HD-Vinyl 24/192 (EMI/Angel) Gustav Mahler – Des Knaben Wunderhorn (Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau, Szell)

Many thanks to Jean-Luc for the wonderful Elisabeth&Dietrich
This performance is generally given top recommendation by Mahler devotees. Penguin, for example, says “Szell’s 1968 Kingsway Hall recording of ‘Des Knaben Wunderhorn’ was a primary recommendation for three decades at premium price. Now it rightly joins EMI’s “Great Recordings of the Century’ and the careful remastering plus the lower price will surely extend its catalogue life for a considerable time to come. The superb singing of Schwarzkopf and Fischer-Dieskau is underpinned by the wonderfully sensitive playing from the LSO under Szell, who matches and even surpasses his achievement with his own Cleveland Orchestra in the Fourth Symphony.” Gramophone is equally complimentary, having given this their Gramophone award, saying in their 2012 Guide: “EMI’s classic recording made in 1968 more or less puts all rivals out of the court. Even those who find Schwarzkopf’s singing mannered will be hard pressed to find more persuasive versions of the female songs than she gives, while Fischer-Dieskau and Szell are in a class of their own most of the time.” “Also, few command the musical stage as Fischer-Dieskau does in a song such as ‘Revelge’, where every drop of irony and revulsion from the spectre of war is fiercely, grimly caught.”

Composer: Gustav Mahler

Performer: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: George Szell

Vinyl 1968
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC
Label: EMI/Angel
DR-Analysis: DR 13
Size: 1.97 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FF


A1 Revelge 7:01
A2 Das Irdische Leben 2:37
A3 Verlorne Müh 2:29
A4 Rheinlegendchen 3:05
A5 Der Tambourgesell 5:49
A6 Der Schildwache Nachtlied 6:14
B1 Wer Hat Dies Liedlein Erdacht? 1:58
B2 Lob Des Hohen Verstandes 2:41
B3 Des Antonius Von Padua Fischpredigt 3:56
B4 Lied Der Verfolgten Im Turm 3:41
B5 Trost Im Unglück 2:08
B6 Wo Die Schönen Trompeten Blasen 7:36

Analyzed Folder: /192k Mahler – Des Knaben Wunderhorn – Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau_dr.txt
DR Peak RMS Filename
DR11 -0.99 dB -15.93 dB A1 Revelge.flac
DR11 -2.48 dB -18.62 dB A2 Das Irdische Leben.flac
DR11 -1.83 dB -19.09 dB A3 Verlorne Mueh.flac
DR13 -4.02 dB -21.80 dB A4 Rheinlegendchen.flac
DR13 -1.35 dB -19.82 dB A5 Der Tambourgesell.flac
DR12 -1.16 dB -19.50 dB A6 Der Schildwache Nachtlied.flac
DR14 -2.05 dB -22.07 dB B1 Wer Hat Dies Liedlein Erdacht.flac
DR13 -2.28 dB -20.08 dB B2 Lob Des Hohen Verstandes.flac
DR13 -1.30 dB -20.72 dB B3 Des Antonius Von Padua Fischpredigt.flac
DR12 -1.43 dB -17.03 dB B4 Lied Der Verfolgten Im Turm.flac
DR13 -0.47 dB -16.75 dB B5 Trost Im Unglueck.flac
DR15 -2.56 dB -24.67 dB B6 Wo Die Schoenen Trompeten Blasen.flac
Number of Files: 12
Official DR Value: DR13


Ripping Info


A few words about the way i’ve been cleaning vinyl records and post-processing rips, since summer 2017: After washing and recording the vinyl, I use a kind of mixed cleaning of the rip, which consists of mostly manual rather than automatic de-clicking, (the latter only on unimportant passages, such as end of the groove, beginning and end of the songs, applause, speaking). I often leave the rips almost rough, de-clicking only the silences between the tracks. Never de-noising or/and EQ, as unfortunately some do. I prefer to hear a bit of quiet noises of the clean groove, that contain something of the music, rather than generate clinically clean files that may, eventually, sound a bit dead. If you do not agree, do not download my rips and buy instead digital files or CDs.
When I listen to music I “don’t hear” any noise: I enjoy the music 😀
I do not make rips for headphones!

  • Software: iZotope RX 5 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Very careful de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removed, never de-noising
  • DR-Analisys
  • Wave 32/192(32/384) —> Flac 24/96 & 24/192: Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5


6 thoughts on “HD-Vinyl 24/192 (EMI/Angel) Gustav Mahler – Des Knaben Wunderhorn (Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau, Szell)

  1. I haven’t listened to Mahler’s songs for over 20 years. Had to try this one after your Titan rip.
    Alf, your rips seem to be getting better and better. Noise? Can’t hear any.. at all! Such a low noise floor. The BB is tracking superbly and doesn’t even break a sweat in the most challenging vocal passages.
    I’m coming back to Mahler 😀

    p.s thanks to J-L for this ‘nickel’ vinyl!

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