HD-Vinyls 24/96 (Decca) Ludwig van Beethoven – Fidelio (Nilsson/Maazel)

This is a “child” of the flea markets – vinyls are like new, but the libretto is missed. The lady said, this box was near untouched for more than 40 years. Played only twice. Got it for 1 EUR – Reposted, now with FF links
This is a thoroughly top notch recording! Birgit Nilsson makes, I feel, a great Leonora/Fidelio. The woman was a female Caruso!! As for McCracken’s Florestan, WOW!! What a sound!

# Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
# Performer: Birgit Nilsson, James McCracken, Kurt Böhme, Hermann Prey, Graziella Sciutti, Tom Krause
# Orchestra: Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra
# Conductor: Lorin Maazel

# Vinyls (1960)
# Number of Discs: 2
# Format: Flac
# Label: Decca
# DR-Analysis: DR 13

# Size: 2.24 GB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FileFactory

The Maazel performance crackles with the excitement of a live performance and the singers live out the drama in a way that few others achieve. Birgit Nilsson is perhaps the most urgent reason for acquiring this set: she is a magnificent Leonore and encompasses nearly all the facets of the heroine’s plights andemotions. Leonore’s scena is superbly done. Her cry of ‘Abscheulicher!’ arises from deep loathing and horror of Pizzaro. ‘Komm Hoffnung’, tenderly and affectionately phrased, expresses Leonore’s hope. Then she rises resplendently to the high B, which stretched many sopranos. The fast section tingles with both womanly vulnerability and heroic resolve and Nilsson crowned this wonderful performance with a full-throated high E. All said, this is an interpretation not to be missed. With the general excellence of the cast, the Vienna Philharmonic on thrilling top form for its conductor and the price, you are in for an exceptional performance of Beethoven’s only opera.
Analyzed folder: /96k LvB – Fidelio – Nilsson
DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
DR14        -1.69 dB     -21.50 dB     Side1.wav
DR13        -0.99 dB     -19.25 dB     Side2.wav
DR13        -0.71 dB     -19.09 dB     Side3.wav
DR13        -0.17 dB     -18.73 dB     Side4.wav
Number of files:    4
Official DR value:    DR13

Ripping Infos

  • RCM: Okki Nokki (L’art du son, Clearaudio’s Diamond Cleaner)
  • TT: Clearaudio Champion Level II
  • Cartridge: Limited Edition Denon DL103 SA
  • Phono amp: Pro-Ject Phono Box II
  • Pre Amp: Unison Research Unico Pre (Tube)
  • Finals: Opera Consonance 9.9 Mono (Tube)
  • Speakers: Dali Helikon 400
  • Connections: MIT Terminator, Audioquest Emerald, Audioquest Quartz
  • Software: iZotope RX Advanced v2.02, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising

If You hear some clicks and pops here and there, Who cares?
Id rather have a few light anomalies instead of destroying the music. Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.

  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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I reinvest all donations in maintenance of my rig, for purchasing cleaning solutions and, most important of all, purchasing of new vinyls.
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45 thoughts on “HD-Vinyls 24/96 (Decca) Ludwig van Beethoven – Fidelio (Nilsson/Maazel)

  1. Thanks for this !!!

    As regards 24-192 recording on a Mac without appropriate sound card

    (talked to an Apple expert few days ago). (refering to your announcment on Mozart concertos – great find btw)

    So recording in 24-192 with Mac only is a waste of 0 s and harddisk space … Sorry.

    …and I bet no-one can hear difference between 96 and 192 .. so 96 is fine.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi SOM…i’ve read and heard so many different opinions, pro and contra, that i really don’t know what fact is. Fact is that there is – of course – an audible difference btw. 96 and 192 kHz…otherwise there weren’t the possibility to get higher recordings, i mean higher than 96 kHz. The matter is – and this is the most important aspect – if you are able to hear the difference or not. Only because you don’t do it (or someone says that’s this way) hasn’t to be this way.
      Of course, in these high(est) levels, the air is very thin…means, the differences are really little and you can hear them only with a really good equipement. Believe me, you can hear, you would hear them. If you would say: the difference is that little that can be ignorate and get only 96 kHz…i would agree with you.
      At last you get with 192/24 a (possible) better sound that costs you too much HD capacity. Is like in the world of HiFi (my world): the higher you step up with the price, the smaller is the improved sound.

