Superb HD-Vinyls 24/96 (EMI 12 LPs) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Complete Piano Concertos (Barenboim)

Note: the record with Concerto No. 12 had a big, hugly and very deep scratch, ca. 4 cm, exactly in the middle of the grooves, touching the whole 2nd mov. of this concerto. Impossible to restore (pick-up jumped at every turn like a frog), record is destroyed. Mov. 1 and 3 were restored, but I had to take mov. 2 (44.1 kHz/16 bit) from the CD-Edition, that Mr. Whatever offers. The cover was restored by me in a long Photoshop session.
Reposted, now with FF links
edit feb/21/2013 – with the help of a friend, who provided the missing 2nd mov of the 12th concerto, we have now all files from vinyl in 24/96 – please DL the missing file and replace the old one.

# Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
# Performer: Daniel Barenboim
# Orchestra: English Chamber Orchestra
# Conductor: Daniel Barenboim

# Vinyl (1967-1975)
# Number of Discs: 12
# Format: Flac (Tracks)
# Label: EMI

# ASIN: B00000C2KO
# Size: 12.08 GB
# Scan: yes

# Server: FileFactory

It’s no mystery that Mozart was more or less singularly responsible for inventing the genre of the piano concerto as we know it today (all credit be due to JC Bach, however, from whom Mozart took great inspiration). Personally, I feel it is in his Piano concertos that Mozart sounds like Mozart! Those colorful melodies of the first movements of No 25 & No 20; the adagio of No 23. I’m so glad that such music exists – for without it the world of music would be incomplete.

When Daniel Barenboim decided to face the huge challenge of playing the Complete Set of Piano Concerts he was making (without knowing at this moment)one of his multiple artistic triumphs.
The first impressive detail to remark is the convincent maturity and silent self discipline self impossed by himself. But the genius of Barenboim’s playing is the absolute conviction he always sounds so natural. And hardly you will find the minimum sensation of effort as you just can feel it with Brendel for instance.
Go for these records and you will not only enjoy to Mozart’s genius but the grandness of a real Keyboard Giant in his twenties.
After the wise decision to perform and conduct the orchestra from the piano, the interpretations acquired a major enrichment and enlightment, and somehow these recordings constitute the previous step for that decision.

