Rare & Particular Vinyls (4 LPs) W. Gluck – Alceste (Kirsten Flagstad)

Reposted – now with FF links

# Composer: Willibald Gluck
# Performer: Kirsten Flagstad, Raoul Jobin
# Orchestra: The Geraint Jones Orchestra
# Conductor: Geraint Jones
# Vinyl (1956)
# Number of Discs: 4
# Format: Flac
# Label: London (Decca)
# DR-Analysis: DR 13
# ASIN: B001AE4PM4
# Size: 920 MB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FF

A pity, that I missed to rip this in HD…This rip is from a time, when I hadn’t a mind on HD – now the vinyls don’t exist anymore.

 Analyzed folder: /Users/alfredo/Desktop/ HiResMusic/44kWG_Alc_KiFla/44k Willibald Gluck – Alceste – Flagstad
 DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
 DR13        -2.54 dB     -20.44 dB     side1.wav
 DR12        -0.02 dB     -16.62 dB     side2.wav
 DR11        -0.12 dB     -16.40 dB     side3.wav
 DR13        -0.01 dB    -16.95 dB     side4.wav
 DR15        -1.34 dB     -19.80 dB     side5.wav
 DR13        -0.14 dB     -17.41 dB     side6.wav
 DR13        -0.72 dB     -17.77 dB     side7.wav
 DR13        -0.00 dB     -17.25 dB     side8.wav
 Number of files:    8
 Official DR value:    DR13

Ripping Infos

  • RCM: Okki Nokki
  • TT: Clearaudio Champion Level II
  • System: Special Edition Denon DL 103
  • Phono stage: Pro-Ject Phono Box II
  • Pre Amp: Unison Research Unico Pre (Tube)
  • Finals: Opera Consonance 9.9 Mono (Tube)
  • Speakers: Dali Helikon 400
  • Connections: MIT Terminator, Audioquest Emerald, Audioquest Quartz
  • Software: iZotope RX Advanced v2.02, Adobe Audition CS 5.5 ->
  • Light de-Clicking with ClickRepair, significant clicks manually removing

You hear some clicks and pops here and there? Who cares?
I better let some light anomalies instead of destroying the music. Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.

  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

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19 thoughts on “Rare & Particular Vinyls (4 LPs) W. Gluck – Alceste (Kirsten Flagstad)

  1. Much thanks for your vinyl upload, Rachmaninov.
    But most of the files uploaded on rapidshare can’t be downloaded recently.
    I don’t know why.

    • as far as i know, rapidshare are rennowing their site…maybe is this the reason? Please try it again and report again, if there are further troubles

  2. My dear Kirsten Flagstad…

    Rachmaninov, I have no words to express my appreciation to you.
    Once I downloaded it from the Internet, but unfortunatelly it was mp3. Thank’s so much for this wonderful release. I’m enjoying this sound, because I prefer LP instead of CD-sound.

  3. Hello Rach,
    Glad to see your footprints on the website.
    For some inexplicable reason the File Factory Link 3 will not download even though it registers that it is there, but does nothing.
    Any advice on how to get link 3.

    I have an Audacity of the 2 LP version which I owned;
    I have a download of CD,
    But somehow I Missed your 4 LP version from 2010.
    I’m very excited about hearing it.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Ha, ha,ha!
    I hit link 3 one more time and went away to see what happans. 4 hours later I came back and it just finished downloading!
    Bravo, File Factory.

    Thanks, Rach. The sound is far better than my 2 Disk LP.

  5. Many thanks for this Flagstad LP! I’m very glad to be back on this wonderful site 🙂 Hope that everything is well with mr. Rachmaninov and mr. Whatever.

  6. Sir Rach – Wonder Full, once again. Delicious. Thank you.

    Hotfile is done, correct? And is FileFactory the current membership to have for the present and near future?

    • yeahm HF is gone..for ever. But don’t make confusion: Mr. Whatever “is” FilePost…I’m FileFactory (and if I have time, I add also RS links) As far as I don’t have so many posts like Mr. Whatever has, it is up to you to decide, if you want my HD-music faster (buying an account on FF) or slower, as free user.

  7. Have this already (along with everything else by that beacon of a voice that is Flagstad’s) in several CD versions, but sometimes one actually misses those clicks and pops. Thanks again.

  8. The myth of Alceste and the mythological Flagstad are booth in serious need of much deserved promotion, especially in today’s world. You do a good deed herein, and thank you.

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