High-End HD-Vinyls 24/192 (Chasing The Dragon) Antonio Vivaldi – The 4 Seasons (Interpreti Veneziani)

front-small-boxsetIn creating this direct cut album, we had to overcome many challenges. Because the album had to be recorded “as live” I had to first find a piece of music which would be the perfect lenght. Obviously, I found the answer in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Next came the musicians and I was so lucky to have the opportunity of bringing over from Venice, the leading Venetian chamber orchestra, Interpreti Veneziani. Finally, I has to find a recording studio which not only had a superb sounding space, it also had to have an engineer versed in the black art of cutting live vinyl. Well, have we succeded? Please judge yourself, for I hope you have as much fun in listening as we had in cutting this disc (Mike Valentine)
Audiophile Alert: The highest possible level!

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Performer: Giacobbe Stevanato
Orchestra: Interpreti Veneziani

Vinyl (2015)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Flac
Label: Chasing The Dragon (180g Direct To Vinyl Cut)
DR-Analysis: DR 14
Size: 1.55 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FileFactory


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