HD-Vinyls 24/96 (Decca) Spanish Guitar Music (Narciso Yepes)

front-small-boxsetAmazing dynamics and phrasing with flawless technical execution. I don’t really believe that anyone else in the history of classical guitar has been able to carry a counterpoint with such defined independence. A true 20th century master. His tone may be a bit on the treble side for “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” but why even play that after Pepe put his mark on it?

# Composer: Albeniz, de Falla, Sor, Tarrega, Torroba, Turina, Villa-Lobos
# Performer: Narciso Yepes
# Vinyl (1971)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Flac
# Label: Decca
# DR-Analysis: DR 14
# Size: 1.1 GB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FileFactory



A1 Villa-Lobos – Choros Nr 1 4:20
A2 Villa-Lobos – Prelude Nr 1 4:36
A3 Tarrega – Recuerdos De La Alhambra 3:09
A4 Tarrega – Capricho Arabe 4:35
A5 Turina – Garrotin y Soleares 4:55
A6 Turina – Rafaga 2:30
A7 Torroba – Mandronos 3:14
B1 Sor – Variation on Mozart’s ‘Zauberfloete’ 5:40
B2 Albeniz – Torre Bermeja 4:24
B3 Albeniz – Suite Espanola Nr 1 4:35
B4 Albeniz – Suite Espanola Nr 5 6:15
B5 Albeniz – Rumores De Caleta 3:45
B6 De Falla – Der Dreispitz 2:43

 Analyzed folder: /96k Spanish Guitar Music – Narciso Yepes
 DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
 DR13        -2.04 dB     -18.06 dB     A1 Villa-Lobos – Choros Nr 1.wav
 DR13        -3.63 dB     -19.52 dB     A2 Villa-Lobos – Prelude Nr 1.wav
 DR12        -9.17 dB     -25.45 dB     A3 Tarrega – Recuerdos De La Alhambra.wav
 DR12        -5.64 dB     -21.60 dB     A4 Tarrega – Capricho Arabe.wav
 DR14        -0.47 dB     -18.17 dB     A5 Turina – Garrotin y Soleares.wav
 DR15        -5.19 dB     -24.91 dB     A6 Turina – Rafaga.wav
 DR17        -5.55 dB     -26.14 dB     A7 Torroba – Mandronos.wav
 DR14        -5.21 dB     -24.87 dB     B1 Sor – Variation on Mozart’s ‘Zauberfloete’.wav
 DR15        -5.33 dB     -23.86 dB     B2 Albeniz – Torre Bermeja.wav
 DR16        -5.93 dB     -25.21 dB     B3 Albeniz – Suite Espanola Nr 1.wav
 DR15        -0.50 dB     -20.32 dB     B4 Albeniz – Suite Espanola Nr 5.wav
 DR12        -5.26 dB     -20.41 dB     B5 Albeniz – Rumores De Caleta.wav
 DR12        -2.82 dB     -21.03 dB     B6 De Falla – Der Dreispitz.wav
 Number of files:    13
 Official DR value:    DR14


Ripping Infos


If You hear some clicks and pops here and there, Who cares?
Id rather have a few light anomalies instead of destroying the music.
Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.
I tend more and more, in the last time, to de-click with an automatic setting between 0.7 and 1.2 so you can say, my rips are like half rough rips.

  • Software: iZotope RX 4 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Very light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising
  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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15 thoughts on “HD-Vinyls 24/96 (Decca) Spanish Guitar Music (Narciso Yepes)

      • Funciona perfectamente. Tal vez usted consigue el consejo “no hay ninguna ranura libre para los usuarios libres” o “demasiado tráfico”? Actualizar a premium o ser paciente algunos días

  1. Super grateful for this gem Rach but I must disagree with the last sentence of your description: why even play “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” after Pepe (I suppose he means Romero) put his mark on it? Well I´ll tell you why, because Narciso Yepes put his mark on it, because Andres Segovia put his mark on it, because Paco de Lucía put his mark on it…I´m spanish and slightly biased but if you put a gun to my head I will also say because John Williams and Julian Bream put a mark on it 🙂

      • It is – it wants you to pay with your ears, eyes and soul. And after having listened to some good recording you’ll feel kind of burned.
        Additionally, it will only show its full beauty if you pay decent money 🙂

  2. Rach, I’m going to step out of line, and i want you to delete this after you read it,
    I just saw on my 8PM News that there was a huge riot in the streets of your city.
    I write to say I hope it had no effect on you or yours.
    We want you safe and healthy, Bro.


  3. Rach,

    Thank you for another extraordinary album. The playing in most of it is superb, and Yepes has an inimitable tone, very much to my taste.
    Now, going into the national interpretation preferences, I must say I only took issue with one track on the album: the Villa-Lobos Chôro. The phrasing on it is an absolute disaster, and it is clear Yepes must have never heard a real Chôro in his life, because his rhythmic choices have absolutely nothing to do with that style of music.
    The Spanish repertoire, on the other hand, is impeccable. Recuerdos de la Alhambra is very earthy, and yet filled with nostalgia and sensitivity.
    The Capricio Arabe is playful, he keeps it light and not overly romantic.
    Sor’s ‘Variations’ sound a little bright (which might just be an issue with the way the piece was recorded) but that doesn’t spoil the fun in any way. The piece sounds operatic, as it should, and Yepes doesn’t fall on the trap of rushing through some passages. He keeps his pace steady and makes all the details of the score come across. This piece is a personal favorite, since it was the first classical guitar piece I have ever heard (played to me by the excelent teacher Heloisa Pugliese, in order to get me interested in learning classical guitar – it worked!).

    Once again, thank you for the great, and evocative, album.



  4. Per avere un’idea di ciò di cui state parlando, caro Rachalf, dovrei ascoltare questo disco. Tuttavia il secondo archivio pare non più reperibile
    (Server Failed
    This file is no longer available due to an unexpected server error. If you are the owner of this file, it will need to be re-uploaded.
    Please contact support if you require further assistance.)
    Tu sai quanto io sia paziente, e io so quanto tu sei sotto pressione con FF in questo periodo. … te lo segnalo solo perchè tu lo sappia .
    Quando ti sarà possibile provvederai. Nel frattempo ho tanta musica da ascoltare … anche grazie a te 🙂

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