 Analyzed folder: /Volumes/HDMUSIC/96k WAM – All Piano Concertos – Barenboim
 DR        Peak        RMS        Filename
 DR12        -0.40 dB     -17.04 dB     Piano Concerto No1 – 1.wav
 DR12        -5.27 dB     -21.99 dB     Piano Concerto No1 – 2.wav
 DR13        -0.87 dB     -18.00 dB     Piano Concerto No1 – 3.wav
 DR12        -0.97 dB     -17.52 dB     Piano Concerto No2 – 1.wav
 DR12        -5.10 dB     -21.38 dB     Piano Concerto No2 – 2.wav
 DR12        -2.01 dB     -17.55 dB     Piano Concerto No2 – 3.wav
 DR13        -1.01 dB     -18.53 dB     Piano Concerto No3 – 1.wav
 DR13        -7.45 dB     -25.70 dB     Piano Concerto No3 – 2.wav
 DR12        -3.27 dB     -19.75 dB     Piano Concerto No3 – 3.wav
 DR13        -1.37 dB     -17.98 dB     Piano Concerto No4 – 1.wav
 DR13        -4.11 dB     -22.24 dB     Piano Concerto No4 – 2.wav
 DR12        -1.15 dB     -17.07 dB     Piano Concerto No4 – 3.wav
 DR12        -0.75 dB     -16.61 dB     Piano Concerto No5 – 1.wav
 DR14        -2.33 dB     -21.46 dB     Piano Concerto No5 – 2.wav
 DR12        -0.29 dB     -16.97 dB     Piano Concerto No5 – 3.wav
 DR12        -1.70 dB     -16.76 dB     Piano Concerto No6 – 1.wav
 DR11        -3.51 dB     -21.68 dB     Piano Concerto No6 – 2.wav
 DR11        -2.57 dB     -17.70 dB     Piano Concerto No6 – 3.wav
 DR11        -0.83 dB     -15.73 dB     Piano Concerto No8 – 1.wav
 DR12        -1.88 dB     -18.42 dB     Piano Concerto No8 – 2.wav
 DR11        -1.06 dB     -16.27 dB     Piano Concerto No8 – 3.wav
 DR14        -2.50 dB     -20.11 dB     Piano Concerto No9 – 1.wav
 DR14        -3.93 dB     -23.39 dB     Piano Concerto No9 – 2.wav
 DR13        -1.96 dB     -19.42 dB     Piano Concerto No9 – 3.wav
 DR13        -0.33 dB     -17.20 dB     Piano Concerto No11 – 1.wav
 DR14        -3.39 dB     -23.18 dB     Piano Concerto No11 – 2.wav
 DR12        -0.00 dB     -17.31 dB     Piano Concerto No11 – 3.wav
 DR13        -0.70 dB     -17.86 dB     Piano Concerto No12 – 1.wav
 DR13        -1.58 dB     -20.18 dB     Piano Concerto No12 – 2.wav
 DR14        -0.35 dB     -19.78 dB     Piano Concerto No12 – 3.wav
 DR13        -0.51 dB     -18.99 dB     Piano Concerto No13 – 1.wav
 DR12        -7.73 dB     -24.99 dB     Piano Concerto No13 – 2.wav
 DR15        -1.97 dB     -21.84 dB     Piano Concerto No13 – 3.wav
 DR13        -1.10 dB     -19.11 dB     Piano Concerto No14 – 1.wav
 DR14        -4.40 dB     -24.07 dB     Piano Concerto No14 – 2.wav
 DR14        -0.44 dB     -20.14 dB     Piano Concerto No14 – 3.wav
 DR14        -2.10 dB     -20.96 dB     Piano Concerto No15 – 1.wav
 DR13        -6.80 dB     -24.93 dB     Piano Concerto No15 – 2.wav
 DR13        -0.73 dB     -17.69 dB     Piano Concerto No15 – 3.wav
 DR13        -0.17 dB     -17.94 dB     Piano Concerto No16 – 1.wav
 DR13        -6.16 dB     -24.08 dB     Piano Concerto No16 – 2.wav
 DR13        -0.52 dB     -18.21 dB     Piano Concerto No16 – 3.wav
 DR13        -0.58 dB     -18.36 dB     Piano Concerto No17 – 1.wav
 DR14        -2.60 dB     -22.29 dB     Piano Concerto No17 – 2.wav
 DR13        -1.42 dB     -19.45 dB     Piano Concerto No17 – 3.wav
 DR12        -1.10 dB     -17.52 dB     Piano Concerto No18 – 1.wav
 DR12        -1.42 dB     -18.87 dB     Piano Concerto No18 – 2.wav
 DR11        -2.14 dB     -17.63 dB     Piano Concerto No18 – 3.wav
 DR13        -2.89 dB     -19.44 dB     Piano Concerto No19 – 1.wav
 DR14        -5.16 dB     -23.17 dB     Piano Concerto No19 – 2.wav
 DR13        -3.33 dB     -19.90 dB     Piano Concerto No19 – 3.wav
 DR13        -2.17 dB     -19.78 dB     Piano Concerto No20 – 1.wav
 DR13        -3.76 dB     -21.93 dB     Piano Concerto No20 – 2.wav
 DR12        -1.41 dB     -19.64 dB     Piano Concerto No20 – 3.wav
 DR12        -1.14 dB     -18.04 dB     Piano Concerto No21 – 1.wav
 DR12        -5.94 dB     -22.67 dB     Piano Concerto No21 – 2.wav
 DR14        -0.28 dB     -19.92 dB     Piano Concerto No21 – 3.wav
 DR12        -1.91 dB     -18.82 dB     Piano Concerto No22 – 1.wav
 DR14        -4.01 dB     -23.36 dB     Piano Concerto No22 – 2.wav
 DR13        -1.12 dB     -18.94 dB     Piano Concerto No22 – 3.wav
 DR13        -1.36 dB     -18.56 dB     Piano Concerto No23 – 1.wav
 DR13        -4.78 dB     -23.62 dB     Piano Concerto No23 – 2.wav
 DR12        -1.20 dB     -16.98 dB     Piano Concerto No23 – 3.wav
 DR12        -2.09 dB     -18.51 dB     Piano Concerto No24 – 1.wav
 DR12        -8.23 dB     -24.62 dB     Piano Concerto No24 – 2.wav
 DR13        -0.83 dB     -20.28 dB     Piano Concerto No24 – 3.wav
 DR11        -0.58 dB     -16.71 dB     Piano Concerto No25 – 1.wav
 DR12        -5.06 dB     -21.12 dB     Piano Concerto No25 – 2.wav
 DR12        -1.10 dB     -17.67 dB     Piano Concerto No25 – 3.wav
 DR12        -0.89 dB     -18.30 dB     Piano Concerto No26 – 1.wav
 DR14        -4.31 dB     -23.89 dB     Piano Concerto No26 – 2.wav
 DR14        -0.45 dB     -18.92 dB     Piano Concerto No26 – 3.wav
 DR12        -0.94 dB     -17.99 dB     Piano Concerto No27 – 1.wav
 DR12        -4.01 dB     -22.57 dB     Piano Concerto No27 – 2.wav
 DR12        -0.44 dB     -16.73 dB     Piano Concerto No27 – 3.wav
 DR14        -0.00 dB     -18.17 dB     Rondo Concertante for Piano and Orchestra.wav
 Number of files:    76
 Official DR value:    DR13