      Anyway….back to our dilemma: i decided not to offer anymore 192 rips, until i’ll get a really good sound board. This WAM piano concertos box and 3-4 other rips that i made days ago, will be the last works that i offer in 192/24.

      • Hi

        In order that you feel better about your 24-96 decision using Mac only look at this two spectrograms of your rip
        Strauss-Zara Reiner side1 in 24-192


        and the same file but converted to 24-96


        It is clear that both spectrograms are identical ! (same higher harmonics)

        This probably shows that your rip is de facto 24-96 otherwise the spectrograms should show some differences ?

        As regards hearing have a look at this :


        The 27-year-old woman, identified only as E.S. in the report, is a synaesthete, someone who can experience sensations in more than one sense from the same stimulation, said researchers.

        My point here is that hearing is a very subjective matter.
        Also what is a hi-end system. To different people different things. To each audiophile a different thing. One audiophile goes to concerts the other does not. The first values probably a system which reproduces the music as natural as possible the second loves pompouse sounding system-ev everything but not natural sound … etc.

        Few weeks ago we listened to vinyl rips 24-48, 24-96 and 24-192 through some very fine hi-end natural sounding system with speakers (ESP The Bodhran SE – in my opinion one of the best for true orchestra presentation) and also through Sennheiser HD800 headphones.

        Nobody out of four people (two of which less than 20 years old) could tell the difference between 48,96,192 …
        (just guessing – no statistical proof that there is a difference).

        Of course, it is the matter of the observer/listener one can hear angels singing in heaven if he tries hard enough…

        Take care


        • Hi SOM, I’m trying to understand this stuff (a little drunk, not helping when trying to understand mathematical equations). Would you do me the kindness of posting spectrograph images of 44, 16 and 8khz of the same rip? I’m interested to see what the visible differences are.

          as for the great debate, I suppose it’s resolved for now if Rach says he’ll no longer post 192khz rips. I think that’s a sensible decision based on what I’ve read – he can keep those rips for his own private delectation. Those of us with lesser ears and equipment will be content at 96.

          Now, if we could get onto the other famous boxset debate about rachs “property of” watermarks, I could have a little more input…..

          • Hi DC

            It is my priviledge talking to people who are sooo pationate about music as you are.
            (reading your posts – there is no doubt)

            It was beautiful once going to live venues/concerts truly enjoying music … and then out of nowhere audiofools appeared fueled by the so called hi-end industry ready to spend fortunes, upgrading everything, never satisfied with the sound ….

            It took me some years to find out that the single most important part of a music repro system are the speakers (and the analogue TT setup) everything else is just SNAKE OIL MAGIC business (especially the cables – speaker wire, interconnects and the best of all power-mains cables!! ) …

            I can post those 44, 16, 8kHz (in our case should be 48 etc) s-grams, but you see, there is no point – for
            in a 48 s-gram you would see a cut off at 24kHz (cca half of what you see in a 96 s-gram) going lower than 48 (44.1) is useless even more because these are blasphemy in audiophile terms (crippled music). This here goes in to theory – always time to grasp tons of books and articles – but better still is to listen to music instead …

            Have a nice Evening !

            • my friend, I think all of us here are agreed that the most important thing is to listen to (and delight in) the music.

              But I will say that before I found this site (god bless the day) I was used to listening to music in 128k mp3 files. It was no wonder then that I never really came to appreciate classical music, since I was missing out on so much detail. It is the detail of the sound that makes the difference between an intersting disc, and one that sends shivers through your bones. I realise there is a point of diminishing returns of course, and I think Rach is wise not to post more at 192k because most of us have limited disc capacity, but I don’t doubt for a second that he can hear the difference.

              What I cannot understand from what I have read so far is how a spectrogram reading will show whether or not the bit rate is valid? I don’t mean to be pushy, but I would dearly love to see the spectrograms I requested, if it’s not too much trouble, just so I can try to understand in visual form what I’ve been reading about.

              • hey

                You can hear the difference between lossy and lossless even on an ipod with some descent earbuds/headphones.

