time for a new ADC – the fundraiser is now closed!


Hello Friends,

As of today, the fundraiser is closed. We have reached our goal – THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED!!!!

Your support is appreciated more than you know. I’ll be ordering the card in the morning.

I can hardly wait to hear how my rips sound at 192k!

Thanks again!


14 thoughts on “time for a new ADC – the fundraiser is now closed!

    • Actually, the Babyface was one of the units I was considering, and one of the first that was recommended to me. However, it doesn’t have RCA inputs, so I would need an adapter to connect my preamp. And by going internal, I eliminate the need to have a separate interface, effectively removing a part of the chain.

      That, along with the RME reputation in general (and a few other things), is what led me to this decision.

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