Pay attention, important! Complaints about non-working links!

Hi friends,

I’m tired of all the complaints about non-working links, in the last times. Mostly are due to maintenance of the servers hosting that file you want to DL and there is nothing I can do. Most of you, I know, are working with a JDL or a similar program and when a DL fails, you only get the advice, that the DL fails, but not the reason.

The reason is easily to read if you go direct to the FF page. So, all the time I did this for you and I wrote thousands of times always the same shit. Please, I’m tired of this, can you understand it?

Do it by yourself…go to FF and check, why a file is not available. From now on, I will delete all requests to check a link, if the reason is “Server maintenance”. What is difficult on reading “try later again”? Why reporting?

I hope this is clear to everyone here. I will (of course, I will) check further all requests and replace all failing files, renove all dead links, but you should make sure, that the reason is a real fail (files deleted). All other requests will be ignored and the msg deleted.

IMPORTANT!  Don’t report dead links in the comment area of the post you are visiting…Please, use the “requests”-post  (, otherwise your report will be deleted.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Pay attention, important! Complaints about non-working links!”

  1. RACH’s right again… sigh.

    Ok people, let’s all play nice, appreciate this mysterious man’s Herculean efforts (then some) and in the end always remember to be patient and RACH-on…

    Be happy and God Bless
    from LA, CA (so sue me)

  2. No, sorry…in all the time, when well known names disappeared (Megaupload,Hotfile,Filesonic,Fileserve and many other) FF stood always there and, with all its issues, seems to be the most reliable host of all.

  3. Just go to some various WHOIS different services and EXPLORE who created, where the “Masters” Reside, theirs OwnerShip relations, through which bypass servers the Nitroflare operate and You WILL NEVER even THINK To DL any single file from theirs SEVICE. Each Yours single ‘Arp’ movement to theirs server directions Is PeaceFully stored at theirs Family-Related-NSA-Storages.for.the.latter.time.when.the.great.masters.time.comes.they’,&USED…’s.just.honey.for.the.little.ants.out.there . . .

  4. “Server maintenance”. What is difficult on reading “try later again”? Why reporting?

    Remember when a link was down for “maintenance” for at least 3 weeks concerning “Liszt – Piano Concerti No. 1 + 2 (Richter/Kondrashin)”? What happens then? This problem could present itself again,who knows?
    Thank you very much for all your work btw 🙂

    1. more than 99% of the files that were “under maintenance” are still there, when the buzz is over…only few are really to be reuploaded. And the buzz is over in more than 99% in few days…seldom this happens for longer than 1 week. In these cases I keep an eye on these files, because experience says, they (maybe) need to be reuploaded.

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