Elgar, Vaugn Williams – Enigma Variatons, The Wasps, Greensleeves, Kansas City Symphony, Michael Stern (2013) {RR; Half-Speed Master 200g, 45RPM; HiRes} + Redbook



The universe is not exactly desperate for more recordings of this repertoire, but this one, surprising as it might seem, is pretty excellent. Michael Stern and his Kansas City Symphony take to the music as if to the manner born. The Wasps, here given as the complete suite and not just the overture, is delightful. Perhaps the only slight miscalculation in the entire performance is the overly swift March Past of the Kitchen Utensils, which loses some of its comic swagger at Stern’s tempo. Otherwise the overture and (especially) the Ballet and Final Tableau offer pure enjoyment from start to finish. The Fantasia on Greensleeves, un-killable in just about any circumstances, sounds just fine as well.

Composer: Sir Edward Elgar, Ralph Vaughan Williams
Orchestra:  Kansas City Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Michael Stern
Label: Reference Recordings
VinylRelase Date:  2013
Number of LPs: 2
Vinyl Format : 12 Inch, 200g Pressing, 45RPM
Format: Flac
Resolution: 24/96 + 16/44 downsample
Size: 1,12 GB
Scans: yes
Server: FF


The Wasps – Aristophanic Suite

Composed By – Ralph Vaughan Williams

A1 Overture 8:53
A2 Entra Acte, Molto Moderato 2:46
A3 March Past Of The Kitchen Utensils 3:03
B1 Entr’ Acte, Andante 4:10
B2 Ballet And Final Tableau 6:24
B3 Fantasia On “Greensleeves”

Composed By – Ralph Vaughan Williams

Variations On An Original Theme “Enigma”, Op. 36

Composed By – Sir Edward Elgar

C Variations 1 – 9 16:24
D1 Variations 10 – 13 9:15
D2 Variations 14 – Finale 5:16


Analyzed: Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Kansas City Symphony, Michael Stern / Enigma Variations / The Wasps / Greensleeves

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR16 -4.81 dB -27.10 dB 9:08 01-The Wasps – Aristophanic Suite (Overture)
DR14 -12.04 dB -34.88 dB 2:52 02-The Wasps – Aristophanic Suite (Entra Acte, Molto Moderato)
DR17 -7.05 dB -30.03 dB 3:07 03-The Wasps – Aristophanic Suite (March Past Of The Kitchen Utensils)
DR15 -3.05 dB -24.58 dB 4:20 04-The Wasps – Aristophanic Suite (Entr’ Acte, Andante)
DR17 -2.15 dB -26.12 dB 6:36 05-The Wasps – Aristophanic Suite (Ballet And Final Tableau)
DR14 -19.42 dB -37.87 dB 4:38 06-Fantasia On “Greensleeves”
DR17 -1.35 dB -26.17 dB 17:22 07-Variations On An Original Theme “Enigma”, Op. 36 (Variations 1 – 9)
DR18 -7.66 dB -32.61 dB 9:32 08-Variations On An Original Theme “Enigma”, Op. 36 (Variations 10 – 13)
DR15 -0.50 dB -21.24 dB 5:22 09-Variations On An Original Theme “Enigma”, Op. 36 (Variations 14 – Finale)

Number of tracks: 9
Official DR value: DR16

Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 2585 kbps
Codec: FLAC

RCM : Opera Consonance
Turntable : Thorens TD 160 mk IV in heavy custommade teakplinth. Delta Device Vinyl TT puck, Delta Device 6mm acrylic turntable plate.
Power supply : Custombuild Dr.Fuss linear motor power supply
Tonearm : Jelco SA 750D, Custommade internal wiring on KLE Innovations Pure Harmony plugs, Isokinetik asymmetric counterweight, Jelco Headshell
Cartridge : Ortofon Rondo Bronze
Preamp : Restek MRIA+ tuned with hifi tuning fuse
ADC : RME Fireface UC
ADC Power Supply: MCRU 2.5 AMP Linear Power Supply tuned with Furutech iec inlet and hifi tuning fuse (New Toy Since April 2017)
Laptop : MSI GP60 2QE Leopard,Core i5,2x250GB SSD,16GB Ram
Camera : Sony Alpha A 350
Interconnects : Supra Eff-I terminanted on KLE Innovations Pure Harmony Plugs, Wireworld Starlight USB 2.0 and 3.0.
Power Cords : DIY Powercords using Isotek Evo 3 Schuko/IEC plugs, Supra LoRad 2,5 Silver Anniversary cables in 1,5 m length and Viablue braided Sleeving (New Toys since April 2017)
Software : izotope RX 3 Advanced for recording, Resampling, cleaning and splitting into individual tracks, Traders Little Helper for encoding to Flac on Level 5, Tagging via Foobar 2000
No music was harmed during the post processing. Please burn gapless to match original track layout.

Vinylrip done by spearo July 2017


Hello dear Classic Music Lovers

This is my first post here ,I sincerly hope you’ll like what i have to offer. From time to time I’ll post the one and other classic set for your enjoyment. If you have complaints, suggestion etc regarding the quality , the files or scans of my rips please do not hesitate to PM me . I’ll do within my capabilities the best to solve possible upcomming problems. In general i do offer 24/96 fully cleaned  vinyl rips plus a downsampled 16bit 44,1 khz version . The Link folder will include 2 links for both versions.This makes it easy for you to choose what resolution you want to DL.This time due to pretty long data and folder names etc I’ve decided to pack both versions in one link together. Unpacked you’ll have one parent folder which contains the folders for each version i.e. 16/44 and 24/96 . You are free to delete the unwanted version.


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  1. Many thanks – this is a glorious rip – so glad you’ve joined the ranks
    Something I really appreciate on this site is the critique of the works – makes the process so much more than a hit and run 🙂

  2. Mr.Pink, this rip is incredible good, The sound is glorious and the music phenomenal, Welcome the the Rach team, this is going to be exciting. Thanks Alf for bringing Spearo to the equation.


  3. I’m happy you guys are satisfied .Classic lovers are usually also real highend lovers which tend to be critical regarding sonic flaws. Although i’m no headphone addict (i prefer listening via speakers powered by a single ended tube amp) , this rip should also make fun for those prefering listening via headphones. I did my best make it pretty enjoyable this way too. This takes a lot of work and is therefore time intense. Because of this and because i do also other genre’s in music, i cannot post very frequently.

    If anyone has great classic LP’s to offer which haven’t been posted here yet, please PM me and i’ll gladly consider ripping them for you. LP set will return fully cleaned back to you then.

    Your fellow ripper spearo

    Enjoy the rip 🙂

  4. Welcome spearo!

    Not my cup of tea, but with that beautiful rig you have there, I look forward to your upcoming posts 😀

  5. Very very good my friend…you also learned a lot from your godfather, ah?
    Reference Recordings are the Ferraris among the best recordings in the world.

  6. Welcome spearo.

    Thank you for this recording.
    Although these are not definitive interpretations of these pieces, they are nonetheless very good performances and welcome additions to this repertoire, in superlative sound quality.

    You may wish to consider adding a “donate” facility to your posts, for those who may occasionally wish to make small contributions for the upkeep and maintenance of the (very expensive) equipment that you use to rip these recordings for us.

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