HD-Vinyl 24/96 (Philips) Joseph Haydn – Complete Piano Trios, Vol. 3 (Beaux Arts Trio)

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The first and only recording made of the entire piano trios, performed by the legendary Beaux Arts Trio. Haydn’s piano trios deserve far more attention than they receive. As music lovers know, they are every bit as rewarding as his symphonies and string quartets, and also very numerous. They are not, however, true trios as we understand the term now. Essentially, Haydn took the sonata for violin and piano and added a cello part to strengthen the weak bass of contemporary pianos. This doesn’t inhibit the quality of the music in any way, but it has prevented modern piano trios from taking them up since the cellist usually wants something more exciting to do. All praise, then, to the Beaux Arts Trio for understanding that musical quality is more important than instrumental display. –David Hurwitz

Composer: Joseph Haydn
: Beaux Arts Trio
Vinyl 1977
Number of discs: 5
Format: Flac
Label: Philips
DR 14
Size: 4.66 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FF

There are times – even for the most engaged classical fan – when the denser textures or sudden changes in dynamics of a symphony, concerto or even string quartet cannot quite be processed, but still the musical-person-within desires to hear great music. Well, for those times – such as a cozy Sunday afternoon reading on the couch – Haydn’s piano trios are the perfect prescription for musical bliss and contentment. And while these trios are lighter in character and texture, they are definately not monotonous, run-of-the-mill divertimenti but rather quite musically intelligent compositions which are exceedingly pleasant, full of exuberance, rich in invention and always in good Haydn taste.

Haydn’s Piano Trios is an abundant, marvelous cache of chamber music to explore. Many are similar in mood and interplay to Mozart’s sprightly Piano Trios, while some movements of the late works forshadow Beethoven’s expressivity. Haydn’s piano trios never cease to delight with their classical balance, lightness-of-heart, bubbly joy and smooth textures. One reason for such a proliferation of works in the piano-trio genre in Haydn’s time is that the home market for such compositions was exploding in mid-18th century with seemingly every middle to upper class household now owning this new, must-have musical instrument – the clavier.

The Beaux Arts Trio do great justice to this works and show they really care and enjoy Haydn’s music. The artistry, performance and sound quality of these recordings are superb on all levels which is probably why this set won the impressive awards of “Top CD of the Year” and a “Top 100 Recording” from Gramophone – the latter being a supreme compliment. The crisp, dancing piano tempos from pianist Menahem Pressler in these trios are energetic, sure-footed and delightful, while the two strings bring a rich tonality and elegant mannerism that is most fitting for this genre and period. As a whole, the Beaux Arts Trio exhibits the kind of natural, seamless musicianship that comes through years of playing together. Their playing and these recordings show classical-era chamber music at its finest, and “legendary” would not be an out-of-place description of this fine trio. As of 2005, the trio is now in its 50th year with original member pianist Menahem Pressler still going strong. All of their recordings still decades later are among the top positions in the ratings in spite of much fine competition (Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms piano trios). I would say the Haydn Piano Trios are just as enjoyable and musically rich than their Mozart and Beethoven recordings.

