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28 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Do you have the (in)famous Shostakovich Symphony No 9 (Zagreb Phil/Horvat) on Turnabout? Never issued on CD I think. Thanks as always. Jack

    • Sorry, don’t… if it happens that you can buy that record(s) then PM me for my address. I gladly rip it/them for you and the blog

  2. Might you have time to re-load Borodin Quartet: Shostakovich – String Quartets 1-13. They are no longer accessible from your storage.

  3. Hello
    is it possible to repost the MERCURY LIVING PRESENCE box 1 and 3?
    The box 2 is downloaded and its a great moment of music for me.
    Thank you πŸ˜‰

  4. The link for Karajan: Oistrakh, Rostropovich, Richter – Beethoven Triple Concerto (24bit/96kHz, FLAC) is no longer operational. Might you be able to revive it?

    Thanks for posting all the great music at great audio quality.


  5. HD-Vinyls 24/96 (EMI/Melodiya) Dmitri Shostakovich – The 15 String Quartets (Borodin Quartet, Sviatoslav Richter)
    The link seems to be broken. I am stuck at 4 part..

  6. @Rachmaninov: I think that you’re just going to have to sadly settle with the knowledge that many people aren’t going to read before they post their requests. Even after your comments, both at the topic of this topic, and in replies, there’s the request for the Beethoven Overtures posted by @Whatever. People, please don’t make an admin’s work harder than it already is. Show some respect and read the topic you’re commenting in.

  7. Hi, Rachmaninov. I do not know if you’ll ever get to read this, however I need to tell you how much I thank you ALL your wonderful contributions. From my heart many, many, many thanks. I trust that karma will reward your great generosity. I wish you much health and luck in life. Best regards.

    • Thank you, AMADEUS πŸ˜€ for the kind words. Is my karma to spread music among the music lovers. Hope in my next life to be able to conduct a good orchestra with my fav. concerts ans symphonies (only about a dozen) and then to die happy and smiling.

  8. Hi guys,

    I am looking for “Eesti Orelid 8″, Estonian organs nr. 8. Played by Hugo Lepnurm. It is LP music from around 1976. Maybe you have it.


  9. Hello dear friend Rach,
    The links of “Julian Bream plays Granados & Albeniz” has been gone, please reup this great album.

    • The links work well. Throw your JDL in the bin and go direct to the FF site. You maybe see part one twice (old issue by FF). Take that one with newer date. πŸ˜€

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