Ramin Djawadi – Westworld: Selections from the HBO Series – Season 1 (180g blood red vinyl)

# Composers: various
# Performers: Ramin Djawadi, Vitamin String Quartet
# Orchestra: Czech Film Orchestra
# Vinyl
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: FLAC
# DR Analysis: DR 12
# Label: Water Tower Music | WTM39875
# Size: 24-bit/192kHz (1.56GB), 24-bit/96kHz (872MB) and 16-bit/44.1kHz (218MB)
# Recovery: 5%
# Scan: yes
# Server: File Factory

And now for something a little more contemporary…

Ramin Djawadi is an Iranian-German composer, probably best known for his score for HBO’s popular television series Game of Thrones. He also covered all of the songs you hear interpreted into the old-timey clang of the player piano (aside from the two tracks here by the Vitamin String Quartet).

Hearing these compositions without their signature vocalists is really jarring and it always seems to take a moment while watching the show to place exactly what it is you are hearing. But I guess that is perfect for a show that is all about probing uncanniness and the authenticity of what appears to be laid out before you.

Give it a try. You might just be surprised…

Track listing:

Side One
01 – Main Title Theme – Westworld
02 – Sweetwater
03 – Black Hole Sun
04 – Paint it Black
05 – No Surprises
06 – A Forest

Side Two
07 – Motion Picture Soundtrack – Vitamin String Quartet
08 – Fake Plastic Trees
09 – House of the Rising Sun
10 – Something I Can Never Have – Vitamin String Quartet
11 – Back to Black
12 – Exit Music (For a Film)
13 – Reverie

Limited edition of 750 copies

Orchestrated by Stephen Coleman and Andrew Kinney

Additional info for this album can be found here and here.

Ripping Info:

All vinyl is cleaned on a VPI 16.5
Milty Pro Zerostat 3

Technics SL1200-MK5 (modified)
– Rega RB300 arm with RB700 wiring
– Michell Tecnoweight
– SoundSupports armboard
– Trans-Fi Audio ResoMat
Ortofon Quintet Black S
PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter
RME Hammerfall 9632 ADC

Processing: Sound Forge 10, ClickRepair, iZotope RX3

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