Analyzed Folder: /96k Haydn – Complete Piano Trios-Vol. 3 – Beaux Arts
DR         Peak       RMS        Filename
DR15       -1.22 dB   -20.85 dB  A1 Trio A-dur, Hob. XV-18 (32) – 1. Allegro Moderato.flac
DR14       -4.94 dB   -25.07 dB  A2 Trio A-dur, Hob. XV-18 (32) – 2. Andante.flac
DR14       -0.93 dB   -18.51 dB  A3 Trio A-dur, Hob. XV-18 (32) – 3. Allegro.flac
DR15       -1.02 dB   -21.02 dB  A4 Trio G-moll, Hob. XV-19 (33) – 1. Andante – Presto.flac
DR12       -7.26 dB   -24.35 dB  B1 Trio G-moll, Hob. XV-19 (33) – 2. Adagio Ma Non Troppo.flac
DR12       -0.89 dB   -18.30 dB  B2 Trio G-moll, Hob. XV-19 (33) – 3. Presto.flac
DR14       -0.86 dB   -19.68 dB  B3 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-22 (36) – 1. Allegro Moderato.flac
DR14       -8.65 dB   -26.80 dB  B4 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-22 (36) – 2. Poco Adagio.flac
DR13       -1.20 dB   -18.50 dB  B5 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-22 (36) – 3. Finale (Allegro).flac
DR13       -2.48 dB   -19.53 dB  C1 Trio B-dur, Hob. XV-20 (34) – 1. Allegro.flac
DR16       -1.27 dB   -25.10 dB  C2 Trio B-dur, Hob. XV-20 (34) – 2. Andante Cantabile.flac
DR14       -0.43 dB   -20.67 dB  C3 Trio B-dur, Hob. XV-20 (34) – 3. Finale (Allegro).flac
DR14       -0.68 dB   -19.73 dB  C4 Trio D-dur, Hob. XV-24 (38) – 1. Allegro.flac
DR14       -2.13 dB   -22.34 dB  D1 Trio D-dur, Hob. XV-24 (38) – 2. Andante.flac
DR12       -2.91 dB   -21.16 dB  D2 Trio D-dur, Hob. XV-24 (38) – 3. Allegro, Ma Dolce.flac
DR13       -1.53 dB   -21.68 dB  D3 Trio G-dur, Hob. XV-32 (31) – 1. Andante.flac
DR14       over       -18.41 dB  D4 Trio G-dur, Hob. XV-32 (31) – 2. Allegro.flac
DR13       -2.43 dB   -19.26 dB  E1 Trio C-dur, Hob. XV-21 (35) – 1. Adagio Pastorale – Vivace Assai.flac
DR12       -8.40 dB   -24.81 dB  E2 Trio C-dur, Hob. XV-21 (35) – 2. Molto Andante.flac
DR14       -0.21 dB   -18.91 dB  E3 Trio C-dur, Hob. XV-21 (35) – 3. Finale (Presto).flac
DR14       -3.00 dB   -21.41 dB  E4 Trio E-dur Hob. XV-28 (44) – 1. Allegro Moderato.flac
DR16       -2.48 dB   -24.88 dB  E5 Trio E-dur Hob. XV-28 (44) – 2. Allegretto.flac
DR14       -2.01 dB   -20.79 dB  F1 Trio E-dur Hob. XV-28 (44) – 3. Finale (Allegro).flac
DR13       -1.57 dB   -19.47 dB  F2 Trio D-moll, Hob. XV-23 (37) – 1. Molto Andante.flac
DR15       -2.54 dB   -23.58 dB  F3 Trio D-moll, Hob. XV-23 (37) – 2. Adagio Ma Non Troppo.flac
DR14       -0.70 dB   -19.57 dB  F4 Trio D-moll, Hob. XV-23 (37) – 3. Finale (Vivace).flac
DR13       -2.60 dB   -21.51 dB  G1 Trio G-dur, Hob. XV-25 (39) – 1. Andante.flac
DR14       -7.84 dB   -27.09 dB  G2 Trio G-dur, Hob. XV-25 (39) – 2. Poco Adagio, Cantabile.flac
DR13       -0.66 dB   -18.43 dB  G3 Trio G-dur, Hob. XV-25 (39) – 3. Rondo All’Ongarese (Presto).flac
DR15       -2.33 dB   -22.34 dB  G4 Trio Fis-moll, Hob. XV-26 (40) – 1. Allegro.flac
DR14       -2.49 dB   -24.74 dB  H1 Trio Fis-moll, Hob. XV-26 (40) – 2. Adagio Cantabile.flac
DR16       -2.97 dB   -23.58 dB  H2 Trio Fis-moll, Hob. XV-26 (40) – 3. Tempo Di Menuetto.flac
DR14       -1.50 dB   -20.29 dB  H3 Trio C-dur, Hob. XV-27 (43) – 1. Allegro.flac
DR14       -2.29 dB   -22.05 dB  H4 Trio C-dur, Hob. XV-27 (43) – 2. Andante.flac
DR14       -1.00 dB   -19.45 dB  H5 Trio C-dur, Hob. XV-27 (43) – 3. Finale (Presto).flac
DR15       -1.75 dB   -21.21 dB  I1 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-30 (42) – 1. Allegro Moderato.flac
DR13       -1.75 dB   -21.22 dB  I2 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-30 (42) – 2. Andante Con Moto.flac
DR13       -0.53 dB   -17.94 dB  I3 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-30 (42) – 3. Presto.flac
DR13       -1.60 dB   -19.20 dB  I4 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-29 (45) – 1. Poco Allegretto.flac
DR14       -4.79 dB   -25.34 dB  J1 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-29 (45) – 2. Andantino Ed Innocentemente.flac
DR13       -0.48 dB   -17.92 dB  J2 Trio Es-dur, Hob. XV-29 (45) – 3. Finale- Allemande (Presto Assai).flac
DR13       -2.74 dB   -20.23 dB  J3 Trio Es-moll, Hob. XV-31 (41) – 1. Andante Cantabile.flac
DR12       -0.49 dB   -18.26 dB  J4 Trio Es-moll, Hob. XV-31 (41) – 2. Allegro.flac
Number of Files: 43
Official DR Value: DR14


Ripping Info


  • Software: iZotope RX 4 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Super light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising
  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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