Prokofieff, Stravinsky‎ – Lieutenant Kije, Song Of The Nightingale (1958) {Classic Records; 4LP, S-Sided, 180g, 45rpm, Remaster, Ltd; 24-96} +16-44

Most older listeners agree that Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kijé Suite was ideal repertoire for Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. With its big tunes, bright colors, bold harmonies, and unrelenting rhythms, Reiner and the Chicago — the pre-eminent Strauss performers in America at the time — excelled in Prokofiev’s Kiji. In this superb recording, Reiner and the Chicago are at the top of their form and their Kiji is witty, sassy, brave, ironic, and altogether hilarious.

Most older listeners, however, cannot agree that Stravinsky’s Song of the Nightingale was anything like the right repertoire for Reiner and the Chicago. With its spiky motifs, its primary colors, its hard harmonies, and its relentless rhythms, Reiner and the Chicago were seemingly out of their element. But although their approach is essentially Straussian, Reiner and the Chicago still excel at Stravinsky’s Nightingale. In this superb recordings, Reiner and the Chicago’s Nightingale is warm, lush, sweet, and even a little sexy, a sort of Salome à la Stravinsky.The complete recording sounds very direct emotionally grabbing and highly dynamic. This 4lp Remaster set is a of outstanding sonic quality and a Living Sterio landmark.

Remastered by Bernie Grundman

Composer: Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev / Igor Stravinsky
Orchestra:  Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Fritz Reiner
Label: Classic Records 45 Series ‎LSC-2150-45, LSC-2150
Vinyl Release Date:  Unnkown
Number of LPs: 4
Vinyl Format : 12 Inch, 45rpm, Single Sided 180g Pressing
Format: Flac
Resolution: 24/96 + 16/44 downsample
Size: 848MB / 242MB
Scans: yes
Server: FF

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