HD-Vinyls 24/192 (Philips) Daniel Chorzempa Plays Johann Sebastian Bach

front-small-boxsetMany thanks to Mats for this beauty
Once I read, Digital has been discovered only and exclusively for church organ music. I tend to believe it. The Toccata and Fugue lends itself easily to misinterpretation. Having been used as the Big Dark Castle theme in every horror cartoon since 1925, its easy for it’s interpreters to take a bigger, faster, and louder approach to what could be so much more beautiful and restrained. Chorzempa’s interpretation is simply stunning, and possibly like no other version you’ve ever heard. He is able to bring emotion out of passages that you may not have even realized existed. He plays the opening motif in a way that is light, yet grand, and this seems to be his way of interpreting the whole of the piece. The most stunning passage is the second section, where he employs dream-like stop settings and creates a call-and-response interaction between soaring arpeggios. This is not a Toccata and Fugue based on fear and power, but on true yearning and emotion. Simply incredible.

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Performer: Daniel Chorzempa

Vinyl (1982)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Flac
Label: Decca
DR-Analysis: DR 12
Size: 1.98 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FileFactory



A1 Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (BWV 565) 11:44
  Prelude, Largo (BWV 529 No. 2) And Fugue In C (BWV 545)  
A2 Prelude 3:07
A3 Largo 7:02
A4 Fugue 5:17
  Prelude And Fugue In E Flat (BWV 552)  
B1 Prelude 12:05
B2 Fugue 11:12


Analyzed folder: /192k JSB – Daniel Chorzempa
DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
DR12        -0.43 dB     -17.53 dB     A1 Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (BWV 565).aif
DR12        -2.77 dB     -19.36 dB     A2 Prelude, Largo (BWV 529 No. 2) And Fugue In C (BWV 545).aif
DR12        -0.67 dB     -17.17 dB     B Prelude And Fugue In E Flat (BWV 552).aif
Number of files:    3
Official DR value:    DR12

Ripping Info


If You hear some clicks and pops here and there, Who cares?
Id rather have a few light anomalies instead of destroying the music.
Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.
My rips are almost rough rips.

  • Software: iZotope RX 4 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Super light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising
  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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11 thoughts on “HD-Vinyls 24/192 (Philips) Daniel Chorzempa Plays Johann Sebastian Bach

  1. Wow, Alf, your commentary on this fellow doing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue is spot on. He’s masterful. and the Organ beautifully fits his perspective of what Bach intended which was not goblins and ghouls.
    Bach loved the Most High God and had a sense of His grandeur and Majesty.

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