HD-Vinyls 24/96 (CBS) Maurice Ravel – Complete Works For Solo Piano (Entremont)

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Philippe Entremont was born in Reims to musical parents, his mother being a Grand Prix pianist and his father an operatic conductor. Philippe first received piano lessons from his mother at the age of six. His father introduced him to the world of chamber and orchestral music. He studied in Paris with Marguerite Long, and entered the Conservatoire de Paris. He won prizes in sight-reading at age 12, chamber-music aged 14, and piano at 15. He became Laureat at the international Long-Thibaud Competition at the age of 16. In the following year he won a prize in the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition in Brussels, and then began his career of serious concert-giving at the piano.

Composer: Maurice Ravel
Performer: Philippe Entremont, Dennis Lee
Vinyl 1975

Number of Discs: 3
Format: FLAC
Label: CBS
DR-Analysis: DR 14
Size: 2.83 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FF

Within five years he was hailed as a new and major voice in European pianism. He earned further recognition through tours of South America and the United States; organized by the National Music League and the Jeunesses Musicales International in 1953 and 1955. Eugene Ormandy auditioned him in 1954 and at once engaged him for his Philadelphia Orchestra debut, which took place in November 1956. His early Columbia recordings with Ormandy (c.1957–58), released in Europe by Philips Records (e.g. Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini) preserve the mood of exhilaration which attended his European debuts. His recording of Rachmaninoff’s Second Concerto with Leonard Bernstein on Columbia was considered an extraordinary reading at the time. He also recorded Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, with the same forces.

He recorded Rachmaninoff’s First and Fourth Concertos with Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The Concertos Nos. 2 and 4 of Saint-Saëns with Ormandy are noteworthy as well. Entremont made a debut as both pianist and conductor (directing from the keyboard) in 1968 on a Columbia records release in which he played Mozart’s Piano Concertos Nos. 13 and 17 and conducted the Collegium Musicum of Paris. He has also recorded many of Friedrich Kuhlau’s songs.

Entremont was Director of the New Orleans Symphony from 1980 to 1986. He served the Denver Symphony Orchestra as principal conductor from 1986 to 1988, and music director from 1988 to 1989. Entremont has also been chief conductor of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, and is now its Conductor Laureate. He also holds the same title with the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

Entremont founded the Biennial Santo Domingo Music Festival in 1997. Since 2002 he has been Principal Guest Conductor of China’s Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra.

During the 2005–2006 Season, Entremont led the Munich Symphony Orchestra as both conductor and pianist for the orchestra’s U.S. debut tour. In September 2007, Entremont returned to New Orleans as soloist to open the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra’s second post-Katrina season with Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G major.



A1 Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte 6:25
A2 A La Manière De Chabrier 1:55
A3 A La Manière De Borodine 1:17
A4 I. Modéré 4:07
A5 II. Mouvement De Menuet 3:30
A6 III. Animé 3:30
B1 I. Noctuelles 4:24
B2 II. Oiseaux Tristes 4:01
B3 III. Une Barque Sur L’océan 6:40
B4 IV. Alborada Del Gracioso 6:42
B5 V. La Vallée Des Cloches 6:11
  Ma Mère L’oye
C1 I. Pavane De La Belle Au Bois Dormant 1:25
C2 II. Petit Poucet 3:39
C3 III. Laideronnette, Impératrice Des Pagodes 3:11
C4 IV. Les Entretiens De La Belle Et De La Bête 3:57
C5 V. Le Jardin Féerique

Piano – Dennis Lee

C6 Habañera

Piano – Dennis Lee

C7 Jeux D’eau 4:53
  Gaspard De La Nuit
D1 I. Ondine 6:34
D2 II. Le Gibet 6:57
D3 III. Scarbo 8:54
D4 Menuet Antique 5:17
  Le Tombeau De Couperin
E1 I. Prélude 2:51
E2 II. Fugue 3:50
E3 III. Forlane 5:50
E4 IV. Rigaudon 3:00
E5 V. Menuet 5:00
E6 VI. Toccata 3:45
F1 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales 15:26
F2 Prélude In A Minor 1:13
F3 Menuet Sur Le Nom D’Haydn 1:51

Analyzed Folder: /96k Ravel – All Works For Solo Piano – Entremont
DR Peak RMS Filename

