Bevan, Middleton - The Divine Muse (24/96  FLAC)
Bevan, Middleton – The Divine Muse (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Franz Schubert, Hugo Wolf, Joseph Haydn
Performer: Mary Bevan, Joseph Middleton
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Signum
Release: 2020
Size: 0.99 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Franz Schubert
01. Vedi, quanto adoro ingrato, D. 510
02. Son fra l’onde, D.78
03. Die Götter Griechenlands, D.677

Hugo Wolf
04. Goethe Lieder: No. 50. Ganymed
05. Mörike Lieder: No. 27. Zum neuen Jahr
06. Mörike Lieder: No. 22. Seufzer
07. Mörike Lieder: No. 28. Gebet
08. Mörike Lieder: No. 46: Gesang Weylas

Franz Schubert
09. Ganymed, D.544

Joseph Haydn
10. Arianna a Naxos: I. Largo e sostenuto
11. Arianna a Naxos: II. Aria (Dove sei)
12. Arianna a Naxos: III. Andante (Poco da me lontano)
13. Arianna a Naxos: IV. Aria (Ah, che morir vorrei)
14. Geistliches Lied

Franz Schubert
15. Gott im Frühlinge, D.448
16. Marie, D.658

Hugo Wolf
17. Alte Weisen: No. 6: Wie glänzt der helle Mond
18. Mörike Lieder: No. 23. Auf ein altes Bild
19. Spanisches Liederbuch: No. 4. Die ihr schwebet
20. Mörike Lieder: No. 25 Schlafendes Jesuskind

After the success of their debut disc, ‘Voyages’, Mary Bevan and Joseph Middleton present their second recital disc exploring Lieder in German and Italian by Schubert, Haydn and Wolf. The programme is woven around songs inspired by the ‘muses’ of the day, both mythological and divine.

It begins with Schubert’s dramatic and reverential settings of sacred German poetry, set alongside his lush emotional portrayals of female characters in the Italian settings.

The central section of the disc is then devoted to Haydn’s epic ‘scena’ depicting the famously cruel abandonment of Arianna by her lover Teseo, ‘Arianna a Naxos’. Haydn’s beautiful prayer ‘Geistliches Lied’ takes us back into the world of German poetry and the religious fervour that arose from the collective belief in Christianity which pervaded most art forms of the age.

The disc then moves into works by Hugo Wolf, whose stunning settings of devotional texts take the listener right to the heart of the characters; a few of these songs were in fact inspired by paintings. The early moments of Jesus Christ’s life are vividly portrayed here, particularly in songs such as ‘Die ihr Schwebet’, ‘Auf ein Altes Bild’ and ‘Schlafendes Jesuskind’, while the haunting ‘Gesang Weylas’ invites the listener into the world of the mysterious goddes Weyla who wistfully dreams of the shores of her distant homeland. From Ganymed to Christ, Dido to the Virgin Mary, Arianna to St Peter, this recital disc richly illustrates the lives and events surrounding the ‘divine muses’ who inspired these composers.

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