138 thoughts on “Whatever, TheNightOwl and me, Rachmaninov, we are very sensitive natures :)”

  1. A few days ago I found the ‘Il Re Pastore (Auger/Schreier/Mathis)’ post. I saved the page so that I could investigate it. Having limited disk space I wanted to determine beforehand whether it would make a good addition to my library. I decided that it would be an excellent addition based off the reading matter alone – before I even heard the music.

    Before downloading the opera I decided to write the following in the Comments section (I will copy it verbatim):

    “I didn’t even know that this existed.

    Librarians at my public library and my university library defend ‘The Simpsons’ and stack Erich von Däniken on the shelves but meanwhile my peers don’t know of ‘Die Entführung aus dem Serail’ and even I didn’t know about ‘Il Re Pastore .’

    Or Arleen Auger.

    Or Joan Sutherland until Rachmaninov introduced me to her work.

    It is a balm to a weary soul to know that erudition and common sense, good taste and fine execution are still valued and are still available. More wonderful is the discovery of the old and the timeless. There I shall take my ease, even on the sore mortal shore, for to be abreast eternity there is honor and glory – and I thank thee that made the way.”

    Having written this, I thought to check the Home page of Boxset to see if more had come in since I had last been here. I found the following, which again I will quote verbatim:

    “Whatever, TheNightOwls and me, Rachmaninov, we are very sensitive natures 🙂

    Always remember, friends

    You have three ways to show us, how much do you love us…

    Write a comment or a “thank you” or make a donation…

    Otherwise you’ll get herpes, poisonous fungals will go grow out of your nose and you will go to hell!!! }: O ”

    I find the image and the empty threat to be offensive and adolescent. As for the phrase ‘how much do you love us,’ it reeks of Lear.

    Rachmaninov, NightOwl, Whatever, Unkel, Mozartman, the other admins from the past and the other donators – surly to many to name – you, all of you, deserve better than you get.

    But jabbing the visual equivalent of a plastic pitchfork in my face is no way to elicit ‘thanks.’

    As for you personally Rachmaninov, I confessed in an earlier post that I had taken you for granted, that I was a changed person, and I promised you I would no longer download without commenting. This holds true: the reason you haven’t been getting comments from me is that I haven’t been downloading (I have been without an internet connection.)

    As for why I have taken up commenting it is for this reason: that I am grateful.

    Therefor I resent that dirty image and the threat and the presumption that it would give rise to worlds proving love. That move is beneath you Rachmaninov. Consider: when have I ever threatened you? Consider: when have I ever been so obscene as that juvenile picture? Consider: when have ~any~ of the users been so hostile.

    I anticipate the defense: the picture and the threat are only a joke – can’t I take a joke? If I wanted to be joked at I’d watch television – that abomination that makes all life a joke.

    You say you have a sensitive nature. So do I. That is what ought to make us comrades not combatants. This isn’t a case for desperate deterrents – I’d rather we both turnabout and start blessing.

    I’ll confess what I never should have shamed to confide – that I love each of you. And let us pause to give thanks to Science and The Humanities who, together, have helped all this come to pass.

    1. Hey, come down again…this has nothing to do with you. Is a 3 years old post (read the first comments).

      You’re not alone here…there are almost 25,000 followers here, but only the usual bloggers leave comments. I switch this topic from time to time again on top, when for long time nobody seem to want to comment…and see, suddenly many are aware of their negligences and leave tons of comments again.

      What do you thing I am…a robot that has only this one purpose in life? To post super-music for people, for free? For to not read any comments? Are thinking this? Do you like more if I write: “Hey people, no comments, no music. I leave because of your passivity”

      Would you like this more?

      Not me….therefor the picture, that you find offensive(?) adolescent(??) hostile(???)
      I never read in my life a bigger bullshit than this one. You take yourself way tooooooo much serious….

      Yes, the picture wanted only to be funny, the msg wanted to be funny, on reminding the people, that we (the rippers) would appreciate some comments on the hard work we do (for free and for fun)…no more and no less.

      If you didn’t understand the picture and the msg as funny, you will never have fun in your life. In 3 years, all (I mean ALL, but you) have understand it well and as it was intended.

      Thank you very much for letting me know, that you love an infantile, hostile, adolescent ripper….. (I never stop to learn new things in life, being almost 56 Y old).

      And now…who is here acting infantile….where are other offensive/hostile comments from other bloggers….I see only yours, sorry.

      1. There is a language barrier here.

        You cannot have understood me. I will try again:

        I cannot speak for everyone. You taught me that in an earlier post. I shall speak only for myself. I shall say only what I see.

        I do not believe you exist to serve me.
        I cannot possibly believe you exist to serve me.
        I do not think you are a ‘robot.’
        I cannot possibly think that you are a ‘robot.’