                Disc capacity is not an issue anymore – more is the question if something makes sense and to what extent…
                I bet anytime that noone can guess between 96 and 192 in a double blind test,
                between 48 and 96 eventually yes but again depending on the type of music/recording … not so much on how good your system is !!
                You need a good DAC (do not judge a good DAC by how expensive it is) and very good speakers or headphones (unfortunatelly those tend to be expensive) …

                Spectrogram will not show you the bit rate but frequencies/time . Although “perfect” human hearing is 20-20kHz it is believed that higher rates when recording sound come closer to the actual analogue counterpart taken that recording is done right (mic placement, room treatement, room temperature, humidity etc etc) …

                here is the 24-48 s-gram :


                and 24-24 :


                and 24-12:


                You can see that at 24-12 the music is severely crippled….

                we could go further with lowering the bit rate – but on spectrograms you will depict no change …

                if you want to learn more about the stuff get this book:

                Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Fourth Edition
                by:  David Howard, Jamie Angus

                you can download it here :

                ( I have no idea what your training background is, but there are many other books you can find …)

                I go now to you second question – see you there …

                • Hi SOM….do you remember, some days ago, as we spoke again about the Apogee Duet (that i gave back) you wrote that i did good…and you added: it can only 96 kHz.

                  Now, after our discussion, yesterday, don’t you think that it is obsolete to discuss further about 192 kHz, if you are convinced that there is no audible difference?

                  I will look forward for a really good 96/24 converter

                  • I did few rips lately (Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate and some Karajan Brahms).

                    I find it is wise to record 24(or32) -192 and then dither it to 24-96 .

                    (I used the “iZotope RX II Advanced” to do the dithering and the results are very good.)

                    I never remove pops and crackles – no matter how well you do it – it harms the music;

                    but if you do: use “iZotope RX II Advanced” (industry leader for audio repair – they have some excellent patented alghorithms – not seen in other applications)

                    It makes sense for another reason too – quality.

                    to be more specific :


                    Macpro (8core) – digital out – DAC – Headphone Amp – Sehnnheiser HD800


                    Macpro (8core) – firewire-Edirol Fa66 – digital out -DAC – Headphone Amp – Sehnnheiser HD800



                    Macpro (8core) – firewire-Edirol Fa66 – analogue out – Headphone Amp – Sehnnheiser HD800

                    II. and even III. is way better (as expected) than I.

                    I think you have IMac (same audio part as MacPro or worse?)


                    Using a sound card (external) makes sense even if you record at 24-96 you will hear quite an improvement with your rips.

                    Buy firewire type card (upto 24-192 – if nothing else it is usually better made – better parts inside ie. 96 is better too).

                    Question for you :

                    Are you using low or high output MC Cartridge (Moving Coil) ?

                    Take Care

                    SOM 😛

                    • Hi…when you write:

                      “I never remove pops and crackles – no matter how well you do it – it harms the music;

                      but if you do: use “iZotope RX II Advanced” (industry leader for audio repair – they have some excellent patented alghorithms – not seen in other applications)”

                      i think two things….

                      you are wrong…denoising/decrackling doesn’t harm thr music, if you do it well (means: if you KNOW what you have to do). I have many many years of experiences at my side…thousands of times trying and “learning by doing” until i had the right hand for that job…i can’t explain, is a matter of experience…but one thing is absolutely clear: i use my filters and parameters the lightest way possible…i prefer after denoising to remove manually some (more or less) remained clicks and pops, instead of using “heavy” filters that kill everything 🙂

                      of course you never see good algorythms in common programs….a good program with good denoise possibility is even not cheap…..i use for this works, among my four editors, only Cool Edit Pro, a 10 years old program by Synthrillium (later “eaten” by Adobe….program’s name is now Audition)
                      that costed me at that time about 500 $

            • also, if you wouldn’t mind, from your experience, would you be able to recommend some decent equipment for less than 500 euros?

              Second hand is too risky as I really know nothing about this stuff, but I’m desperate to listen to all this music on some speakers that do justice to the composers, performers and audio engineers


              • Unfortunatelly 500 euros will not

                “send shivers through your bones”

                as you nicely put it.


                I suppose you already have a comp (pc ? mac ?) a player (foobar ? itunes ? other?)
                a DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) ?

                If I was you I would spend 500 eu. on good headphones and headphones amplifier.
                (or if you do not have a DAC >> DAC & headphone amp in one unit)

                Which ones ? The superior judge for this are your ears – only your ears …

                I.E. try as many as you can with your favorite music.

                And I would start saving for good speakers.

                I see it this way :

                The speakers are THE KING, the QUEEN is the TT analogue rig (if you are considering this?) and all the rest are peasants, horses, etc that have to obey the rulers i.e. do the right job properly. I would spend 85 % on K&Q and 15% on the rest …

                When I am on the move or skiing, biking etc I use this:

                Ipod touch 32 GB (300Eu) & iGrado headphones (70Eu) – all files in lossless format 16/44.1 or 48 .
                So, bone shivering for 370 Euros (or even less if you dig second-hand) .

