Read this 1st!

About downloading and saying “Thank you”…
About reporting dead links and other issues…

About whatever’s links please be patient. I was away for long. Reuploading in progress. /whatever/

10 thoughts on “Read this 1st!

  1. Удалось залогиниться! Дорогой Альф, не буду лениться, буду искренне благодарить за каждый скачанный пост.

  2. I realise the incredible work and time in ripping and presenting such wonderful music for us.
    So many heartfelt blessings and appreciation to you and the many that help you
    gond Regards Michael

  3. This is for classical music enthusiasts by far the best blog in the net. Please don’t let it go down! Through the time I’ve followed you guys. I’ve found that there are issues once in a while among the owner and/or partners which hopefully should be resolved in order to keep this amazing blog alive. Pleaaaaaaase…..! Nevertheless, all of you guys obviously opened my ears for vinyl again, after years of being trapped by digital manipulations or so called remasters. That is what I want to thank you all and by heart. This blog has influenced an important part of my my life, LOVE YOU!!! and please KEEP ON!!!

  4. Yes, you’re right…
    We will do this (very little) effort each time we click on a link for our download…
    THANK YOU very much for all the good music you let know us!
    from Italy

  5. Hi

    I don’t come here so often, but I have to admit you’r right. I go to continue my own things right away like a stranger.

    I give me the opportunity to discover new things before I go out to buy new records or CD.

    TKS so much for your help

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