HD-Vinyl Mono 24/96 (EMI/Seraphim) Giuseppe Verdi – La Forza Del Destino (Callas, Tucker, Serafin)

If it were not for Maria Callas, we would all think that La Forza del Destino is essentially a prime exercise and showcase for great soprano voices, with a few goodies thrown in for the rest of the cast and the chorus. In this recording, Callas’s voice is not technically great, though it is usually good. She makes most of her points by other means: close attention to the value of words, subtle nuances of tone and phrasing, an uncompromising determination to confront the emotions in the text and convey them honestly and strongly, even when they reach a terrifying intensity. We have here, under the absurdities of plot, a compelling psychological portrait of a woman driven beyond her limits–a woman whose brother wants to kill her lover, who has killed her father. The supporting cast is skilled and Serafin shapes a powerful interpretation. — Joe McLellan

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Performer: Maria Callas, Richard Tucker, Nicola Rossi-Lemeni, Renato Capecchi, Plinio Clabassi
Orchestra: Teatro Alla Scala Di Milano
Conductor: Tullio Serafin
Vinyl (1954)
Number of Discs: 3
Format: Flac
Label: EMI/Seraphim
DR-Analysis: 13
Size: 1.75 GB
Scan: yes
Server: FileFactory

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HD-Vinyls 24/96 (RCA Living Stereo) Giacomo Puccini – Madama Butterfly (Price/Tucker)

Still today after +50 years, this is – IHMO – the best recording (in technical sense) and the best performance of Cho-Cho-San “Butterfly”. If you always looked for a reason to love on your knees Leontyne Price, this is the right time to do it.

# Composer: Giacomo Puccini
# Singer: Leontyne Price, Richard Tucker, Rosalind Elias
# Orchestra: RCA Italiana Orchestra and Chorus
# Conductor: Erich Leinsdorf
# Vinyl (1962)
# Number of Discs: 3
# Format: Flac
# Label: RCA Living Stereo
# DR-Analysis: DR 12
# ASIN: B000G759L2
# Size: 2.0 GB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FileFactory

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