Very Particular Vinyl (Label ?) Vivaldi – The 4 Seasons for Organ

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# Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
# Performer: Yeugenia Lisitsina at the organ of the Dome to Riga, Latvia
# Vinyl (1980)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: FLAC (tracks)
# Label: ??
# ASIN: ??
# Size: 250 MB
# Scan: yes
# Server: FF

Sorry friends, for missing informations about amazon-number and label…i made this rip some years ago, from a record of a customer of mine. The cover is selfmade by me.

Here can you read more about this work

1. Allegro 3.43
2.  Largo 2.31
3.  Allegro 4.53

L’ESTATE g moll RV 315
4.  Allegro non molto – Allegro 5.36
5.  Adagio – Presto – Adagio 2.22
6.  Presto 3.27

L’AUTUNNO F dur RV 293
7.  Allegro 3.42
8.  Adagio molto 3.34
9.  Allegro 3.44

L’INVERNO f moll RV 297
10.  Allegro non molto 3.54
11.  Largo 2.10
12.  Allegro 3.08


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25 thoughts on “Very Particular Vinyl (Label ?) Vivaldi – The 4 Seasons for Organ

  1. Wow! Rochmaninov, you Vinyl colloection baffles me. This Pipe Organ from Riga is very curious on 4 Seasons, but also very interesting.
    I at one time had about 5 sets short of 1,000 complete operas on disc and beau coup of classical singles, I’d collected over 45 years over 6500 vinyl discs. I had to throw most of them away. The shipping cost was more than they were worth in the USA.

    che sara, sara, But I’ve enjoyed your offerings and your expertise with vinyl recordings.

    Thank you.

  2. wow wow :O what is that? it’s possible organ , I need delete a lot of popular music for have space in my hard drive now ! 😀 hey! my friend @rachmaninov.. my computer can begin to rebel about more music and .. push me to delete some software too. Greetings !!

  3. by the way, I cannot refuse got this one.. Vivaldi is just part of the energy than make me feel than this live is wonderful!!and beside the curiosity is a powerful reason too.. I never hear about “the four season for organ” .. well let’s go to begin the download 😀

  4. Thanks!!! You seemed to be able to read my mind. I have this music in mp3 and tried to find it in losless for the longest time but was not successful…

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