                Have A Nice Day !

                Note: Writing this I was listening to Rain Sultanov – Tale of my Land (and his land is Azerbejdjan) – jazz – highly recomended !

                • wow, this text box is getting thin!

                  Thanks very much for posting those spectrograms. I still have a thousand questions, but this is not the right place to ask them. You used audacity to produce them, right? I’ve just been playing around with it trying to better understand what I’m looking at. Oh, and thanks for the book, it’s VERY detailed!

                  As for the equipment, everyone gives the same answer (the correct one): use your ears to choose….but it presents a problem: I cannot walk into a shop and ask to listen to all their amps and speakers in different combinations, with a selection music. There’s too many variables. While headphones may be the way to go (is the ipod DAC and amp really that good? I don’t have one), I want the whole world to hear this music, and would rather play it loud with all the windows open, singing along 😛

                  The bottom line is that on my current equipment I won’t be able to hear the difference betwee 48 and 96, even if I think I can. ANYTHING I buy will be a big improvement I think, so I have two choices: either wait a while till I have the money and knowledge to make the right purchase, or I just pick up something that’s “good enough” for now so I can start enjoying right away….I think the second is the better option. I could die tomorrow!

                  Now if you’ll excuse me gentlemen, I have a date with Ms Nillson and the Wiener Philharmonker!

                  • damn right the text is getting still thinner.

                    In order not to get the new fobia “squeezed between the margins”
                    follow me to a new topic … I need some more “air” >>>>>>

  2. I am honoured to have my own dedicated post from the legendary Rachmaninov!
    And it has Birgit Nilsson! God I can’t wait to hear this one. Once I’ve listened to it I’ll write back with my thoughts as a way of saying thank you.
    Captcha is polar bears in hats riding bicycles 😕
    And I managed to fail it….

          • ahh, this is refreshing, no captcha above taunting me while I write my comment. No butterfly wings to match…

            anyway, dear Whatever, I’m a little worried. I just went to check up on my downloads, and I see the Bach kantatan and aeolian haydn quartets have been deleted from filesonic. Is this a repeat of the hotfile debacle? I had only 4 files left to download 🙁

            Fucking RIAA. We have a RIGHT to this music. As human beings. It makes us noble. Copyright should be only for shit music! They’d copyright the fucking bible if they could…..
            ooh, I like that phrase! I must make a note to use it when I’m sober.

            • yep, nice phrase. i like it too.

              but it was not dmca abuse. just some time filesonic had problems with files. some were deleted. but i’m trying to restore everything from the very beginning till the end.

              “No butterfly wings to match!” LOL

              and about aeolian haydn quartets. it was uploaded to uploadbox, not filesonic. anyway you’re fucking lucky. it will be available on monday. it’s already rar-compressed and waiting its queue

    • My honour, friend….i really laugh heartly by reading your recensions or only your daily fights against the captcha 🙂 You’re great !

      • and I laugh heartily at your use of the english language! Recension! you’ve taught me a new word of my beloved tongue!

        it is much like when I speak portuguese, having learned from….unorthodox sources…I sometimes sound like shakespeare, other times like a lobotomy patient….usually a combination of the two.

        ps. still waiting for fidelio to download, then I’m going to turn off the lights and the internet and play it LOUD.

        • Would you hear me “LIVE” speaking english, you would think, “that” Roberto Benigni from Jarmush’s “DOWN BY LOW” is now in front of you….just a little bit more terrifiyng 😉

  3. >>>>> DC continuing ….

    “I cannot walk into a shop and ask to listen to all their amps and speakers in different combinations, with a selection music. …”

    SURE YOU CAN – they have to show you everything … f-ck them. Give them a good workout and most important : do not listen to their crap talk – listen to the music (best you bring with your favourites) . Remember you are the music connoisseur apart from being the customer – You are a Double King and they just want your money so give them a chance to earn it …

    Best still, after you did your exercise you pick a couple of systems which you kind of feel could do justice to your music “bone shiver” and kindly ask them to bring those to your home for auditioning.

