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  1. Hello
    I’d like to get a rip of the EMI recording of Hansel und Grethel by Huperdinck with Schwartzkopf and Grummer
    Thanks much

  2. Any chance to rip this one
    Britten conducts English Music for string
    English Chamber Orchestra
    Benjamin Britten

  3. I also would like a vynil rip of Luisa Miller (maag, Pavarotti, Caballe Decca) Thanks much

  4. Hi, Love the site. Any chance you could find/upload:

    Carol Wincenc and Eliot Fisk ‎– Two American Virtuosi Perform Works By Giuliani, Gossec, Ravel, Milhaud, Godard, Poulenc & Bartok

    It used to be on Musical Heritage Society vinyl but haven’t found it anywhere on CD. Nothing on amazon, etc.


    Thanks in advance!

  5. I’d love an HD dub of Kissin’s very first recording, in a Moscow concert, of Chopin’s 2nd Piano Concerto … recorded in 1986. It’s still one of the finest accounts ever …magical …even though Kissin was only, I think 12 years old!

  6. Hi. Can you please find the recording of Raff’s 3rd Symphony conducted by d’Avalos?? There are a few recordings of it on youtube but they are very low quality. I would like an HD version of it. I’m sure the recording of it on amazon. Thanks!

  7. Can you contact me via email.
    I have some records I want to share.

  8. HI Rach, any chance to get a good HD from Magda Olivero’s Adriana Lecouvreur?

  9. Hi Rach, happy to buy it. If you PM your adress, I would gladly have it shipped directly to you avoiding the discs to go through Brazil where I am living 😉

  10. Hello guys,
    Thanks for your work here, i’ve been able to hear wonderful music i would not have discovered if it weren’t for you!

    May I request a HD upload of Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht? Whichever edition is your favourite 🙂

    Also, a question – What are your thoughts on reel to reel tape, in terms of audio quality?

    Thanks again,


    • Nothing to say on Reel to Reel recordings, since I don’t have a tape machine for the last 20 years. Generally they are very good.
      Please feel free to buy a good vinyl of Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht and (let) send it to me for ripping.

  11. Hello!

    Great work here and thank you so much for it.

    Request? May a dream??

    The new complete Karajan Box-Set…complete with all DVD&BluRay


  12. Hi Alf,

    In the Haydn’s London symphonies (93-104) post there is a jam in some names :
    n°101 is actually n°103
    n°102 is actually n°104
    n°103 is actually n°101
    n°104 is actually n°102

    • WTF…don’t tell me, brother…
      I will check it on coming weekend, I have to check first, if the box has not been sold (I think, no)

      • It’s only a matter of renaming files, no need re-ripping.

        Anyway this box sounds not very great, much less than the previous one (82-92) or the Ace of Diamonds single..

        Sold ???

        • From time to time I sell some of the +2000 records received from all over the world in the last 6 years…. but I didn’t in the last 6-7 months (before then, only few hundreds, 50/50 rock and classical)

  13. Hi,
    i looked for downloading Mozart 225. Links go to florenfile. Florenfile says “The file you were looking for could not be found”. Can you fix this?

    thanks a lot!

  14. Hi Rach, in one of your older posts Beethoven 200 Years Edition, Box 4 (All Quartets & Quintets) there are only 20 parts available in the archive. It looks like the last part (part21) is missing from the archive. May I ask you to reupload it?
    Thanks in advance, bszg

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