Audiophile HD-Vinyl 24/192 (Klavier/EMI) Jules Massenet – Le Cid Ballet (Fremaux)

Not the 2011-rip. Revisited (2016) with the Black Bird Gang and the SP15
In the 90s Klavier Records from USA reissued many wonderful recordings from the 60s and 70s that were formerly published by EMI. The records came in strong limited edition on 180 gramm vinyl. This stunning sounding recording let you easily imagine, why EMI records from that era are desperately searched and wanted by collectors worldwide.
Fun-factor & Audiophile-factor: both very high!

Composer: Jules Massenet
Orchestra: Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Louis Fremaux
Vinyl (EMI 1973/Klavier 1995)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Flac (tracks)
Label: Klavier Records (EMI)
DR-Analysis: DR 12
Size: 1.66 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FF

There are some recordings, that from the first note, you can tell that this will be an exceptional sound recording; here we have it here in analog glory. Absolutely detailed with a deep massive sound stage. I was fortunate enough to hear this the 1st time on a top flight equipment and … I was speechless.The sound of this record is superb! The orchestra direction is GREAT! The ballet music from Massenet’s LE CID is with no cuts. You will discover a fantastic music in Castillane, Aragonaise and Navarraise inside that track.



  ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music (19:26)
A1 Castillane 3:08
A2 Andalouse 2:30
A3 Aragonaise 1:53
A4 Aubade 1:22
A5 Catalane 3:12
A6 Madrilene 4:03
A7 Navarraise 3:20
  Scenes Pittoresques (17:31)
B1 Marche 4:03
B2 Air De Ballet 2:48
B3 Angelus 5:30
B4 Fete Boheme 4:50
B5 The Last Sleep Of The Virgin From ‘La Vierge’ 4:26

Analyzed folder: /192k Massenet – Le Cid – Fremaux
DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
DR11        -0.67 dB     -16.33 dB     A1 ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music – Castillane.aif
DR12        -10.68 dB     -26.81 dB     A2 ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music – Andalouse.aif
DR11        -0.71 dB     -16.09 dB     A3 ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music – Aragonaise.aif
DR15        -3.01 dB     -23.47 dB     A4 ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music – Aubade.aif
DR11        -4.32 dB     -20.90 dB     A5 ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music – Catalane.aif
DR13        -0.75 dB     -19.89 dB     A6 ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music – Madrilene.aif
DR12        -1.17 dB     -15.97 dB     A7 ‘Le Cid’ Ballet Music – Navarraise.aif
DR12        -3.85 dB     -21.65 dB     B1 Scenes Pittoresques – Marche.aif
DR14        -10.33 dB     -28.80 dB     B2 Scenes Pittoresques – Air De Ballet.aif
DR11        -2.84 dB     -20.88 dB     B3 Scenes Pittoresques – Angelus.aif
DR13        -0.37 dB     -17.96 dB     B4 Scenes Pittoresques – Fete Boheme.aif
DR13        -9.38 dB     -28.65 dB     B5 The Last Sleep Of The Virgin From ‘La Vierge’.aif

Number of files:    12
Official DR value:    DR12


  • Composed By – Jules Massenet
  • Conductor – Louis Fremaux
  • Engineer [Balance] – Stuart Eltham
  • Liner Notes – W. A. Chislett
  • Mastered By – Doug Sax
  • Orchestra – England’s City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Photography By [Cover] – Robert Winning
  • Producer – Harold L. Powell
  • Producer [Recording] – Brian Culverhouse
  • Technician [Matrix] – Ed Tobin
  • Technician [Pressing] – Bill Bower

Ripping Info


  • Software: iZotope RX 4 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Super light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removing, no de-noising
  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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34 thoughts on “Audiophile HD-Vinyl 24/192 (Klavier/EMI) Jules Massenet – Le Cid Ballet (Fremaux)

  1. Dear Rachmaninov,
    I’m Not a Classical music expert 🙁 but I can tell that The Sound of this Vinyl is a great great Sound.
    You tell us that is a phenomenal recording and a tell you that the High Def you made for us is PHENOMENAL many thanks for this. 🙂
    So by a sunny warm aternoon we decide to go to Egreville the village where Massenet lived for the end of his life. Occasionelly this village is very near from my house.
    You could recovered some picture of this one hour Musical trip, enough to listen all the record. 😎

  2. Marvellous music. I’m sure getting good use from my new 3TB external hard drive with all these Top-Notch high quality Vinyls you’re supplying us with. Keep up the good work as it’s really really appreciated.

  3. Caro Rach,

    come prima cosa buon anno. Volevo dirti che ho trovato la versione in DVD audio di questa magnifica compilation di brani di Massenet. Se può interessarti contattami pure via skype. Un saluto

    • Caro Signor A.A. 😉 un buon anno anche a te. Il vinile è così strepitoso che il DVD difficilmente mi potrà mai entusiasmare….a parte il fatto che non ho un programma per masterizzare Audio-DVDs.
      Grazie lo stesso in ogni caso.

      • Carissimo Rach,

        sapevo che mi avresti risposto in questo senso. Volevo solo stuzzicarti e proporre un confronto fra i fruitori del sito e vedere come la pensano loro in materia di file audio. Insomma scatenare un dibattito fra digitalisti e analogici. Un saluto

  4. Thank you rachmaninov, it surely looks delicious from afar. As to the sound, I’m confident your top notch lineage will likely try to tear my timpany to ashes…

    I’ll be careful with the volume.
    Thank you for this magnificent job, as usual.

    Regards from Madrid.

  5. Oh, I have this one on CD and it’s one of my favourites, so I’m really excited and curious about your HD-rip! I’ll compare both and will enjoy it anyway! Thanks!

  6. Rach,

    Can you check B3 again.? After about 3 minutes it sounds like an old worn out tape for a while. Has anyone else found it to be so? I want to find out if the problem is with my download.


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