34 thoughts on “R.I.P.”

  1. A cat isn’t exactly a pet-more of a roommate who tolerates humans. Unlike dogs, when a cat WANTS you, it’s special. And as they age, they become more dependent upon you for affection. At least that’s the way it has been with our cats. I know how you feel-we lost one cat last year and the other to are approaching 17. My greatest sympathies for the loss of your friend.

  2. Hi,
    Get my sympathy. I love animals (i’m vegan) and I lost there over 10 years a little cat that I loved with all my heart.
    This photo of your kitten remember these difficult times. I would sell all my records if I could just to have it near me again ..
    Good luck to you

  3. Looks so sweet… I’m really with you now.
    In 30 years, I lost 3 of these lovely pets and I know how we are down, even if it doesn’t make you feel better.

  4. Hi Whatever,
    I’m really sorry for your loss!
    I love cats. I live in an old farm near the “Forêt Domaniale d’Orléans” (in France) which I am renovating.
    During summer it happens that people abandon their cats in the forest. As a result of these abandons I now have 15 cats living in the farm. All abandoned cats who decided they liked us and wanted to live with us. As the farm is a large one and we have a lot of private ground around it they are perfectly safe and have a cat flap which allows them to go in and out as they wish. They are all extremely friendly and grateful!
    You have all my sympathy!
    Best regards

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts to lose a loving pet-I just lost my 18 year-old dog & my daughter’s wonderful cat hasn’t much longer to live inasmuch as she’s almost 18 years old & hurting. All my sympathy…..

  6. I’m Jose Damian, from Spain. I give my condolences, I know how you must feel. I love cats, (Well… I must say I prefer the company of animals more than people, I’ve got cats & dogs). Actually, 5 cats (I consider them as if they were my brothers), live with me in my house and in the past I had to attend to deaths of several more. Really sad moments. RIP

  7. Sad for your loss Whatever, animals are like family. We lost an exceptional dog many years ago and didn´t want to have another because we thought she couldn´t be replaced and it was true but then my sister brought Bruno into our lives and he is equally wonderful, his love and playful character has made the life of four people so much better. What I´m trying to say is time will heal the pain and don´t close your heart to other four legged companions. All the best and lots of love.

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