Ripping Infos

  • RCM: Okki Nokki
  • TT: Clearaudio Champion Level II
  • System: Special Edition Denon DL 103
  • Phono stage: Pro-Ject Phono Box II
  • Pre Amp: Unison Research Unico Pre (Tube)
  • Finals: Opera Consonance 9.9 Mono (Tube)
  • Speakers: Dali Helikon 400
  • Connections: MIT Terminator, Audioquest Emerald, Audioquest Quartz
  • Software: iZotope RX Advanced v2.02, Adobe Audition CS 5.5, Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Light de-Clicking with ClickRepair, significant clicks manually removing, no De-Noising

If You hear some clicks and pops here and there, Who cares?
Id rather have a few light anomalies instead of destroying the music. Enjoy the music, not the ticks & pops.

  • DR-Analisys before converting to Flac
  • Converting Wave -> Flac: Twisted Wave 1.9
  • Artwork: Sony Alpha 350, Epson Perfection V750 Pro, Photoshop CS 5.5

If you like what i do, please consider that a little donation would be very appreciate. I reinvest all donations in maintenance of my rig, for purchasing cleaning solutions and, most important of all, purchasing of new vinyls.
Click on the “Donate”-button. Thank you very much !

Download from FileFactory
please DL and replace the old 2nd mov of the 12th concerto with the new one
31 archives
(+ 1 zip)
PW: LaWally


47 thoughts on “Superb HD-Vinyls 24/96 (EMI 12 LPs) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Complete Piano Concertos (Barenboim)

  1. Great !

    Gut das die Beschaedigung ist nich auf die Schallplaten mit Nos 21. und 24. !!!

    Looking forward to compare it to Eugene Istomin 21. & 24. hi-res (hdtracks).

    Thank you very much for this …

    Have Nice Holidays ! 🙂

  2. Great job!!! May I ask something elementary please: when were these piano concertos recorded and is mr. Barenboim the pianist or the conductor here?