    A good system will sound good as well in a room which is not treated too much ( best sound is in a room with some peaces of heavy furniture, a rag book shelves etc – more messed up it is – better the sound // this is a quick rule of thumb… ). Take your time – in few days you will be a winner – if not you kindly return them the stuff and enter a new round …

    There are no shortcuts to oblivion …. But if you want to plunge into one as regards speakers that will never dissappoint you … Take a look at HARBETH speakers .


    I was lucky to listen to their whole range of speakers and even the smallest pair works wonders !

    Alan A. Shaw , Designer & Managing Director –

    this guy definitely knows how music should sound …

    Well, which model is for you will depend on the room you have. They may seem expensive – but trust me they will make your bones shiver … worth every single penny …

    You can buy second hand eventually … (not to many around – looks people hate to part from them)

    Do not lose too much time about the amp – go for solid state one .
    Personally I would never buy a tube (lamp) – they are only good if you need to fry an egg on them or read a newspaper in their twilight …

    – every well designed solid state amp kicks the shit out of those “christmas-trees” (my personal opinion). One descent and fair producer comes to mind “Creek” or what ever other brand (hook few different and listen-I bet you will hear very little difference if any) remember – the speakers are what you are after .
    Of course there are many other brands of good speakers …

    Ipod touch – any good ? This is another dimension … But the last IV generation with iGrado headphones (not included – throw away the stock earbuds – they are crap) sounds surprisingly goood .

    Limited to redbook (max 48kHz) but for what it is and with lossless files (ALAC etc) very nice.

    It is a pity Apple is only after money & profits – I am sure they can do it way better …

    If you can not hear this or that with what you have – so what ? As long as you can listen for one hour without getting tired or nervous – you are OK i.e. you are enjoying the music.

    The reason I suggested earphones is the budget of 500 (ipod is a separate issue) . I meant here solid over the ear type. You can never hear more detail even through most expensive speakers as you will with top of the range headphones – only disadvantage being the lack of space-stage and as you mentioned you can not trumpet your music to “the whole world” .

    Whatever you do – do it with pleasure – never stressed !

    as Leo Tolstoy said “If you want to be happy – be”

    Cheers !

    • Near everything you wrote about hearing in your own room and that’s possible, of course, to ask for all issues you want, is right….and that the speakers are the most important thing in your HiFi-chain…toghether with the amp (50% to 50%) but not what you mean about tube amplifiers.

      After i read this i’m convinced: you’ve never listened to a good tube amp, only to worst tubes….
      If you have listened to a really good tube, you would became a crusader and went to the mission for destroying every kind of shit-transistor-amp that’s is in this our world.

      Oh friend, you haven’t the smallest idea, what tube-sound is…..you think they are only good enough for fried eggs or for christmas lights….and i thought you are a music loving guy, but i think, you’re a lover of the BUM-BUM-PENG-PENG-AHHHHHHHHHHH-issues, every kind of these, but not a lover of musicality.

      What are you dreaming of in your (hifi) nights???? Who caused you such horrible HiFi-mares? Who told you such horrible stories? Why don’t experience yourself, what fact is?

      I’m losing a little respect to you, pardon me sir, but you haven’t great skills about HiFi and HiEnd-HiFi because you can’t – CAN NOT – really mean what you’ve written.

      Whit all respect…go on and listen further to music through a headphone ( 🙂 :)) and think further, this is the mass of all masses…… I’m lucky to hear what music IS through a 20K EUR equipment, while I fry 2 or 3 eggs a day, never being cold and saving on christmas decoration.


      After this all, SOM, of course this is my opinion and is nothing personal….. 🙂

      • Hi again !

        wow – I like music but never emotional about hardware.

        As regards tubes – I repeat this is my personal opinion.

        I do not disqualify anybody who loves them …

        And you are wrong – I dare say I have the chance to listen to vast amount of such “snake oil” wunderamps – some costing ridiculous amounts of money .

        Hard to explain – at real classical concerts and also in New Orleans pubs, jazz clubs everywhere etc nowhere I could find the sound most tube amps produce i.e somewhat silky, angelic-smoozy sound (maybe in heaven – I will tell you after I die…).

        So – not my cup of tea.

        But – it is maybe your cup of tea or Coca Cola or whatever …

        Why not ?

        Beware the high-end industry needs to invent wunder stuff all the time (wunder amps, wunder cables bla, bla) but again so does the Pharma industry – what a beautiful world we live in ?

        Are we into music or into esoteric stuff Status-Ownership – that is the question !? 😛

    • hehehe, I read your comment and thought “I hope Rach doesn’t see this”….then I refresh the page….this could get messy….

