FileFactory has changed the DL politic ???

Hi friends, I got reported from many of you, that they cannot DL anymore from FF and instead of DL they get the advice that the files owner (me) has restricted the DLs only to premium account owners.

This is the advice appears:

Premium Account Required

The owner of this file has restricted it to members with an active Premium Account. Please purchase an account to download this file.

Please contact support if you require further assistance.


This is what I wrote just now to the supporters of FF:

Hi Bill, some of my customers and friends reported me they are unable to DL some files and they get the advice that the files owners (me) has set the files to DL only for premium accounts owners. But this is double not true:
1 – I didn’t set the files that way….
2 – There is no restriction that I can see…all my files are without any option and free DLable for all (just checked it now). I didn’t anything. I tried to DL after I made logout and I get that advice.

What happens there?

If FF has decided to sell more premium accounts by doing this action, I can only say, this is more than deprecable and disgraceful, because you give the impression, that it was my intention and not yours.

Please reallocate all settings, so everything works like it was before.

Best regards.

I don’t know if this is a temporary error on FF’ side. Let’s wait some days, until they answer and then, let’s think about what to do.


EDIT 20 minutes later

Hi friends, with the help of some guy from my other blog I could resolve this mistery. However, something on FF side had caused this issue, setting in my “DL settings-window” on my account, that damned switch “ON” instead of “OFF”, like it was for the last two years, since I’m on FF.

OK, now it’s set again “OFF” and you all can DL like before.

10 thoughts on “FileFactory has changed the DL politic ???

  1. hm-m-m-m-m…
    it’s time to think about the decentralised serverless file-sharing system. Kad, ed2k, or, maybe, torrents/magnet links?

  2. Thank you for taking care of music lovers.
    Your effort not only in providing highest quality music format,
    but also looking after our interests.

    Thank you again with greatest appreciation.

  3. I’m afraid, the problem is still there. Just tried to download from naive-Vivaldi-Edition the Violin-Concertos No. 2, but filepost still has the limitation to premium-users. I sincerely hope that it is possible to find an easy way to re-open your treasur-chest for everyone.
    Happy new year!

    • Impossible. Check better your settings, please. My setting for restriction to only premium users is “off”. Maybe you are on a post that’s not mine. Look above of the title of a post. There you can see, who has posted it.

      By the way….ein italienischer Nick und eine dt. Adresse…woher kommt dieser Nick? Stark ! 😉

      • Sorry, the link is from whatever.

        Mein Nick: In Lucky Luke Nr. 26 – Familienkrieg in Painful Gulch – gab es eine Familienfehde. O’Timmins gegen O’Haras Jemand wurde auf Grund eines Hörfehlers – er hieß Higgins – unter Feuer genommen, woraufhin er sich dahingehend umbenannt hat. Ich liebe auch die Bedeutung des Namens…

  4. Hi Rach, I’m sorry to inform you that the problem (at least for filepost) is not solved as e.g. or still have the message “The file owner has limited free downloads of this file. Thus a premium membership is required to download this file.” Anyway thank you for marvellous site. Have a great 2015!

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