Audiophile HD-Vinyls 24/192 (Decca) Giuseppe Verdi – Otello (Tebaldi/Del Monaco)

Captured in 32 bit/384 kHz
Revisited with the benefits of the current equipment

In the year 1960 something magic happened in Vienna…

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Performer: Renata Tebaldi, Mario Del Monaco, Aldo Protti
Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Herbert von Karajan
Vinyl 1960
Number of Discs: 3
Format: FLAC
Label: Decca
DR-Analysis: DR 15
Size: 5.33 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FF

When 1905 Francesco Tamagno died at the age of 55 years, the world of operatics lost not only a great tenor of its time, the world lost the opera „Otello“ by Giuseppe Verdi.

Tamagno was the greatest Otello-singer of the late 19th/early 20th century. Verdi has „commanded“, when he composed the opera, that the tenor had to have a voice with incredible, near impossible properties: of course a Belcanto voice, but with the magnificence of a Wagner-Heldentenor (heroic tenor), also a „tenore spinto“ with the exploding approaching to the highest tunes, at the same time with the necessary darkness to step down into baritone grounds.

Tamagno had these properties, but no one other tenor: not Caruso, not Tauber, no one.

After Tamagno’s premature death, the opera Otello disappeared for +40 years from the Opera Houses all around the world, althought many and good tenors started to sing this incredible difficult role.

Otello was „forgotten“ until the end of the 40s of the 20th century, when on the horizon of operatics a little young tenor from Florence, Italy, with a Hollywood face made his appearance: Mario Del Monaco, that had all requested attributes to sing Otello.

This role became his kind of trademark. There were other two roles, that people associate with the name Del Monaco: Canio from Leoncavallo’s “I Pagliacci” and Don José from Bizet‘s “Carmen”.

Mario Del Monaco did not sing Otello: when the curtains rised up, he WAS Otello.

He sung the moor of Venice more than 600 times in his long and splendid career.

In the year 1960 something magic happened in Vienna…one of these miracles that happens only once in life.

A team of magicians were a lot of days in the legendary Sofienhalle, to create THE recording of this best opera by Verdi.

This is the really Otello recording and we thank Mrs. Tebaldi, Mr. Del Monaco, maestro von Karajan, that was in a state of divine grace, we thank the fantastic „Wiener Philharmoniker“ and – last but not least – we thank the genious music engeneers of the house Decca.

A millenium work !

The premiere of OTELLO was one of the greatest moments in operatic history. Verdi was near the end of his career. Only FALSTAFF succeeded OTELLO and in the eyes of many, OTELLO is Verdi’s greatest achievement. Music lovers of the day, who were usually late for performances made an exception and arrived early for OTELLO. The public was so excited at the premiere, riots nearly started on the streets of Milan. The crowds were so enthusiastic about the music, the applause and cheering was deafening, at least according to legend. OTELLO still causes excitement. This adaptation of the Shakespeare play, which tells of pure love as well as the tragedy that results when power and jealousy take control of a person is timeless. When the greatest singers are assembled and have the vocal gifts to bring this great work to life, the results are magical. Three great voices who are legendary in this opera include Mario Del Monaco as Otello, Renata Tebaldi as Desdemona, and Aldo Protti as Jago.

Verdi’s OTELLO always tops my list of favorite operas, and Mario Del Monaco and Renata Tebaldi are my Otello and Desdemona of choice. I also enjoy Aldo Protti’s Jago. Protti is masterful as the evil Jago. Fans of Tebaldi, Del Monaco, and Protti have a choice of two great recordings of this work: one under the baton of Alberto Erede and the other under Herbert Von Karajan’s direction. The Karajan recording dates back to 1960 and is one of the standard bearers of this great work.

Analyzed Folder: /192k Verdi – Otello – Tebaldi-Del Monaco(Decca)
DR Peak RMS Filename

DR13 -0.48 dB -19.47 dB sideA.flac
DR17 -0.17 dB -24.56 dB sideB.flac
DR15 -0.42 dB -22.09 dB sideC.flac
DR15 -0.10 dB -21.85 dB sideD.flac
DR13 -1.03 dB -20.07 dB sideE.flac
DR18 -0.69 dB -26.36 dB sideF.flac