        I love you for your having taught me what I did not know.
        I love you for your generosity.
        I wish you would get the thanks you deserve.
        I love all those who make a contribution here.
        I love those who come here because it means they value humanity’s best achievements.
        I love those who come here because they use the internet for good.

        I wish you would not threaten to leave because people are reclusive.

        I believe the picture on this thread does not encourage good comments.
        I believe the message written on the picture does not encourage good comments.
        I believe the picture and the message written on it are a bad way to start a thread.
        I know the post is old and not aimed at me.
        I still believe it is bad for starting conversation.

        You cursed. Cursing is uncalled for.
        That photo of the boy can have only one purpose: to mock me.
        Your reaction to my message was made without a full understanding of my intentions, and therefore I wholly forgive it.
        I forgive you.
        Please forgive me the offense I caused – I meant no offense.

        If I had known that a language barrier existed I would not have used such complex English in my earlier message.
        I meant no offense to anyone.
        I meant to add a meaningful comment.
        I meant to encourage thoughtful contributions from everyone.

        I would like nothing better than a harmonious community.

        Let me not only say I am sorry, let me show you.
        I have records from the Smithsonian Chamber Music Society:

        Works of Johann Sebastian Bach, vol. 1 :
        Six Sonatas for violin and harpsichord; Two Sonatas for violin and basso continuo (1974)
        Six Partitas for Solo Harpsichord (1978)
        The Six Brandenburg Concerti (1977)

        The St. John Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach


        Jacques Duphly: Music for Harpsichord (1978)

        I hereby donate them all.

        Please send me a message on how to send them.

        Last of all and to all: HAPPY SPRING!

    2. It may have been better to just say thank you and keep your long-winded diatribe to yourself.

      You get the best music in the world for free. Enough said.

  2. Dearest Rachmaninov, Whatever & NightOwl,

    Words cannot describe what joy your “sensitivity” has brought to my life. Becoming a member of the Boxset community has transplanted my musical tastes to heights I never thought possible. And you three, with your expansive knowledge and tireless work, are to blame. If I haven’t said it enough…


  3. Wow!
    I read from a wise old sage this: “An unwise person gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.”

    This is a fine line when we think someone is atacking us; I’ve crossed it many times myself. But the fact is that in ‘a shouting match’ it also can be a two-way street. Gratitude and wisdom seem good partners in holding back “venting our spirit.
    The ugly picture and the sarcastic curse are not good. But the labor of the staff, and the beauty of the music is phenomenally great! The bad only destroys your gratitude if you let it do so.

    The website is unparalled in what it offers to the world.
    Whatever, Rachmaninov, and Night Owl, we love and appreciate you all and your work and offerings.
    As the Bard said, “All I can say is thanks and thanks, and ever thanks.”

  4. Hi!
    I am usually a man of few words, but I’d like to say that you guys deserve all the praise you can get! You have given me immense pleasure! I have found gems here that I remember from my youth in the 1960’s, records that for different reasons slipped out of my hands and that I thought I’d never hear again. Now you have made it possible, and I love you for it! Keep up the good work!

  5. To all who have mentioned me personally in the comments above, let me say to each of you – I truly appreciate any props, recognition, kudos, etc that you send my way.

    I see all of it and it means a lot.


    ps – While I’m here, for those who may be wondering about the status of my latest upgrades, things are finally “falling into place”. Head over to black circles and you can check out some comparison rips in the Rerips section of the forums..

  6. Rachmaninov, Whatever and Night Owl,

    Lots of love to you from California! You guys have broadened my musical horizons beyond what I could imagine, and the debt I have to you I cannot possibly repay. For the time being, I hope my sincere appreciation will be enough.

    Thank you! You guys rock!


  7. “I translate these words so many may read.”

    mihulao: “非常感激,谢谢你们。” = “I feel extremely grateful and I thank you.”

    Rachmaninov: “谢谢你们。 ;)” = “Thank you ;)”

  8. Guys, one suggestion: forget about ‘captcha´control. It´s anoying and some fellows are bad at mouse tricks (like me) and have a hard time to post even the most deserved compliment.

  9. You are right! Every day I listen wonderful scores interpreted by my favorite artists. Often, it’s records I knew and even I still have but my gramophone is out of order. And every day I thank the fate that you exist. But instead of thanking fate, I will do better to you thank you! Please, continue, continue to give us our old vinyles who continue to give us so much pleasure! Thank you! (and sorry for my bad english)

  10. This is by far the greatest site on the Internet ! Much appreciation for Rachmaninov, Whatever & NightOwl’s benevolent efforts. I believe that tens of thousands of people around the world will feel the same.

  11. My sincere thanks and appreciation for your time and work! Many gems, almost impossible to get, can be found in amazing quality thanks for your work and dedication!

  12. Yes, you are very right – I should say this more often: Thank you, thank you, for the music, your troubles and the education. I enjoy reading your texts almost as much as I enjoy listening to the music. Thank you!

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