(HD-Vinyl) Munch/New Philharmonia Orchestra – Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne (London / Phase 4 Stereo)


# Composers: Jacques Offenbach
# Orchestra: New Philharmonia Orchestra
# Conductor: Charles Munch
# Vinyl (1966)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Flac
# DR Analysis: DR 12
# Label: London / Phase 4 Stereo
# Size: 980MB (24/96) + 275MB (16/44.1)
# Recovery: 5%
# Scan: yes
# Server: RS, FF

Thanks to an anonymous donor for contributing this album

Track List:

Side One
01 – Gaite Parisienne (part one)

Side Two
02 – Gaite Parisienne (part two)

Production: Tony D’Amato

Ripping Info:

All vinyl is cleaned on a VPI 16.5

Technics SL1200-MK5 (modified)
– Rega RB300 arm with RB700 wiring
– Michell Tecnoweight
– SoundSupports armboard
– Trans-Fi Audio Reso-Mat
Shure V15VxMR (with Jico stylus)
SimAudio Moon 110LP preamp
Native Instruments Audio4DJ USB interface

Processing: Sound Forge 10, ClickRepair (manual mode only)


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22 thoughts on “(HD-Vinyl) Munch/New Philharmonia Orchestra – Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne (London / Phase 4 Stereo)

  1. Thanks so much! Do you have by any chance have arrau vinyls apart from the 1 already on this forum ? if you do i’ll be sure to make a donation asap, in any case will make a donation your Bernstein set was amazing. also another question two your ears how much better does the original vinyl sound to the rip?

    • No, sorry, I don’t have any Arrau.

      As for the Bernstein box set, I’ve been told that the vinyl blows the CDs away. I don’t have the CD version to compare with tho.

      Have you heard the Paavo Jarvi Beethoven cycle?

      • No But I’ve heard great things about that set! Do you have that on vinyl?? also at some stage i’m going to invest in a vinyl player but was wondering how much better does the vinyl sound to the ‘vinyl rips’? as for the cd and vinyl rips there really is no comparison , some vinyl rips just seem to come from another world

        • Yes, I do have the Jarvi cycle – both on SACD and vinyl. Personally, find it much more enjoyable than the Bernstein. Better sound quality, more exciting performance.

          As far as comparing the actual vinyl to the vinyl rips, that will naturally depend on your playback system.

          • Oh thats amazing are you planning on ripping any of those the vinyl or the sacd? I would love to hear them,l I think most people in this forum would be ecstatic to find those ripped!! thanks 🙂

            • Merci !
              J’avais cet enregistrement en cassette audio, et je cherchais depuis longtemps son report numérique, merci encore ! 😀

  2. Wow, I have to say that regardless of the works, when it comes to Decca’s Phase 4 Stereo series, I would parapharse King Leonidas, because I grab “EVERYTHING”, but more so here. That up there is a piece of a hell of a FUN in itself. Thank YOU so much for sharing this LP, THENIGHTOWL, you just preyed on my will !

  3. Simply great, my Steve 😉 I just listened to my vinyl and it’s always a great pleasure to hear this wonderful work.
    Hope to surprise you with an other Offenbach vinyl, that’s quiet rare.

    Stay tuned.

    • Hi Alf,

      Just saw your Offenbach post – looking forward to it!

      I also ripped the mono LM-1817 that you recommended. There was a nasty skip at the end of side one, but I managed to get it to play thru. Aside from that, it seems to be in very nice condition. I hope to post that one here soon.

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