HD-Vinyls 24/96 (EMI) Giacomo Puccini – La Bohème (Freni/Gedda/Schippers)

front-small-boxset1000 thanks to our friend Bob for this precious gift
For me this Mimí of 1964 is better than the Decca-Mimí of 1973, with Pavarotti…and she is terrific fantastic in that release. All singers here could have been “only” decent, the orchestra too and the maestro too…I would have bought it anyway, 1000 times again and again, alone for beautiful Mirella and her fresh, angelic voice. People, get it, you never find a better Mirella Freni.

# Composer: Giacomo Puccini
# Performer: Mirella Freni, Nicolai Gedda, Mariella Adani, Mario Sereni
# Orchestra: Orchestra of the Teatro Dell’Opera di Roma
# Conductor: Thomas Schippers
# Vinyl (1964)
# Number of Discs: 2
# Format: Flac
# Label: Angel (EMI)
# DR-Analysis: DR 11
# Size: 2.19 GB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FileFactory

The cast is excellent. Mirela Freni is one of the finest Mimis of all time. The role suits her voice to perfection and she has made it very much her own. She is not very different here than she is for Karajan nine years later. This is as it should be. You can’t improve perfection. Nicolai Gedda is in excellent voice and he presents, perhaps not the most ardent, but certainly one of the most lyrical Rodolfos on record. The tone is beautiful, the phrasing and the diction are impeccable. Mario Sereni, in sumptuous voice and astutely inflecting the text, is no less perfect as Marcello. Except for the slight screaming in the most difficult leaps, there is nothing to complain of in Mariella Adani’s Musetta.

Thomas Schippers conducts a brisk but sensitive rendition of the score. He benefits from excellent sound engineering. EMI are not, and never were, DECCA, but for a 1963 recording this one has an excellent dynamic range and – particularly important in this opera – great clarity of the orchestral detail. I really don’t understand the complete neglect of this set. I think it is right up there with the best (Toscanini, Beecham, Serafin, Karajan).

 Analyzed folder: /96k Puccini – La Boheme – Freni, Gedda, Schippers
 DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
 DR11        -1.22 dB     -16.85 dB     sideA.wav
 DR11        -0.91 dB     -16.18 dB     sideB.wav
 DR11        -0.89 dB     -16.85 dB     sideC.wav
 DR12        -1.25 dB     -18.15 dB     sideD.wav
 Number of files:    4
 Official DR value:    DR11


Ripping Infos


If You hear some clicks and pops here and there, Who cares?
Id rather have a few light anomalies instead of destroying the music.
Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.
I tend more and more, in the last time, to de-click with an automatic setting between 0.7 and 1.2 so you can say, my rips are like half rough rips.

  • Software: iZotope RX 4 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Very light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising
  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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15 thoughts on “HD-Vinyls 24/96 (EMI) Giacomo Puccini – La Bohème (Freni/Gedda/Schippers)

  1. Ah, what a pleasant surprise. I’ve always wanted to hear these LP’s genuinely enhanced. You’ve done it masterfully, maestro.
    You’ve tickled my “funny bone” to make me laugh at even my old Stereo Hi Fi Amplifiers that weren’t anywhere as good as this.
    What a beautiful recording you’ve enhanced!
    Thanks so much Sergei, aka, some Italian name which has to be better than Germont’s son!


  2. Cool, another one of my favorite opera-! Thanks a lot! Alf, you are mentioning a Serafin recording, do you mean the one with Tebaldi/Bergonzi? Never saw a rip of this one, only have a CD rip from the DECCA analogue box set.

      • Can’t find the 16/44 of the Serafin … from the Beecham i grabbed every possible version;o) I came to the Serafin one with Tebaldi/Bergonzi while i was thinking about my very first Boheme experience and that was from a Puccini box with 4 records in it with a some kind of best of Puccini. Yesterday i had a look at what for a recording from Boheme it was. Tebaldi/Bergonzi/Serafin(DECCA). Hm … i thought, now i have to listen to the whole in one:o)
        Guess i need this Serafin box!
        BTW any interest in the Toscanini Edition with Albanese/Peerce 1946 New York? Grabbed this last days out of a 1,50€ bin. Every time i get a Boheme box i am a lucky man. Strange operatic life;o)

        • Babe, rip the Toscanini edition and post it “there” – then, with your permission, I post it here 😉
          All 16/44 rips made by me were removed, because I found one after the other all works and did them (or are on the to-do-list) again in HR…but some of them I couldn’t find yet.

          • Good idea, Alf. Let’s do it this way.
            Which one of the DECCA recordings of the Serafin version is the best? There are at least two different releases from DECCA at the first glance. Maybe more, i don’t know.

            • Of course the original 1st edition Decca from 1959, but I’m afraid, the price will be very high for a more than decent shape.

              A 1st edition London (blue back possible?) would also be a great choice.

              And now…go work on the Boheme 😉 I will see it “there”, then I know what to do for our boys here…

  3. I too have been smitten by Mirella Freni… from a CD in which I only really first heard her angelic tones as if for the first time. That CD is called La Scala In Moscow and it is on the Legato Classics label. A memorable piece was recorded at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory September 13, 1964. Mascagni: L’ Amico Fritz – Non mi resta.

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