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  1. BERNARD HAITINK – THE PHILIPS YEARS (20 CD BOX SET, APE) has a couple of problems. It would be great if you could reupload these two CDs:

    1. CD 5 has been deleted.

    2. CD 7 has the same content as CD 10 (as a few pointed out in the page).

    Please reupload these two CD’s. Many thanks in advance.

  2. Dear Rach, could You please upload photos/graphics for the Serkin’s Beethoven Concertos extra? It looks there are missing some pages from the booklet.

  3. Good day, Rachmaninov.

    Just wondering… May you have and post this album from Archiv:

    Les Élémens, simphonie nouvelle (1737).
    I. Le cahos II. Loure I: La terre et l’eau III. Chaconne: le feu IV. Ramage: l’air V. Rossignuols VI. Rondeau: Air pour l’amour VII. Loure II VIII. Sicilienne IX. Caprice X. Tambourins I – II
    Orchestra – Musica Antiqua Köln Conductor – Reinhard Goebel
    Recorded in Köln, Deutschlandfunk, Sendesaal, 1/1994 & 4/1995
    ℗ 1995 Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg

  4. Hi Rach, There appears to be an error for the Downloads for Shostakovich’s – Symphony No. 8. It appears the downloads posted, are for the Haydn / Dorati symphonies. Please investigate.
    Luv You, You are a cultural Treasure. z

  5. Dear Rachmaninov, Thank you so much for your wonderful uploads. I have recently successfully downloaded the Mravinsky version of Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4-5 and am really enjoying them.

    I have been trying to download the Previn version of the Manfred Symphony (192k)
    and I have downloaded parts 1, 3 and 4, but part 2 is not working.
    Could this please be fixed? Thank you so much! Arya

    1. Hi Arya, part 2 works perfectly. If you would DL direct from FF instead of with a JDL, you would have read that advice of too high server traffic.
      Please wait some time (days) or upgrade to a premium account, if you don’t want to wait.
      Not my rules… FF’s rules.

  6. Hi Rach,

    Since the private messaging feature has been removed I am posting here. I wish to discuss a vinyl related issue privately, if I may. Should I continue here, or by email perhaps?

    Thanks for your attention!

    1. You see above left the word BOXSET.RU near a symbol of a house? If you go over with the mouse you see the words

      Click on Dashboard –> Then you see a menu and at the bottom you see a letter symbol and the word MESSAGES…. go and write me a PM

  7. Hello Rach
    Do you have old classics? Dufay, Desprez, Machaut, Dunstable, Lasso, Binchois, Palestrina, Victoria (i know about him there are 1 vinyl)

    Old desires
    Munch-Mendelssohn Symph 4
    Solti- Le nozze di Figaro, Parsifal
    Kleiber-Die Fledermaus

    1. Hi…this was posted by TheNightOwl and he’s the only who can fix the link…he will read it somewhen soon and fix the link. It seems, that he creates new posts based on an old post – I do the same – for not typing everything everytime….so we change only the relevant parts like title, work, durations etc…review of the post, DR-report and finally the link…but sometime we forget a little detail 😀
      Don’t worry, will be fixed soon.

    2. Not quite sure what happened here. The files have been downloaded over 250 times since I posted the rip, and there were already 16 comments on the post, including some from people who had obviously downloaded the rip (not just saying “thank you”).

      The permalink on the post was wrong, but that’s been fixed.

      Try it again.. (preferably not using jDownloader or anything like that).. hope it works for you this time.

    1. Is not dead… the server hosting that part is momentary down for maintenance. Try in a few days again and report, if the problem persists.

  8. Hello Rach, if you ever came across this recording that was never published in CD:

    Mozart: Die Zauberflöte, dir. Alain Lombard
    with Kiri Te Kanawa, Edita Gruberova, Peter Hofmann, Philippe Huttenlocher, Kurt Moll

    This is a very nice recording, originally published under the Barclay label, but it looks like it does not interest the big labels despite its great cast.

    Just thought I would request it just in case…


  9. Hello !
    Several month ago, I’ve dowloaded Bach: Karl Richter + Aurele Nicolet / flute sonatas.
    Unfortunately, there is a corrupted file (I think it’s my fault).
    But I cannot find on the site this rip to download it again 🙁
    Could you please give me again the download links ?

    Best regards,

  10. I know this is an older post, but its been impossible to track down elsewhere and the one BBC Legends I’m missing. Would be very much appreciated if you could manage a repost! Thanks so much for the site!

  11. Well, it was great while it lasted. I only listen nowadays to HD (24-96 usually) sources and this was for a time a wonderful repository of classic analog recordings from the 1950s and 1960s in LP quality — so much better sounding than CDs. Thanks Rachmaninov wherever you are today, and your friends who supported your efforts. I’ll remember you when I listen to the fruits of your labour.

  12. JJ, this blog became a machine for recycling CDs taken elsewhere, and by hosting them on an unusable server to make money, Rach at least had a real contribution with high quality and well chosen personal rips, I think that must have discouraged him.

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