Our future is save!

Friends…our future, concerning 1st class rips from Rachmaninov could not be better !

Two weeks ago I bought a Denon Turntable, the DP 57L, very nice, more than 30Y old but in Near Mint Condition, payed 445 EUR…to be destinated to work togheter with my other TT – the Kenwood KD-7010+Denon DL103 – for my customers, with sporadic missions for Boxset.ru….there was mounted an older cart by Ortofon, that doen’t seem to be bad…this is what I thought until some hours before.


NOT BAD ??? Oh boy…after some better hearings; it is marvellous warm, total bass control, without distorsions or any other errors…..

After some help from my friends of the “other” blog and after some researches on the web, I realized that I have an Ortofon Virtus MC cart, maybe 12Y or more old, but so gooooooood ! The vendor of the Denon TT told me, it was in the last years connected with a Mark Levinson No. 26, but used only some hours in the year….in total it has maybe 200 hours.

The Ortofon Virtus is a cart of the 700-800 EUR class.

So, at now, I have 3 turntables and 3 carts to delight you 😉

Our future rips are save.

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  1. So glad to hear this Mr. Rach! My deepest gratitude for your generosity! … making us happy with high end class sound! Each of your release makes my day! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Wish you health and happiness!!!

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