Vedernikov: Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker (2 SACD, DFF)

Vedernikov: Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker (2 SACD, DFF)
Vedernikov: Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker (2 SACD, DFF)

Orchestra: Bolshoi Theater Orchestra
Conductor: Alexander Vedernikov
Composer: Piotr Il’itch Tchaikovsky
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2 Hybrid SACD – DSD
Format: DFF (image+cue) (5.1+2.0)
Label: Pentatone
Size: 14.4 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes
Server: datafile


The music is widely recognized as something magical, a perennial favorite. What justifys a new recording though? Simply this: The magic of this music is more easily comprehended in live performance than a recording. This is a fine performance, but you when this recording is played on the right equipment ie, a multichannel SACD system, you get MUCH more of the magic you would hear in a live performance – its like you are there in the audience about 10 rows from the stage in a center seat, and folks, that is truly something wonderful. This recording captures all the ambiance of the hall and recreates this from five speakers in your listening room. The reflections from the back of the hall and sides of the hall are reproduced from the rear and front speakers so that reflections correctly appear to come at you from the sides and rear of the hall. No, its not absolutely perfect, but its the closest thing to it I ever heard in reproduced sound!

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17 thoughts on “Vedernikov: Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker (2 SACD, DFF)”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the upload.
    Could anybody let me know how to play the .diff files.
    Windows media player doesn’t recognize .diff or .que files.

  2. You can play the Stereo files with Foobar 2000. You will need to download and install its DSDIFF Decoder at

    The Multichannel works only in mono on my system. I won’t be downloading any more DFF files, its a waste of time, disk space and bandwidth. I downloaed it because I thought, being a hybrid disk, that a regular CD rip would be included. Not so, and I doubt that hardly anyone will be able to use these files efficiently, if at all.

    I don’t want to be critical because of the great work Whatever does, but I think that a simple CD rip would be much more useful to everybody.

    1. You can use foobar to convert to FLAC as is. Then the multi-channel files can be copied to a USB flash drive and played through an A/V system, provided you have a blu-ray player with USB input connected to a receiver via HDMI.

  3. I used foobar to covert DFF stereo to WAV and used CUE Splitter to split the WAV. I then converted the split WAV files to FLAC with foobar. If DFF was converted directly to FLAC, it wouldn’t split.

    The FLAC files are bigger than normal CD rips, but manageable now. CD 1 is 370MB and CD 2 is 455MB, compared to 1.86GB and 2.25GB for the DFF files.

    I’m playing it now and it sounds great. Thanks, Whatever. 🙂

  4. Hi Whatever !
    I didn’t know you did also DSD files. Are there more to come or already posted in the past ?
    Thanks !

    Ps : for Mac users who want to play those files : try Audirvana. It’s simple (can read natively DSD files if your DAC is compatible, convert them to PCM on the fly or even convert them before playing through “proxy” option) and sounds very good !

  5. Anyway thank you, although it is limited. Thank you very much.

    The file owner has limited free downloads of this file. This a premium membership is required to download this file.

  6. Can anyone help me, i can’t download any files uploaded to filepost… it always shows “The file owner has limited free downloads of this file. Thus a premium membership is required to download this file”

    So does it mean that i MUST become a PREMIUM member before downloading it?

    Please help, thanks!

    1. Yes…indeed, there is no way to understand other things.
      Think about buying a premium account: for a little money you can DL tons and tons of fine music.

  7. I have heard many interpretations of this great ballet but this one tops them all.

    Listening to this in multi-channel was a revelation. Clarity in the heavy passages is sometimes lost but not here. The wide dynamic range of this recording requires a very quiet listening environment. If you crank the volume too much, the very loud passages will overwhelm you.

    Thanks so much for this great upload.

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