Mravinsky/LPO – Tchaikovsky: Symphonies Nos. 4, 5 & 6 “Pathetique” (Analogphonic, 3LP box set, 180g, German pressing)

# Composer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
# Conductor: Evgeny Mravinsky
# Orchestra: Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra
# Vinyl
# Number of Discs: 3
# Format: FLAC
# DR Analysis: DR 12
# Label: Analogphonic | LP 43092
# Size: 24-bit/192kHz (6.30GB), 24-bit/96kHz (3.48GB) and 16-bit/44.1kHz (921MB)
# Recovery: 5%
# Scan: yes
# Servers: File Factory

Pressed at Pallas on 180g virgin vinyl.

Evgeny Mravinsky conducts the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra on this set of 1960 recordings of Tchaikovsky’s Symphonies.

Another outstanding Analogphonic Records release. Pressing quality was superb across all 6 sides of the box set, and the packaging was top-notch as well.

Very highly recommended!


At the height of the Cold War, the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra under its legendary principal conductor Evgeny Mravinsky visited Britain in September 1960, giving sensational concerts in Edinburgh and London which drew ecstatic responses from both press and public. Since this virtuoso orchestra was then poorly represented in Western record catalogues, Deutsche Grammophon’s engineers astutely seized the opportunity to capture their playing in far superior sound to anything that could be produced by their Soviet counterparts. Among the most notable sessions taped in Wembley Town Hall was Mravinsky’s blazingly urgent account of Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony.

Ever the perfectionist, the conductor was so pleased with the quality of this recording that two months later he and the orchestra agreed to record the last two symphonies for DG, this time in Vienna’s Musikverein. Initially released on three separate stereo LPs, these Tchaikovsky performances convey a highly-strung raw energy that remains undimmed up to the present day. The Finale of No. 5, delivered at a manically swift pace, is one of high points, guaranteed to take your breath away.

– BBC Music Magazine

Track listing:

Side One
Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36 (cont.)
01 – I. Andante sostenuto – Moderato con anima

Side Two
Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36 (conc.)
02 – II. Andantino in modo di canzona
03 – III. Scherzo: Pizzicato ostinato – Allegro
04 – IV. Finale: Allegro con fuoco

Side Three
Symphony No. 5 in E minor, op. 64 (cont.)
01 – I. Andante – Allegro con anima
02 – II. Andante cantabile, con alcuna licenza

Side Four
Symphony No. 5 in E minor, op. 64 (conc.)
03 – III. Valse: Allegro moderato
04 – IV. Finale: Andante maestoso – Allegro vivace

Side Five
Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74 “Pathetique” (cont.)
09 – I. Adagio – Allegro non troppo
10 – II. Allegro con grazia

Side Six
Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74 “Pathetique” (conc.)
11 – III. Allegro molto vivace
12 – IV. Finale: Adagio lamentoso

Limited edition – one-time limited production only
Mastered from original Universal Music analogue master tapes
Audiophile analogue mastering by Raillner Maillard at Emil Berliner Studios

Additional info can be found here and here.

Ripping Info:

All vinyl is cleaned on a VPI 16.5
Milty Pro Zerostat 3

Technics SL1200-MK5 (modified)
– Rega RB300 arm with RB700 wiring
– Michell Tecnoweight
– SoundSupports armboard
– Trans-Fi Audio ResoMat
Ortofon Quintet Black S
PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter
RME Hammerfall 9632 ADC

Processing: Sound Forge 10, iZotope RX3

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31 thoughts on “Mravinsky/LPO – Tchaikovsky: Symphonies Nos. 4, 5 & 6 “Pathetique” (Analogphonic, 3LP box set, 180g, German pressing)”

  1. Превосходное качество – настоящее сокровище! Пятой симфонии в исполнении Мравинского в сети в таком качестве ещё не было. Огромное спасибо!

  2. NightOwl, I cannot thank you enough. The greatest performances with the greatest sound quality (unless I had the actual records playing on my turntable).

  3. Thank you Steve for this great, great recording! I own a SACD version and your transfer from vinyl is light years ahead! It simply sounds livelier, with wider soundstage and more muscle in dynamics. Many thanks, again!

  4. Me too I was trowing away all previous incarnations of this brilliant recordings I owned, probably the best we inherited from Tchaikovsky 4,5,6. Thank you Steve for your painstakingly work. As usually the results are amazing for both Tchaikovsky and Brahms LP sets. So probably is time to think about what’s next?

    1. Actually, I’ve been thinking about that. A number of people have contacted me about doing a batch of the releases from the HiQ label:

      They have a number of interesting titles to choose from. I’ve ripped a few of them in the past and everything I’ve heard so far has been spectacular. So that could be a possibility.

      Any requests?

      1. Hmm, this is like asking a baby: would you like a cake? I checked what you ripped in the past plus the one done by Alf (Peer Gynt Suit- Beecham) and they sound amazing even being done with the previous rigs. I tend to believe the transfer to LP done from pure analog sound is the main reason. The entire catalog show a selection of great, some of them maybe greatest, artistic interpretation. So … I found we deserve at list some of them as an Easter gift. Considering the above, when you have to choose some, it is just a matter of taste. Based on mine, I will blindly pick up first, all 5 Barbirolli, 4 Klemperer and 3 (-1 mentioned above) Beecham. In the second raw, I would be delighted to hear HIQLP006, HIQLP012, HIQLP032, HIQLP034 …in HIQ’s sound. So … I’m on and hopefully, if we act fast, able to cover for half from the list above (many of them are available in limited quantity (3) on ebay, new, sealed condition, for 16 GBP/LP, w/o shipping from UK – or maybe you might find a more convenient source).

  5. Thank you for these rips Steve.
    I have just returned from 3 weeks in Bali and I took these recordings with me. What thrilling performances these are. The sound quality is superb – even when heard through average quality (Bose QC Noise Cancelling) headphones.

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