Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra: Carlo Rizzi – Ravel: oréloB (180g German pressing)

# Composer: Maurice Ravel
# Orchestra: Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
# Conductor: Carlo Rizzi
# Vinyl (2013)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Flac
# DR Analysis: DR 16
# Label: Tacet
# Size: 550MB (24/96) + 135MB (16/44.1)
# Recovery: 5%
# Scan: yes
# Servers: FileFactory, FilePost

Much more than just a gimmick, this album boasts outstanding sound quality and stellar performances. See the information from the label below for more details on the production.

From the label:

Boléro backwards — better LP sound!

Unlike a normal LP, the needle is put down at the lead-out groove and moves outwards. Behind this apparent gag is nothing other than the wish to achieve the very best sound possible with the general awareness that music often begins softly and ends loudly. A great pity that this phenomenon is not taken into account when employing the usual cutting technique, for the further the pick-up arm moves towards the center, the more information has to be stored per groove centimeter with a constant revolution speed. The result: with an increasing level of sound, the high notes tend to suffer from distortion.

In order to demonstrate that this undesirable effect can be compensated, the director of Tacet, Andreas Spreer, chose to put Ravel’s Boléro — one of the direst examples of dynamics — to the test. The result is 16 minutes of excitement and brilliant sound, which escalates with every millimeter that the needle progresses along the groove to its final climax.

Track list:

Side One
01 – Boléro

Side Two
02 – La Valse – Poème Chorégraphique Pour Orchestre

Additional information can be found here.

Ripping Info:

All vinyl is cleaned on a VPI 16.5

Technics SL1200-MK5 (modified)
– Rega RB300 arm with RB700 wiring
– Michell Tecnoweight
– SoundSupports armboard
– Trans-Fi Audio ResoMat
Shure V15VxMR (with Jico stylus)
SimAudio Moon 110LP preamp
Native Instruments Audio4DJ USB interface

Processing: Sound Forge 10, ClickRepair (manual mode only)


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31 thoughts on “Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra: Carlo Rizzi – Ravel: oréloB (180g German pressing)

  1. Many thanks for this post.
    But… please, not 96 DPI, but 300 or 400. It’s a pity to have a great music and a poor image.

      • I like very much the rip, thanks.
        About the image, if it is scanned HQ you can say that you will have delivered a complete job to the posteris.

        • I don’t have a scanner. If you’d like to buy the album, scan and upload the artwork yourself so that everyone can have a “complete job”, feel free.

  2. I’m very excited to listen to this “backwards” rip. I guess one learns a new thing every day… Thank you for your post!

  3. Thank you! I would never hear things like this without your efforts. This is a sonic world way beyond what I have any experience with.

  4. Muy bueno se distingue de otros Tacet, por las Notas bajas, y los agudos limpios y mas extensos. Gracias por esta novedad. Me encanta y lo probare en las Canton ct 2000.

  5. back from vacation and happy to see the site is still going on. Thanks for this one, I will happily check out the sound quality … Cheers!

  6. Hi TheNightOwl .
    Part 1 ‘Sorry, the server hosting the file you are requesting is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon. ‘

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