0.62 dB     -18.20 dB     H1 Ye Shepherds Of This Pleasent Vale WoO 156.4.aif
DR13        -5.05 dB     -24.83 dB     H2 Sunset Op. 108.2.aif
DR12        -3.08 dB     -20.96 dB     H3 He Promised Me At Parting WoO 154.12.aif
DR13        -3.26 dB     -21.26 dB     H4 Enchantress, Fare Well Op. 108.18.aif
DR15        -1.47 dB     -20.72 dB     H5 Put Around The Bright Wine WoO 154.6.aif
DR13        -0.99 dB     -19.95 dB     H6 Robin Adair WoO 157.7.aif
DR17        -2.64 dB     -23.24 dB     H7 O Sweet Were The Hours Op. 108.3.aif
DR13        -1.24 dB     -18.47 dB     I1 Duncan Gray WoO 156.2.aif
DR14        -5.14 dB     -23.19 dB     I2 Faithfu’ Johnie Op. 108.20.aif
DR15        -5.24 dB     -25.28 dB     I3 Could This Ill World Op. 108.16.aif
DR12        -1.67 dB     -18.28 dB     I4 Highlander’s Lament WoO 157.9.aif
DR14        -2.48 dB     -22.76 dB     I5 Farewell, Bliss, And Farewell, Nancy WoO 152.20.aif
DR12        -0.53 dB     -15.47 dB     I6 The Miller Of Dee WoO 157.5.aif
DR13        -2.75 dB     -20.97 dB     I7 O Sanctissima WoO 157.4.aif
DR14        -1.92 dB     -22.17 dB     J1 Oh, Had My Fate Been Join’d With Thine Op. 108.12.aif
DR13        -0.38 dB     -17.25 dB     J2 O Charlie Is My Darling WoO 157.3.aif
DR15        -1.45 dB     -21.48 dB     J3 To The Blackbird WoO 155.20.aif
DR14        -1.45 dB     -18.79 dB     J4 Come Fill, Fill My Good Fellow Op. 108.13.aif
DR14        -2.70 dB     -21.00 dB     J5 Lochnagar WoO 156.9.aif
DR13        -1.19 dB     -17.16 dB     J6 Sion, The Son Of Evan WoO 155.1.aif
DR14        -4.29 dB     -23.68 dB     J7 The Return To Ulster WoO 152.1.aif
DR13        -1.24 dB     -20.01 dB     K1 ‘Ah Perfido’ Op. 65.aif
DR13        -0.30 dB     -20.18 dB     K2 Meerestille Und Glueckliche Fahrt Op. 112.aif
DR14        -0.61 dB     -21.02 dB     L Fantasie Fuer Klavier, Chor Und Orchester C-Moll Op. 80.aif
DR16        -1.12 dB     -22.89 dB     M Side A – Christus Am Oelberge Op. 85.aif
DR14        -0.76 dB     -20.71 dB     N Side B – Christus Am Oelberge Op. 85.aif
Number of files:    82
Official DR value:    DR15
  • Baritone Vocals – Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (tracks: A1 to F7)
  • Cello – Georg Donderer (tracks: G1 to J7)
  • Choir – Wiener Singverein (tracks: K8, K9, M1 to N9)
  • Composed By – Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Conductor – Bernhard Klee (tracks: M1 to N9), Ferdinand Leitner (tracks: K1 to L8)
  • Engineer – Hans-Peter Schweigmann, Klaus Scheibe
  • Liner Notes – Shin Augustinus Kojima
  • Orchestra – Wiener Symphoniker (tracks: K1 to N9)
  • Painting – Eduard Gurk
  • Piano – Jörg Demus (tracks: A1 to F7, L1 to L8), Karl Engel (tracks: G1 to J7)
  • Producer – Wilfried Daenicke*
  • Recording Supervisor – Dr. Manfred Richter*, Rainer Brock, Werner Mayer, Wolfgang Lohse
  • Soprano Vocals – Elizabeth Harwood (tracks: M1 to N9)
  • Tenor Vocals – James King (3) (tracks: M1 to N9)
  • Violin – Andreas Röhn (tracks: G1 to J7)
  • Vocals – Franz Crass (tracks: N1 to N9)

Ripping Info


  • Software: iZotope RX 4 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Super light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising
  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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  1. Rach,

    Thank you so much for these. I will cherish them for a long time.

    One more request if I may: now that you have all 12 volumes made available, would it be too much trouble to give us the scans of the back side of the volume covers? I think it will be tremendously helpful if we can get the breakdown of the tracks and the artists and so on in addition.


    • Indeed it would be nice but unfortunately not possible. Not all boxes were with that covers, when I bought them along the last 4-5 years…. In fact only 2-3 had those covers. The pics you see are from an insert that was in a box, illustrating all 12 boxsets + covers.

      The “nacked” box is in red textile and there is nothing on the rear side.


      Anyway, all tracks and artists of every box are stated in its posts. The tracks are stated in the DR-report

  2. Thank you very, very much for the whole series. A pleasure to listen not, not the least due to the quality of the rips…


  3. Thank you so much for your heroic effort on this famous Beethoven set. I once had one myself, but gave it away in the CD revolution. It is wonderful to have it again in digital form.

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