My wonderful Bird maybe has flown away :(

I don’t know, what happened….
Yesterday, early afternoon, after I had finished a rip, wanted to start 1 hour later another one and realized, that the right channel was dead.
I tried switching cables from right to left and viceversa, with no luck. I mounted my Denon DL103 that I have on the Kenwood TT and both channels were OK.
OK, what does it means now, for you? This is not a call to donate for a new cart…no, no.
I send the cart on monday to the seller and hope their things go the right way, although I read some reports, of people that have/had the BB, Sumiko would react very hard and uncooperative, telling to the customs, they would have caused the damage.
Anyway, I have a brilliant brother in law who is advocat, a very good one.

Simply, let’s wait, what happens in the next weeks.
In the mean time I will reduce, drastically, my output. Some rips I will offer, will be done with the Denon DL103.

I keep you informed!

Good news, Folk !!!!!!!

The Sumiko distributor in Germany has replaced the damaged Black Bird with a brand new one….
…and the warranty starts from now on again, for the duration of 1 year
😀 😀 😀

I should receive the new Bird this coming week, so I will run it without ripping for a week or so, to get togheter the famous 40-50 hours for burning.

Have a nice Weekend to you all !!!!!!!

22 thoughts on “My wonderful Bird maybe has flown away :(”

  1. Hi Rachmaninov,
    don’t worry: everything will turn out alright. Just like in Music: let Life flow. This is certainly not the worst you have lived.

    be well Rachmaninov
    enjoy the Sun, enjoy the Air, enjoy the Life that only you can Live,

  2. Your calamity reminds me of Leonora’s “Pace, pace, mio Dio,”
    but yours is not as “cruda sventura” as was hers.
    You and your family still have life, and can go to court if necessary. Your bird will be back in time for your other special package.
    Buona ventura, paisano!

    Also gives time to listen to what you have already done for us.


  3. Hallo Alf, wenn Du juristische zusätzliche Hilfe brauchst kann ich etwas tun. Mein Bruder und mein Sohn sind erfolgreiche Anwälte. Wir schon alles wieder gut werden. Gruß Trottar

  4. I’m tiered but want to say something while the news is fresh.

    By all means do not despair! Although the SBB is down, the sight is working. Maybe you should just take a long vacation, for Easter say. Don’t blow a fuse in your mind! You’ve done fine work, so take this opportunity to rest.

    I don’t understand what makes the SBB so much better than the Denon, but if it is so very good please wait before working on any more rips. No point in using inferior equipment – right? [No offense – I don’t understand it; but you do prefer SBB anyway, so… just wait why not?] If you do wait, we will.

    And a big thank you for all the work you’ve already done.

      1. Thank you for the analogy. Unfortunately it doesn’t help, because I know nothing about cars. Or racing. When you have the time would you explain what SBB does that DL103 can’t do? [I’m barely sure what a cartridge is anyway, so maybe it just won’t help me – I may be too ignorant to understand a good explanation.]

        Keep your hopes up about your projects – don’t let the setbacks keep you down!

        And once again, thank you for giving an explanation.

        1. The BB has more air, more details, less veils on the music….has more musicality, in one word. Both, the BB and the Denon are in the league of the top systems, only the Denon is, among them, very good…the BB is, among them, a super-system. Try to compare some rips of mine, made with both systems and you will know.

  5. Very sad to read that your Bird is not singing anymore. Let’s hope everything works out fine with Sumiko after sales service. Please, keep us informed. Thanks.

  6. Sorry to hear about this and I hope everything turns out well. Your rips with the Denon were good or very good but to me there is simply no comparison to the Sumiko your rips with the Bird are fantastic or magical 🙂
    Thanks a lot for everything you give us.

  7. Ciao Rach. Leggo solo adesso di quello che è successo, e capisco il tuo sconforto. Che dire … spero che vada tutto bene e presto. Mi pare impossibile rinunciare a quel livello al quale ci stavi abituando. In qualche modo faremo, ne sono certo. Un abbraccio. E grazie dal profondo del cuore per tutto quello che fai per noi .

  8. You are blessed! And now a ton of work in front of you. Get your breath, so you can run.
    I certainly am grateful to you and Whatever. is my electronic “home.”
    Thanks to you both.

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