      Anyway, SOM, I thank you kindly for taking the time to write a thoughtful reply, but as regards your advice about trying out hifis in a store, I’m afraid you must live in a very different country to me. Here in Portugal we take a great pride in poor customer service. I’m laughing just to imagine their faces if I asked to take equipment home to try it out…

      And I would have to find a hifi store….I’ve never seen one. I live in the countryside and have goats for neighbours. So realistically if I want anything it will have to be bought on the internet.

      I would love to have a 20k set up like Rachs, and hopefully one day I will, but for now I will be content with a system that doesn’t hurt my ears. I don’t need to hear every single detail, but it’s horrible to listen to these marvellous recordings and have to keep the volume down because everything distorts and batters my ears.

      Right now, the final triumphal Fidelio scene is playing (for the hundredth time today…), and ohhh I wish I could have it louder without having to suffer the distortion pain. My current system was cheap crap back in the early 90s…..as I said, anything is better than this. I would like to get the best I can for my money, but realistically I can’t invest more than 500 euros at the minute. I already have a decent DAC, so I’m hoping that for 500 euros I can get a decent enough amp and speakers that I can listen to without “ear fatigue”, and that has just enough power to wake the neighbours!

      • Yeah , looks I hurt his feelings, I feel bad almost sick – my big mouth.

        Portugal YES . NICE people NICE country ! Your rating with me just sky-rocketed !

        No high-fly shops = no snake oil, bad customer service… who cares as long the women are beautiful and the wine red and plenty …

        You have Goats for neighbours ? Lucky you ! Much better than having people for neighbours, trust me .

        If you ever manage to put together 20K please let me know ASAP. I have some wonderful ideas how to spend those Ks otherwise – you will be thrilled !

        If you have managed to live through hundred times of final Fidelio – you are pulling my leg – your music repro system is either of esoteric quality
        or you are completely deaf ??

        Be carefull with waking the neighbours – what if their milk production seases/stops due to shock-stress exposure ,
        or maybe they start producing jogurth instead !

        Some fantastic music from Portugal :

        Pedro Jóia , Mariza (Fado), Tomatito (gypsy flamenco) .

        Cheers !

  4. @ Rachmaninov /// pops, clicks, denoising etc

    I already said you do a hell of a job – again I (and looks also all visitors here) share admiration for your wonderful shares and personally I bow low in front of you Maestro !

    as to 1st)

    I love to be wrong but in this case I am weird – being sold to vinyl and listening to rips freed from clicks crackle and some hum-noise I feel a sudden discomfort. Something is missing ? The ceremony of listening to vinyl is absent. Half of the pleasure is gone … I need those clicks and pops for only then the music pulls through them big time.
    If a LP is damaged too much – I simply do not rip it.

    No matter you make gentle or complex repairs it is different it is modified it is ashamed of being vinyl …

    as to 2nd)

    Software : You can use almost any software without breaking the bank, nowdays – do you need directions as to how ?

    I can only imagine how much time you spent cleaning these recordings – HUGE ENDEAVOUR indeed.

    Do not pay attention to me – I prefer things raw as is.

    Keep up the great work !

    Kind Regards


  5. Pheeew! After all that hi tech sound stuff, I forgot where I was, or am at, or why I came here, or whatever, and I don’t mean our Russischer freund. What page are we on?

    O, ja! Beethoven, Fidelio, Maazel, Nilsson, et al.
    As for James McCracken, he began his career as a comprimario. Someone told him he could be a “heldon tenor type,” but in my opinion he’s no John Vickers or James King.
    As a whole this recording is splendid and McCracken does not spoil it at all.
    Thanks a lot; a fabulous job by you.

  6. I have very fond memories of this great recording – it was my first recording of Fidelio and still one of favorites – the sound of the Sofiensaal has never sounded better than in out hosts spectacular transfer – if you were closer to me I would kiss you!!!!!! But all I can do is say a great big Thank You

  7. So sorry for the bother… but I seem to be the lucky one and finding a lot of…
    Server Failed
    This file is no longer available due to an unexpected server error. If you are the owner of this file, it will need to be re-uploaded.
    Please contact support if you require further assistance.
    Thank you for your kind attentional to this and all previous lost files.

    • Yeah…thank you and continue to be lucky 😀 Reupload is on the way…
      Please, use in the future the topic “Requests”

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