  3. Dear Rachmaninov, Could you please describe exactly which concertos you have taken from CD edition, this information is valuable for me before downloading because I already own this CD-box…
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Peter…only part 2 of concerto no.12
      The scratch is in the middle of the record, so i could rip only part 1 and 3…
      When you unpack the archives, folder with concerto 12 is marked….there is written, that part 2 is from CD

      • Metadata for part 2 of concerto no.12 has following:

        Concerto No. 11 in F-Major, K. 413 – II. Largetto

        Is that correct? ❓

        • Hi…..I don’t understand what you mean by that…..

          11 is 11 and 12 is 12….what are you mixing 11 and 12?

          11 is K 413 F-Dur….. Allegro – Larghetto – Tempo di minuetto
          12 is K 414 A-Dur…..Allegro – Andante – Allegretto

          • Hi Rachmaninov,
            PC No.12 has three files:
            Piano Concerto No12 – 1.flac
            Piano Concerto No12 – 2.flac
            Piano Concerto No12 – 3.flac.
            Metadata for files 1 and 3 are empty, while file 2 has following metadata:
            Artist: Daniel Barenboim
            Album: Mozart: The Piano Concertos [4/10]
            Title: Concerto No. 11 in F-Major, K. 413 – II. Largetto
            Track: 2
            Genre: Classical
            Date: 1989

            I’ve used Media Rage to look at metadata.

            Hopefully this will help. 😛

            • OK, now i resolved this mysterium… know, i took part 2 of concerto 12 from the CD-edition… i downloaded again the CD 4 and saw that the tag for the file “image-04.flac” (length: 75’20”093) is wrong…..whoever has done this, he gave the tag

              “Title: Concerto No. 11 in F-Major, K. 413 – II. Largetto
              Track: 2
              Genre: Classical
              Date: 1989”

              to the entire file, that includes three concertos (9 parts)

              Not my fault, but fault of that “specialist” that ripped the CDs, whoever (s)he is

  4. Hi Rachmaninov,

    Thanks for clarifying. I’ve already corrected tags in my file, and I’m a happy camper.
    Again, thank you for a great work, real gem in my collection.

  5. Just now I finished downloading this wonder due to louzy internet connection. And I can say its waay better than I expected. By Rach’s announcement one would expect some constant scartching due to the condition in wich the disc was given to him. But I suppose the cleaning job was greater than that as everything is surprisingly clean.. 😀 Thanks also to some of the comments above that helped me to correct my tagging. Thank you dearly, Rachmaninov.

    • Hi Kapell….when i write about worst condition, mostly i mean the box or the covers, seldom the vinyl hitself…anyway i wash ALL vinyls i rip…this is gold worth, reduces the noises and scratches 50%-70%…this is the fact; most of the audible scratches on a old vinyl is simply because it’s dirty.

      Otherwise i must say (SnakOilMagic, hope you read too) that after several years (about 11-12) of digitalizing vinyls, i know how to use the filter in a effective way and carefully to the sound in the same time.

      Thank you that you enjoy…

  6. Hello, dear Alfredo!
    I start to discover your old rips!
    Thank you very much for this release!
    Well, in terms of quality, it is stunning and brilliant, as always.
    But, with respect to performance, not everything is so good here.
    I consider Geza Anda’s performance to be the best of all time, with no one even close to him. There are certainly many other outstanding performances, e. g., those by Maurizio Pollini, Maria Joao Pires, Murray Perahia, and others.
    But Barenboim is not so convincing in many concertos here, unfortunately. Especially in later ones, and to be exact, the slow movements Nos. 2 in many concertos (for instance, Nos. 21 and 23) are too dry, or faint. And the orchestra is too sluggish, I think.
    Here, Mr. Barenboim plays much better the earlier concertos, like Nos. 8 or 9.
    Anyway, thanks once again for this titanic work, and that you managed to replace CD movement No. 2 of Concerto No. 12 with an LP version!
    But…Nevertheless, I still have a great pleasure to listen to this complete Mozart piano&orchestra masterpieces (in headphones by now) in such a wanderfull sound. They are full of freshness and life, and can make anyone feel happy!

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