Super Sony Amp to sell!

I had the opportunity, some time ago, to buy a nice Near Mint amp (Sony Ta Fa-5ES), to replace my former tube amp Unison Research Unico Pre for the time it was on maintenance (that was later sold, when I received it back), shortly before I got the wonderful Luxman I actually use.

Because of the possibility of separated Input/Monitoring and the presence of a “Pre Out”, I wanted to keep the Sony in reserve for the future…

…but the amp is too good and in great shape and the Luxman works and works and works…so I thought, it is a shame to let it in the darkness of my wardrobe.

So I offer it here, if someone have interest in it. Please PM me with your offer. You should know, what this is and what’s worth to you.

Pay attention: there is no remote control…I think, you find it easily on ebay for few bucks.

Normally, this amp is quiet seldom to see on ebay. When I saw it, had always a price of 550 up to 800 EUR or more, depending on the condition. The condition of this amp is absolutely excellent.

Maybe you find a similar amp on ebay and you jump on the name sergejrachmaninov… I listed it also on ebay.
But don’t let yourself intimidate by the price you see…we can speak about it.

Cheers ;)

Thank you.

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