Moving back to Italy! Thank you and good bye!

Dear friends, I got last month a new offer for work and, after several discussions with my family speaking about all pros and contras, I decided to accept the offer. I will be the “Lord” over an archive of almost 80,000 records, that were collected during the last 70 years by the Francescan Broadcast (Radio Francescana), located in Varese, North Italy.

I will be coordinator of the musical programs during the day and twice monthly responsible for the night program.

This new job was possible after “Radio Francescana” won at the end a lawsuit vs. MT Radio and is now able again to send with the old power of 3,000 watts.

I will move end of May 2016 with my family and there will be for you, here at and at HRM my last rip, that will be a real gem.

I loved all the time to be part of this community and thank you for your support, love, donations and, why not, the fights I had with someone…

At the end, if you can learn from every aspect that life offers to you, only then you can change something in yourself.

Love & Peace!



26 thoughts on “Moving back to Italy! Thank you and good bye!

  1. Dear Rach,

    I greatly appreciate everything you kindly and generously given to us.

    We will never forget you.

  2. Schade….. Ich wünsche dir viel Glück mit deine neue Erfahrung.
    vielen Dank Rach. Ich habe vielen dinge hier gelernt….Hunderte von Aufnahmen, Komponisten, Sänger,……auf ewig deine Freund.

  3. Great news, you’ll continue to work in what you love. Best wishes for you and your family moving back to Italy.

  4. My friend,
    I am so happy for your new opportunity: 80,000 LPs: WOW! That’s more than a dream come true to a musicophile!

    Your work has become a habit for me, difficult to break!

    You have no idea how grateful I am for you.

    My heart swells with respect for you and your work.
    c’est la vie.

    • 1 LP = 40mn of music.
      Alf a day = 20 hours awaken so Alf a music day = 30 LPs
      80,000 LPs / 30 = 7.3 years of non stop listening …

  5. Lieber Alf, ich gratuliere Dir zu Deiner neuen Aufgabe in Varese. Da es nicht weit von Malpensa ist, kann ich Dich irgendwann mal besuchen.-Kann man den Sender hier empfangen?–Ansonsten sehr schade für uns alle, Deine großartige Arbeit wird uns fehlen, vielleicht kannst Du von Italien aus weitermachen.-Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie alles Gute. Trottar (Hayo)

  6. Alf, erst habe ich an einen Aprilscherz gedacht, wohl leider nein.

    • Es war ein Scherz….du musst schon auf “WEITER” klicken und alles lesen 😀

  7. Caro Rach,

    che dire sono senza parole! Forse diventiamo vicini di casa, incredibile!!! Come prima cosa un grande in bocca al lupo per la tua nuova avventura professionale e buon rientro in Italia (se hia bisogno di una mano o di un semplice consiglio sono a tua completa disposizione). Mi farebbe piacerre incontrarti (abito in provincia di Milano) per conoscerti di persona e magari regalarti qualche buon LP per aumentare la ricca collezione e ringraziarti per tutto il lavoro che hai svolto per noi audiofili in questi anni. Se ti interessa contattarmi sai come fare. A presto. Armando

  8. Thanks for everything and best of luck in your new endeavors!


  9. thank you very much for so much good music
    I will miss you a lot
    good luck in your new job

  10. WOW! Sounds like a great job. 80,000 LPs.. And I once had only about 8,000. Gee Whiz – a fantastic opportunity. Thanks for all the great work you’ve done and the very best for you and your family in the future…

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