Number of Files: 6
Official DR Value: DR15




  • Adapted By (Text) – William Shakespeare
  • Chorus – Wiener Kinderchor, Chor Der Wiener Staatsoper
  • Chorus Master [Director] – Roberto Benaglio
  • Composed By – Giuseppe Verdi
  • Conductor – Herbert von Karajan
  • Orchestra – Wiener Philharmoniker
  • Text By – Arrigo Boito
  • Vocals [Cassio] – Nello Romanato
  • Vocals [Desdemona] – Renata Tebaldi
  • Vocals [A Herold] – Libero Arbace
  • Vocals [Emilia] – Ana Raquel Satre
  • Vocals [Jago] – Aldo Protti
  • Vocals [Lodovico] – Fernando Corena
  • Vocals [Montano] – Tom Krause
  • Vocals [Otello] – Mario del Monaco
  • Vocals [Rodrigo] – Athos Cesarini

Ripping Info


  • Software: iZotope RX 5 Advanced, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Super light de-clicking with iZotope, significant clicks manually removed, never de-noising
  • DR-Analisys
  • Converting Wave 32/192(32/384) —> Flac 24/96(24/192): Twisted Wave 1.18
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5



30 thoughts on “Audiophile HD-Vinyls 24/192 (Decca) Giuseppe Verdi – Otello (Tebaldi/Del Monaco)”

  1. Unbelievable effort, thank you so much!!!! This must truly be spectacular!
    And I hadn’t noticided this thing you write, that there was no Otello for almost 50 years, before Del Monaco! Amazing! (I had listened to a live Otello from the Met in 1938 with Martinelli over the radio once but it was 15 years ago and I can’t remenber his interpretation anymore….)

  2. I Confessed than the opera is not a musical style in which I am familiar, it is true the contact with that energy vocal/musical is impressive and aroused deep emotions. After reading a bit about your description of the wonderful Opera works , the need to know more is bigest, it’s true! my failure to be familiar with the opera does not mean I have no contact with her, songs like O sole mio; Nessun Dorma, Figaro etcetera, are an undeniable part of the classical music genre. maybe is time of begin to be more closer with the Opera magic world. Thanks for this wonderful share !! all the best!. surely I go to download this part of music history . greeting from Mexico.

  3. Thanks Rachmaninov for the re-up of this Hd records but there is one little problem. Indeed, new links refer to the forza del destino and not ottelo records. Thanks !

  4. This is one of my favorite renditions of Otello. I bought the vinyls the year they came out. It was one of London records old LP long boxes with a hinge, and Del Monaco in Otello pix – grandiose! I thought Del Monaco was the greates thing I’d ever heard, especially in this recordng. I had every recording he ever made for London/Decca.
    Sorry to go on and on, but I really appreciate this one. It seems I missed it somehow on your first release.
    A big thank you, kind sir.

    1. Hi my friend Bob…once i had, with the MDM-edition, other 5 “Otelli” 😉 (Atlantov, Domingo, Vickers, Cossutta and another one i don’t remember, sung in german).
      Very good singers all in all, but no one “was” Otello – they only were very good tenors….

      I celebrate 4-5 times in a year listening the three LPs of MDM-Otello (or watching super-Mario on DVD). Do you have that DVD? I will try to rip it and offer it to you alone. Is a RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) production from 1958.

      My two uncles, bros. of my mother, introduced me seriously in the world of operatic. One of them, due to have lived +40 years in Florence, loved Mario Del Monaco over everything. He saw him live several times and i remember the first times i heard his voice on tapes. I was like electrified. From that day on, more than 45 years are passed, but Mario will live forever as the greatest tenor of all times.

      One of the two uncles died 4 y ago…he sings now together with MDM – i want to believe in this 🙂

      1. A-low (hello), Alf, could you be thinking of Peter Anders, or Helge Roswaenge, the Danish tenor;
        or Wolfgang Windgassen (see you-tube on Otello)

        1. They all (the critics) forget, that Otello is a man of passion…driven by his jelousy, a man of broiling blood. This was MDM with his marvellous acting. Never in life the best and most fantastic Domingo. Too polite, too belcantist, too less dramatic tenor in this eminent role. No one was like MDM…he was a kind of himself!

  5. My friend “Rach,”
    I hate to admit that my senility hits my memory every once in a while.
    The MDM I referred to was actually Decca’s 1954 edition with Albert Erede, not Karajan. Anyway I did buy the Krajan quickly as I said.
    The 1958 RAI TV would be great.
    Again, many thanks,


    That London hinged box of Del Monaco as Otello got much wear!
    As I said – and now again:
    You’ve been the source of many hours of operatic enjoyment.
    Thank you very much!

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