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HD-Vinyls 24/96 (Eterna) Fryderyk Chopin – Piano Concert No. 2 (Rubinstein/Wallenstein)

The sounds coming off this disc is among the most beautiful ever committed to a mechanical recording device. No, I don’t mean the recorded sound — I mean the sound produced by a living human musician on his piano. This includes such items that no microphone technique can efface, however poor it may be: impeccable legato, perfect phrasing, living inside the music with your imagination, bringing it to life in vibrant splendour. The actual sound coming out of your loudspeakers may not be as luminous when you compare them to a modern rexording. But this is music-making, not record making! This is Chopin, not musical wallpaper. You have to engage your heart together with your ears, or you’ll lose the plot!. Since Rubinstein’s recordings are made so long ago, the recording quality certainly will not be as sophisticated as the present but if we can concentrate on his musicality, his beautiful tone color, performances that has virtuosity but the most important thing brought forward is making music, it is a joy and inspiring to listen to him being an artist and not simply a mechanic. There is no one “correct” way to interpret any piece of music, you just have to find the performance that you like the most but Rubinstein’s performances certainly rank right up there for many people. You don’t have to be musically educated to enjoy art, just listen, look, and react the way you feel. Enjoy!

Composer: Fryderyk Chopin
Performer: Artur Rubinstein
Orchestra: Symphony Of The Air Orchestra
Conductor: Alfred Wallenstein
Vinyl 1959/1975

Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC
DR-Analysis: DR 14
Size: 797 MB
Scan: yes
Server: FF
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