Super HD-Vinyl 96/24 (DGG) Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 9 (Abbado)

Addio Maestro, R.I.P.
Farewell Great Claudio!

# Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
# Performer: Gösta Winbergh, Hermann Prey, Gabriela Benackova, Marjana Lipovsek
# Orchestra: Vienna Philarmonc Orchestra
# Conductor: Claudio Abbado
# Vinyl (1987)

# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Flac (Tracks)
# Label: Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft
# DR-Analysis: DR 15
# ASIN CD: B000001G80

# Size: 1.35 GB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FF

This is a performance full of passion and affection. It also has a virtue many super-charged recordings miss – the optimistic warmth (=Abbado’s specialty). This aspect is less highlighted in his Berlin recording for Sony. The balance between different instruments is sometimes ideal and sometimes interesting. Strings are lush and bright. Woodwinds are warm but accentuated when required. The timpani, a vital instrument in this symphony, is punchy but never obtrusive. Choir is magnificent AND well-recorded, which is a rare case. Male soloists are super.
And yes, it’s also a fairly traditional, old school approach, which is more spacious and grand-scale than the recent period instrument recordings or their likes (Harnoncourt, Gardiner, Zinman, Abbado’s recent Berlin cycle for DG, Rattle, etc).
If you are on a quest of finding a shockingly fresh approach to the 9th, look somewhere else. If you are looking for a powerful yet heartfelt performance of 9th with top-notch male soloists and a choir, you will be VERY happy with this recording. The live recording is clear yet warm with plenty of ambience.


  Symphonie Nr. 9 In D-Moll Op. 125
  Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Un Poco Maestoso 17:00  
  Molto Vivace 14:11  
  Adagio Molto E Cantabile 17:00  
  Presto ‘O Freunde, Nicht Diese Töne’ Allegro Assai 23:56  

Analyzed folder: /Users/alfredo/Desktop/ HiResMusic/96kLvB_S9_Abb/96k LvB S9 Abbado
DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
DR14        -1.00 dB     -20.43 dB     A1 Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Un Poco Maestoso.wav
DR15        -2.04 dB     -22.57 dB     A2 Molto Vivace.wav
DR19        -1.94 dB     -27.61 dB     A3B1 Adagio Molto E Cantabile.wav
DR13        -0.95 dB     -19.12 dB     B2 Presto ‘O Freunde, Nicht Diese Töne’ Allegro Assai.wav
Number of files:    4
Official DR value:    DR15


  • Artwork By – Werner Koberstein
  • Baritone Vocals – Hermann Prey
  • Chorus – Konzertvereinigung Wiener Staatsopernchor*
  • Chorus Master – Walter Hagen-Groll
  • Composed By – Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Conductor – Claudio Abbado
  • Contralto Vocals – Marjana Lipovšek
  • Edited By – Reinhild Schmidt
  • Producer – Günther Breest
  • Recording Supervisor – Werner Mayer
  • Soprano Vocals – Gabriela Beňačková
  • Tenor Vocals – Gösta Winbergh

Live Recording: Wien, Musikverein, Grosser Saal, 5/86

Ripping Infos

  • RCM: Okki Nokki
  • TT: Clearaudio Champion Level II
  • Cartridge: Limited Edition Denon DL 103
  • Phono amp: Pro-Ject Phono Box II
  • Pre Amp: Unison Research Unico Pre (Tube)
  • Finals: Opera Consonance 9.9 Mono (Tube)
  • Speakers: Dali Helikon 400
  • Connections: MIT Terminator, Audioquest Emerald, Audioquest Quartz
  • Software: iZotope RX Advanced v2.02, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Light de-Clicking with ClickRepair, significant clicks manually removing, no De-Noising

If You hear some clicks and pops here and there,  Who cares?
Id rather have a few light anomalies instead of destroying the music. Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.

  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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  1. Hi Rach, I would be pleased to try this album on my system – Computer (foobar2000) via USB to Cambridge Audio DacMagic, via balanced XLR to a Khozmo Acoustic 4-channel attenuator, then via balanced XLR to a pair of Mackie MR8 monitors. I will also try this out on a Millett MAX headphone amp I built, using Grado HF-2 headphones. 😀

  2. It was sad to hear of Maestro Abbado’s passing. The vast community of classical music fans will surely miss him. Thank you Rach for this fitting homage to one of the greats.

  3. Absolutely wonderfull!
    You’re the best, best, best!

    Rach, I love you for all you done for us, the community of classical lovers.

    Merci du fond du coeur, votre travail est formidable, merci, merci, merci!

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