DR15 -1.92 dB -22.82 dB A1 Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte.flac
DR14 -4.74 dB -23.12 dB A2 A La Maniere De Chabrier.flac
DR11 -1.54 dB -19.54 dB A3 A La Maniere De Borodine.flac
DR12 -2.49 dB -21.63 dB A4 Sonatine – I. Modere.flac
DR15 -2.95 dB -23.55 dB A5 Sonatine – II. Mouvement De Menuet.flac
DR12 -0.20 dB -17.19 dB A6 Sonatine – III. Anime.flac
DR14 -2.96 dB -22.09 dB B1 Miroirs – I. Noctuelles.flac
DR17 -3.07 dB -28.05 dB B2 Miroirs – II. Oiseaux Tristes.flac
DR13 -2.08 dB -19.68 dB B3 Miroirs – III. Une Barque Sur L’ocean.flac
DR13 -1.02 dB -19.28 dB B4 Miroirs – IV. Alborada Del Gracioso.flac
DR18 -5.56 dB -29.97 dB B5 Miroirs – V. La Vallee Des Cloches.flac
DR12 -9.24 dB -28.76 dB C1 Ma Mere L’oye – I. Pavane De La Belle Au Bois Dormant.flac
DR15 -5.90 dB -25.20 dB C2 Ma Mere L’oye – II. Petit Poucet.flac
DR14 -1.78 dB -20.28 dB C3 Ma Mere L’oye – III. Laideronnette, Imperatrice Des Pagodes.flac
DR14 -2.12 dB -22.10 dB C4 Ma Mere L’oye – IV. Les Entretiens De La Belle Et De La Bete.flac
DR14 -1.13 dB -21.27 dB C5 Ma Mere L’oye – V. Le Jardin Feerique.flac
DR15 -3.06 dB -23.94 dB C6 Habanera.flac
DR12 -2.03 dB -19.11 dB C7 Jeux D’eau.flac
DR13 -1.59 dB -20.28 dB D1 Gaspard De La Nuit – I. Ondine.flac
DR16 -4.94 dB -26.92 dB D2 Gaspard De La Nuit – II. Le Gibet.flac
DR12 -0.88 dB -18.15 dB D3 Gaspard De La Nuit – III. Scarbo.flac
DR13 -1.13 dB -18.76 dB D4 Menuet Antique.flac
DR11 -3.04 dB -17.53 dB E1 Le Tombeau De Couperin – I. Prelude.flac
DR13 -4.71 dB -22.53 dB E2 Le Tombeau De Couperin – II. Fugue.flac
DR13 -2.05 dB -20.24 dB E3 Le Tombeau De Couperin – III. Forlane.flac
DR12 -1.03 dB -17.43 dB E4 Le Tombeau De Couperin – IV. Rigaudon.flac
DR14 -1.22 dB -22.38 dB E5 Le Tombeau De Couperin – V. Menuet.flac
DR12 -2.79 dB -18.62 dB E6 Le Tombeau De Couperin – VI. Toccata.flac
DR15 -0.90 dB -21.61 dB F1 Valses Nobles Et Sentimentales.flac
DR12 -7.55 dB -28.30 dB F2 Prelude In A Minor.flac
DR14 -1.94 dB -23.86 dB F3 Menuet Sur Le Nom D’Haydn.flac

Number of Files: 31
Official DR Value: DR14




  • Composed By – Maurice Ravel
  • Engineer – Mike Ross-Trevor
  • Liner Notes – Robert Hurwitz
  • Photography By [Entremont Portrait] – Don Hunstein
  • Piano – Dennis Lee (tracks: C5, C6), Philippe Entremont (tracks: A1 to F3)
  • Producer – Paul Myers

Ripping Info


  • Software: iZotope RX 5 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Very careful de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removed, never de-noising
  • DR-Analisys
  • Wave 32/192(32/384) —> Flac 24/96(24/192): Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5



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  1. This great Pianist, with harmony of styleand brlliant technic, has recorded the whole Ravel Solopiano work later in 2003-2004 on
    the Suisse label Cascvelle again, but more often using the pedal
    and the Tone master added to much resonance. The 1975 Version is in the way Ravel thougt and more in my ideal the piano should sound.. Thank you Alf for realising this fantastic transfer.

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