HD-Vinyls 24/96 (Melodya) Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphony No. 6/Violin Concerto No. 2 (Kondrashin/Oistrakh)

front-small-boxsetMany thanks to our friend Jean-Luc
Sound is quite a bit better than I had expected, given the often poor quality of Melodiya recordings in that era. There is minimal surface noise, excellent clarity, and sufficient bass expression to give both of these recordings a full rich warm sound.

# Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich
# Performer: David Oistrakh
# Orchestra: Moscow Philarmonic Orchestra
# Conductor: Kiril Kondrashin
# Vinyl (1966?)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Flac
# Label: Melodya
# DR-Analysis: DR 12
# Size: 1.15 GB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FileFactory

I feel that the 6th is very melodramatic, maybe not as much as the 11th and 12th, but still difficult to take seriously as a major artistic work. It is so melodramatic that I have even had the thought that it may have started life as one of Shostakovich’s movie scores, and then morphed into a smallish symphony when he realized that he had enough material to take things further than originally planned. To its credit, the first movement at least certainly consists of a unified theme; no mistaking this for the 4th symphony’s winding drifting meander through the ether. Kondrashin takes the first movement at a faster pace than is usual, making it an angry statement, rather than a sorrowful affair, an interesting approach.

The violin concerto was unknown to me and I must admit, I have my problems to like it. SurelyI have only a bad day, because Oistrakh’s artistry is immense. I will give it some chances more.

Analyzed folder: /96k Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5 – Haitink
DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
DR14        -0.55 dB     -20.88 dB     A1 Symphony No. 5 Op. 47 – 1, Moderato.wav
DR14        -0.53 dB     -21.65 dB     A2 Symphony No. 5 Op. 47 – 2, Allegretto.wav
DR14        -6.28 dB     -27.08 dB     B1 Symphony No. 5 Op. 47 – 3, Largo.wav
DR14        -0.44 dB     -19.42 dB     B2 Symphony No. 5 Op. 47 – 4, Allegro Non Troppo.wav
Number of files:    4
Official DR value:    DR14



Ripping Infos


If You hear some clicks and pops here and there, Who cares?
Id rather have a few light anomalies instead of destroying the music.
Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.
I tend more and more, in the last time, to de-click with an automatic setting between 0.7 and 1.2 so you can say, my rips are like half rough rips.

  • Software: iZotope RX 4 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Very light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising
  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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8 thoughts on “HD-Vinyls 24/96 (Melodya) Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphony No. 6/Violin Concerto No. 2 (Kondrashin/Oistrakh)

  1. Amazing Shostakovich fest! Oistrakh doing such great job like in the case of Khachaturian’s violin concerto. Thank You for this pleasure.

  2. Thanks, Mr. Rach!
    The poor quality of Melodia vinyls is an old story.
    However the sound engineering, especially for the classical music, in the former USSR was at least equal, and maybe sometimes surpassing, those of DG, HMV and Decca. It is true, becase great moneys were invested by the Soviet Govermnent into studios, musical and recording equipment, etc. Besides, soviet musicians were not limited by time deadlines like their Western colleagues, so they had enough time to quietly play and record music.
    But bad pressing of LPs (maybe, except some export vinyls) almost brought to naught all those musical and sound engineering achievements.
    By the way, dear Rach, have you heard about the great Russian composer Georgy Sviridov? I can strongly recommend his music (especially suites) to you (his music was probably issued by Melodia also)!

    • One of my best sounding records is from Melodya 😉 Carmen Ballet by Shchedrin/Bizet, is posted here, look for it.
      I don’t know Sviridov. Maybe you can provide and send me some vinyls of him? I would gladly rip them for the community.

      • Dear Rachmaninov, as for Carmen Ballet, I have DL it long ago – wonderful music, performance and sound!
        It seems, I don’t have any Sviridov’s LPs, but there are some rips issued and UL to russian torrent trackers.
        Maybe, Mr. Whateveer could post them here, so that people had a chance to get acquainted to this great composer!?

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